Keeping Outdoor Patio Warm With No Electricity (Cost-Effective And Easy Ways)

Are you wondering how you can enjoy your outdoor patio on cold days and evenings? If you want to extend the time you spend outside on your patio, adding a source of heat can make all the difference.

A source of heat in your patio will help to control the temperatures amid the cold seasons. With it, in place, your outdoor patio will turn into a focal point where you can meet with your family and friends when the weather is chilly and uninviting. You will no longer need to hide away indoors!

What is more, it will add to the décor of your home and thus, boost the value of your property in case you plan to sell it sometime in the future.

When adding a source of heat to your patio, you want something you can rely on throughout the year. If this is the case, then you might rule out electricity-powered heaters as they fail whenever power blackouts occur and they can be quite problematic when you don’t have a power outlet at hand.

Below I have highlighted some of the best ways to keep an outdoor patio warm without using electricity. There are so many different heating options available today which vary in terms of style, design, cost, and functionality. Let’s check them out!


How To Keep Your Outdoor Patio Warm With No Electricity?

Install an Outdoor Fireplace

If you are looking for a reliable and yet cost-effective way to keep your outdoor space warm (with no electricity), setting up an outdoor fireplace is a great choice.

Whether your outdoor area is big or small, a fireplace helps to extend the time you spend on the patio, from summer into all seasons.

Unlike other outdoor space heating methods, a fireplace defines the patio as a focal point – a place where everyone can gather to share leisure activities and have fun. There is no better feeling than sitting under the stars on a cool, fall evening, next to a fireplace, with roasted marshmallows in your hand.

An outdoor fireplace offers you convenience in the sense that it saves you on electricity cost since you don’t have to pay bills to warm the patio – you only need to stock enough dry firewood.

These fireplaces come in so many different designs and types ranging from portable metal models to DIY fireplaces, so finding one that you love and that suits your heating needs shouldn’t be much of a problem.

An extra bonus of investing in a fireplace is that you get the option to add to it, with appliances like an outdoor oven or a wood-fired pizza oven, if you have enough space for an outdoor kitchen.

Overall, a fireplace can really enhance your outdoor patio and it most definitely will keep you cozy and warm!


Light a Candle Lantern

Yet another great way to keep your patio warmer with no electricity is by the use of candle lanterns.

For decades, these have been used to provide light at night, however, modern ones are designed in a more innovative way to offer some warmth as well.

Although they may not offer the same degree of warmth that more substantial heaters could, they are certainly viable to keep you warm while sitting on the patio and sipping a cup of tea.

Compared to many other methods of heating your outdoor space, candle lanterns offer significant benefits that you can’t simply overlook. For instance, they are lightweight, portable, easy to use, they don’t produce soot, are reliable and affordable.

Besides adding some warmth to your patio, candle lanterns also add to the patio décor. They help in creating an intimate, comforting environment where you can go whenever you wish to relax and calm your mind. For more ambient experience, you might even consider choosing scented candle lanterns.



Wood-Burning Fire Pit Or Brazier

When discussing the best outdoor patio warming ideas, it would be unfair to leave wood-burning fire pits out.

They are incredibly versatile and are designed to fit any outdoor setting. With them, you will easily convert your patio into a multi-season space where you can spend time whenever you like.

Unlike the above-listed patio warming ideas, a wood-burning fire pit produces more heat and is therefore the most ideal choice, particularly if you have a large patio space.

Better yet, a wood-burning fire pit comes multi-functional, meaning you can use it for other purposes among them including:

Lighting up your patio – when the sun goes down, there is no excuse that it’s very cold or dark for you to stay outside. Your fire pit will offer an amazing source of warmth, and that will keep you sorted.

Usable throughout the year – your fire pit is supposedly the most reliable patio heating option you’ve got. Unlike some other heating options that can suddenly fail (e.g. those that depend on electricity), the fire pit can be lit and used anytime you wish.

You can use it to cook – with a wood-burning fire pit in your patio, there’s no need to go to the kitchen to waste another fuel cooking. Simply grab the grill plate, pop it over the top, and you can cook anything.

Wood-burning fire pits extend your home in the sense that they act as a focal point where you, your family and friends can gather and share some lovely moments together.


Likewise, in my opinion, a brazier is the next best thing. It is a small, charcoal or wood-burning stove that’s closely related to a fire pit or grill. Braziers are made from tempered steel and look like a kind of old-fashioned heaters.

One great benefit of braziers is that they are freestanding, which means you can move them to wherever necessary, and in the summer you have the option to put them away into storage.

When it comes to saving space, a brazier is an ideal option. Along with this, they are very stylish, thus they can add to your patio décor. There are also many options available so you can be sure to find one you like and that fits in with the design of the rest of your outdoor area.



Battery Powered Space Heater

Another good option for staying warm on your patio in cool weather is a battery-powered space heater or tent heater, which is usually used for camping.

It is small, lightweight, and portable, and a more economical heating source option. Just make sure that your batteries are always fully charged.

On the downside, the camp heater doesn’t offer nearly as much heat as an electric or gas heater, so it makes sense to use it when it’s only slightly chilly.

Although such a heater offers low power consumption, allowing you to save on your heating costs, it simply cannot provide enough power to be used for long-term heating.

Also, there are fewer available options available for battery-operated space heaters than for other types of heaters.


Use Rugs And Blankets

Whereas using a rug on the patio floor or a blanket won’t offer you the same amount of warmth as a heater or fireplace, it will help to make your outdoor patio feel and appear a bit cozier.

There are very many kinds of rugs and blankets that you can use outside, however, not all will help you stay warm amid the cold months of winter.

In connection with this, make sure to do some research when buying – look for something thick and wide as it will probably offer you more warmth.

Note that you may not require rugs and blankets if you have already installed heated flooring. These are meant for use when the floor feels extremely cold.


Underfloor Heating

Heated flooring can extend the time you use your outdoor areas.

There are two types of heated flooring, i.e. electric radiant heating and hot water radiant heating. Since you are looking to heat your outdoor patio without the use of electricity, the latter will work for you.

Underfloor heating is embedded into the floor and helps to keep your floor warm and free from snow – the snow will melt instantly due to the heat from beneath the patio’s floor.

For a better experience, you can consider installing radiant floor heating below your outdoor walkways. That way you will be able to stay warm even if you are walking around barefoot.

Moreover, heated flooring will help you to cut down on your energy bills by approximately 25 percent.


Gas Fire Table

A gas fire table is an appealing and modern source of heat designed to keep you warm in your outdoor space.

The product typically resembles the size and appearance of a regular coffee table but differs in that it contains a gas unit at the center.

It’s this gas unit that you will switch on whenever you want some warmth on your patio. Gas fire table system offers many benefits such as:

Saving you money – with a gas fire table, you will cut down the cost of heating by 50 to 70 percent. This holds considering that gas is relatively affordable.

Reliability – since you are relying on gas to get heat, you will be at peace knowing that a power blackout won’t inconvenience you.

Protect the environment – compared to some other outdoor heating methods (e.g. fireplaces), gas fire tables are the best options as they have a negligible harmful impact on the environment. They are considered cleaner as they don’t emit smoke.

Boost home value – according to reports by real estate professionals, most people want to buy homes that are comfortable and energy-efficient. Therefore, installing gas heating systems on your patio will boost your home value.


On the downside, propane gas fire tables do not give off too much heat as compared to the large, built-in fire pits. Even though you’d be able to enjoy some warmth when sitting outside, you should still bring out some blankets.


Set Up an Outdoor Kitchen

If you are an outdoor fanatic, then you should consider setting up an outdoor kitchen. With such a kitchen, you will like the convenience of grilling outside, even amid the cold winter months.

An outdoor kitchen lets you enjoy the open fire in your cooking oven at any time you wish. With it, you will be killing two birds at once with one stone, that is, the flames will be heating your patio, while at the same time you’ll be preparing something to suppress your hunger.


BONUS: Outdoor Hot Tubs

If you’ve tried the above methods of heating your outdoor patio and it feels like you just want something more, a hot tub should be on your shopping list. All hot tubs, however, are powered by electricity.

But given the benefits of an illuminated hot tub that can offer you the home spa experience and make you warm amid the cold seasons, the purchase might be worth it for you. Just think, when it’s chilly outside, you can enjoy sitting in your hot tub and soaking in the warm water.

Even though installing a fixed hot tub is a significant investment, it’s a luxury that will add to your home’s curb appeal.

Alternatively, “plug and play” or inflatable hot tubs have a lower purchase price, are easy to install, use much less electricity, and can be used outside year-round, which makes them the best choice for most homeowners.


The Bottom Line,
I hope this post has given you some great ideas on the different ways through which you can heat your outdoor patio and increase its usability in cold weather.

Most of these methods are cost-effective and easy to install and as a result, they will lower your energy bills, add to the décor of your home, and improve the functionality of your patio.

Don’t abandon your patio simply because the cold season has kicked in and you fear electricity costs. Sort yourself out with any option you like or a combination of the above options and you will enjoy the convenience.