Navy Blue Home Office Ideas To Boost Productivity

A home office is an essential space for a working person as it is where you spend your most productive hours.

Navy blue is slowly becoming more popular as a home office theme, and there are several reasons for that. The main one is how beautiful the color looks in an office environment. It is bold and somewhat neutral, making the space aesthetically pleasing and still subtle enough for work.

So, if you feel it might be time for your office to get a makeover, I’ve gathered some useful ideas to help you revamp the look of your work space that will make you feel more productive and relaxed.


Which Elements In A Home Office Can You Have in Navy Blue?

If looking to have a predominantly navy blue home office, there are several ways to incorporate it into the space:



You can choose to paint your walls navy blue for an instant facelift.

There are different shades of navy blue that you can use. A darker shade is bolder and works well in spaces with plenty of natural lighting. On the other hand, lighter shades of navy are easier to decorate and add some warmth to a room compared to very dark shades of the same color.

If you are not sure about painting our walls, you can start with one wall, preferably the focal wall, to serve as an accent wall for the office. Painting is one of the easiest ways to add color to a room.

Another way to introduce the navy blue color to a wall is by applying wallpaper. It has the same effect like paint, only that it is a better alternative if you live in a rental property or don’t want to change your wall color permanently.



The main furniture pieces in your home office can also be navy blue.

These include your couch, desk, or office chair, and you can even paint wooden furniture pieces navy if you are daring. It is affordable to achieve a dream navy blue theme for your home office with pieces that you can find easily.



You can play around with textiles from drapery, carpets, throw blankets, and more to bring that navy color to life. The best thing with fabrics and textiles is that you can bring many different shades of navy together at once for an appealing contrast.



As an extra feature, you can choose knick-knacks and décor pieces in navy blue. These smaller pieces complement larger pieces and bring everything together, showing that the navy blue home office theme was intentional. Easy décor pieces include vases, clocks, artificial books, throw pillows, and more.


Is Navy Blue The Best Color For The Office?

Navy blue is a timeless color, and it is an excellent choice in any kind of space, including a home office. It demonstrates confidence and adds character to any modern, classic, or contemporary space.

It is excellent for the office as it is toned down enough and is not distracting to the eye. You can combine it with many other colors and still maintain a mature, business-like feel that most people go for in their office spaces.

Navy blue is considered a great color for productive work. It is the color of the mind, it has a calming, peaceful, and soothing effect that helps reduce stress.

However, on the other hand, it’s also associated with intelligence, logic, power, security, clear communication, and efficiency. The dark blue tones are ideal for staying focused, stimulating your mind for serious work, thus leading to more productivity.

This combination of calmness and intellect may be the reason why navy blue has been shown to boost productivity.

In addition, navy blue works well in a home office also because it is low maintenance and does not get dirty easily. Therefore, no matter how busy the office space gets, it still looks crisp, and furniture, surfaces, and textiles are easy to clean in this color.

If you are looking for something different that stands out from the rest of the house, then a navy blue themed home office is the way to go.



What Colors Go Well With Navy Blue Walls?

Navy blue creates the basis for fantastic color combinations. You can pair up navy blue walls with anything from white, gray, gold, yellow, and more, to decorate a room for a home office.


Navy Blue With White

Navy blue and white are a marvel as the two colors compliment each other perfectly.

White for brightness, and navy blue for boldness. It is also a clever way to break off from the classic black and white combination and still incorporate color minimally.

Navy blue and white is a great combination, and you can never go wrong with these two in an office.


Navy Blue With Yellow

For more adventurous and daring persons, navy blue and yellow is another excellent choice. Yellow is a vibrant color bound to add some life to the room and make the navy blue stand out.


Navy Blue With Gold

Gold works the same way as yellow and pairs well with navy. Gold is an excellent choice to add some color accents without necessarily going all out with color.

Clever ways to add gold to a predominantly navy blue space are small hardware like drawer handles, gold accessories such as penholders, golden knick-knacks, light fixtures, and more. It gives the room a timeless and classic appearance.


Navy Blue With Gray

Navy blue and gray might not be the first choice for many people, but it is a fabulous pair. The best way to mix the two is to have navy blue as the primary color, then combine it with different hues of gray to break the monotony.

Gray keeps the colors simple while also preventing the navy blue color from becoming too overbearing. There is a very toned down feel to a room with these two colors that almost feels natural.

Gray is versatile, and you can find many pieces in different shades of gray, such as throw pillow covers, rugs, lampshades, and more.


What Colors Go Well With Navy Blue Furniture?

Just like walls, you can complement navy blue furniture with almost every color. Since furniture does not fill up the whole room, you can play around with more color combinations than those you can use on walls.

Three popular color choices are red, silver, and mustard.



If you are wondering how navy blue would look alongside red, think of the American flag. The two colors are great together, and there are so many ways to combine them using either big pieces or smaller items, depending on individual preference.

You can style navy blue furniture with red-printed pillow covers, red flower bouquets, red wall art, and more. You can also pull off an almost nautical theme with these two colors.



Silver goes without saying, and it gives an almost similar appearance to navy blue and gray, but with an added shimmer.

Metallic silver hues are an easy way to style a home office, and it helps that there are many silver décor and accent pieces available on the market.

Think of candle holders, silver sequin pillow covers, photo frames, mirrors, and mirrored furniture, shiny buttons on a Chesterfield sofa, and more.

When setting up a home office with navy blue and silver, you will be amazed at how many silver pieces you probably already have. It is one of the classiest combinations and will make your office look a bit glamorous.



Mustard is another color to consider, and it is suitable for anyone who wants the vibrance of yellow tones but does not want to go too bright with the same.

The color contrast between the two is well-balanced and would work fabulously for a home office irrespective of who uses this room. There are elements of masculinity and femininity all at once, so the overall theme suits any individual.



A Beginner’s Guide To A Navy Blue Home Office

If you would like a navy blue home office concept and don’t know where to begin, these are some valuable tips to get you started:


Find a shade of navy blue that appeals to you and note it down or save pictures of the same on your phone or computer. It will help when shopping for paint, furniture, or decorative items to ensure that all pieces match.

Know your style and know how much navy blue you want in your space. It is crucial as it helps decide whether you will need to paint a wall or get new curtains, furniture, etc.

Less is more. When styling any interior, you can never go wrong with less. A minimalist approach is stylish in an office and makes the space look functional and conducive for work.

Have a list of ideas and settle for a minimal but functional and classy space featuring navy blue and a complementary color of your choice.

Allow room for change. Since navy blue is not the most vibrant of colors, it is easy to get bored with it.

For this reason, you might want to have statement pieces in navy blue and have everything else in other colors that are easier to play around with when needed.

For example, instead of having a wall-to-wall fixed carpet on your office floor, you can maintain the natural wood flooring and use an area rug instead, which you can later change according to your preferences.

The same applies to wall art and various decorations, and you can play around with them over time for a different aesthetic when one style gets old.


To Conlude,

Having looked at various aspects of a navy blue home office, it is evident that it is one underrated choice for office space worth considering in your home.

There are many benefits to having a navy blue home office, with the best one being a timeless feel that will keep your house looking elegant and polished at all times.

Try it out in your space today, and transform your office into a functional workspace that you will enjoy working in often. A beautiful space encourages a positive mindset that contributes to more productivity.