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Hey there!

I’m really thrilled that you came to my site for some tips and advice!

I am not an interior designer by profession but I am passionate about interior design and I hope to give everyone the same love for decorating that I have.

In particular, as a coastal interior design enthusiast, I am always excited to talk about beach house décor on this blog.

Whether you’re just buying your first house, or it’s a place where you’ve been living for the past many years, I want to make sure that the information I provide here is going to help you design the ultimate (within budget!) home.

I think that a beautiful home must also be a functional home. That’s why I also offer useful information on how to organize and care for a house so that it is more functional and comfortable to live in.

As I focus on coastal living throughout my blog, I also touch upon pest and wildlife control issues. The very things that make waterfront homes so idyllic for people to live in, such as the beautiful beaches, water, trees, and gardens, make them ideal for wildlife as well. The lush vegetation and proximity to water create a very favorable habitat for many species of wild animals, making it a prolific area for problems with wildlife control.

But whatever may have brought you here, I do hope that your house or apartment turns into a loving home!