How To Use Black In Coastal Decor? (With Matching Colors And Furnishings)

Introducing a black color scheme into your coastal décor may sound crazy. But this dark color helps to bring out that beachy style in the interior and exterior of your home.

The majority of owners of coastal homes love to incorporate light and inviting color schemes that mirror the ocean, sky, greenery, and sand. These beach-inspired colors typically stand out, regardless of the season.

But there are many ways of decorating in coastal style. My favorite one is to use light, minimal, and fresh design, with the incorporation of black touches.

This type of décor brings out the relaxed atmosphere of a beach house with a customized yet classic style. Such black touches work best with furniture, lighting, cushions, and many accessories.

If you’re wondering how to use black in your coastal home, you have come to the right place as I’m going to offer ideas to help you create that beachy décor with black accents. So, keep reading to find out more!

Believe it or not, black can be an amazing color and you can easily include it into your décor to give your home a brand-new, original, stunning, beachy look.

Black is a color that will never go out of style, it is stylish, exciting, sophisticated, extreme, but also romantic! And no matter what interior design you have in your home, a touch of black here and there is necessary for a perfectly complete look.

Even though black is not considered an ideal choice for interiors in coastal style, it can however still be applied in the form of suitable light fixtures, wall art, flooring, furniture, and accessories.


How Can You Decorate Your Beach-Inspired Home With Black Color?

The coastal color scheme can be anything but black for the most part. Such a dark color scheme cannot create an open and airy concept that brings out that coastal, natural feel in your home.

But there is a way on how to implement it to accomplish such a design. Here are some ideas to consider when using black in coastal décor:


Coastal Décor With Black Furniture

While you’ll most likely find light-colored furniture pieces with a distressed finish in beach-themed interiors, that’s not always the case. You can easily switch it up with black furniture to create a contemporary and sophisticated look by adding some coastal motifs to the room.

Consider pairing your black furniture with suitable lighting, flooring, wall art, accessories, and window coverings. Don’t forget to add some green houseplants. Such combinations will make the coastal color palette stand out if you have black furniture.

Black furniture matches perfectly with brightly colored cushions or throw pillows and throw blankets. These accessories also help to introduce different textures to the interior. Lighter, patterned blue or green textiles will give your black furniture an eye-catching appeal.

For a beachy makeover, rearrange your black furniture pieces strategically around the room and introduce the right settings.

In your bedroom, instead of having all the furniture pieces in black, you can get only a black bed frame or a headboard, or you could even paint the frame yourself.

The black color gives the illusion that the interior is smaller and gloomy, but let’s not forget that it’s not the walls and ceilings that are black, but the furniture.

You can have black furniture and paint your walls or use wallpaper in light, warm, soft, and natural shades. Blue, green, gray, or earth colors like yellow ochre or tan, are best to use on your walls for that beachy look.


Black Coastal Lighting Fixtures

There is another way that black can be tweaked to suit your coastal style and bring out that coastal vibe at home.

Going for a black-colored chandelier, pendant light, or vanity light could also make your interior looking really stylish.

For example, a round chandelier that has a black, rattan, woven body will be a shining component in your coastal space. You can also adapt a black, modern chandelier to any interior style to create a rich, visual effect in the room.

Apart from that, you may add more black lighting fixtures in the room. The ambient lighting will create a lively, bright interior that fits the coastal style.

However, the beachy atmosphere will only be achieved when your walls and ceilings are white or light shade as they will help to reflect the light from the fixtures.


Image Source:41 Orchard Pinterest


Black And White Coastal Artwork

The main reason for coastal artwork is to bring the tranquility of the ocean indoors, and you can achieve this by using the highly popular black and white coastal wall art.

Wall art that features only these two colors will create a home that’s brimming with a peaceful, nostalgic atmosphere.

Since most coastal artwork is based on colors inspired by the beach and therefore is bound to be bright, black will help to ground all the brightness and harmonize the décor.

Black and white wall art is also an excellent choice for complementing black furniture. But in fact, it goes well with every other color as well.

Vintage wall art pieces can make a real statement in your living space. Besides, black and white artwork happens to be the safest choice for coastal style interiors.


Black Accents To Use In Neutral Coastal Décor

The color palette is a key factor to consider when designing or redesigning your coastal style home.

The wall color is the main element but also picking the right rugs, pillows, wall clocks, ceiling fans, mirrors, and other accessories helps to make a difference.

Coastal interior design is compatible with many color schemes. The most common palettes range from neutral shades of white to bold greens and blues.

However, beach-inspired decorating doesn’t mean that you have to stick with subdued, neutral tones, or bright and tropical hues. Black accents are great in such a way that they can punch up the neutral tone interiors.

For example, pillows with black stripes can make an impression in your neutrally decorated bedroom or living room.

You can also pair your dining furniture set with a black patterned area rug to make a statement.

Having a black-painted accent wall in your living room or study will enhance the dramatic effect.

Here, the black and white striped boat oars are great for nautical wall décor. Accents like the black bedside table lamp and pillow match with the black tone headboard and nightstand. The fishing net with attached seashells completes the look.


In the bathroom, you can play around with the tiles, a vanity unit, a faucet, and a variety of accessories. If you need more inspiration, please check out my article for some great ideas on decorating a bathroom with black.


What Colors Does Black Go With In Coastal Homes?

Most homeowners living near the coastline prefer using light tones that bring to mind the beach, the sky, and the surrounding nature, and also evoke the vacation feeling all year round.

Black is versatile and complements nearly every hue on the color wheel. It is one of those colors that attracts attention when you walk into a room.

But a coastal color palette that matches well with black usually brings out the contrast, however with few exceptions. So striking the right balance is crucial when pairing black with the popular coastal tones. Remember that when in doubt, just keep it simple and minimal.


  • White

A crisp, white palette ensures a relaxed and simplistic appearance. However, combining white with natural wood tones and a bit of black will create a more subdued and cozy coastal look.

Black and white is a timeless combination, and these two iconic colors provide high contrast. Teaming white up with black will make an incredible statement in your coastal home.


  • Green

Green is another choice that offers a warm, natural, coastal appeal to your interiors. Its different shades blend in well with black and that combination can be quite captivating for those who want their decorating style to stand out.


  • Yellow

Yellow can create that beachy, and even a tropical vibe in any room. Although most homeowners use it sparingly, it introduces warmness and a boost of energy indoors. And when you add a touch of white, yellow will go extremely well with black.


  • Wythe Blue

The green-gray Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore has just a slight hint of blue. It is a calm, refreshing, and happy color that looks good on just about everything. It’s the color of the sea, the beach, and the breezy air. Pairing Wythe Blue with black usually adds depth to your home space.

Image Source: StudioTen25


  • Spruce First Frost

The Spruce First Frost is a warm shade of white that beautifully brightens up a room. Combined with a black accent, it makes it the perfect choice for the kitchen or bathroom as well as for minimal interiors.


  • Skipping Stone

This tan-gray shade by Benjamin Moore helps to bring out that beachy yet stylish look. The Skipping Stone gives the casual appearance of driftwood, and thus, is the perfect choice to add an uplifting natural feel to coastal homes. The warmth makes this shade in line with black accents.


To Conclude,

Most of the color palettes found in coastal style homes are versatile, thus black accents can be applied there without hesitation. However, matching black might sometimes depend on the undertones of the wall paints, as well as fixtures and other accessories.

You can also implement black to ease out the impression of too much brightness in the room.

Patterns also help when it comes to decorating with black whenever you want to add more interest.

No matter how neutral or colorful your décor is, in most cases, black will fit right in, making the space look inviting and attractive.