Should You Decorate Your Living Room with Tropical-Style Furniture?


The living room is probably the most favorite place for all family members, it’s a place to relax and spend time, but also to receive visitors. Many homeowners are concerned about decorating in bold colors or striking designs as home décor reflects their values, lifestyle, and personal taste to everyone who enters their home.

Thus, a pressing question arises as to whether you should attempt to update the décor or redecorate your living room with tropical-style furniture.

It’s worth to consider decorating a living room with tropical-style furniture as it’s usually made of high-quality natural materials like exotic wood, teak, bamboo, or rattan. It will add a touch of luxury to your interior. You’ll also be able to create a tropical ambiance with vivid colors and exotic patterns.

Ever since the tropical style was introduced to the Western world, more and more people are transforming their homes into a tropical oasis. No wonder as it provides a very unique look throughout your home.

Interiors furnished in a tropical style will take you away to distant, mysterious, and exotic lands. It’s a way to feel like you are on a dream vacation all year round! Keep reading to get the complete picture…


What Is a Tropical Style in Interior Design?

The tropical style is a décor inspired by exotic nature. At first glance, we may describe this style as the ambiance showcasing natural materials that typically grow in exotic regions.

These materials include wicker, rattan, bamboo, teak, or palm tree. Thus, the tropical style is focused mainly on incorporating these materials into your home décor.

Tropical-themed interiors have characteristic colors, patterns, and motifs. The dominant colors here are juicy and intense, such as green, brown, yellow, fuchsia, and ultramarine.

Plant motifs, such as palm leaves or bamboo stalks, are very important and are widely used in everything from wallpapers to bedding. In addition, natural materials and elements referring to the animal world are highly popular as well.

For your furniture, you may choose from patterns such as geometric shapes, animal prints, and ethnic motifs.

In the tropical style, accessories also play an important role, for example, wooden frames, decorative fabrics with plant motifs, coconut shells, or seashells. All these decorations can change the look of your interior, and at the same time, they are really cheap.


Who Should Consider Decorating a Living Room with a Tropical Style?

The living room’s exotic setting makes it an ideal place for travelers.

The tropical-inspired living room is a place where they can display all of the souvenirs brought back from their exotic travels. This creates a personal and unique character of the interior.

Wondering what to show? African masks and amulets, bronze figurines, traditional musical instruments, and utensils made of exotic wood make excellent choices.

A small rug looking like wild animal skin or fur can be an attractive and strong accent.


The Living Room in a Tropical Style

The large space of the living room creates a wide range of possibilities to turn it into a tropical paradise. It is especially true when the room has a balcony, terrace, or large windows overlooking the garden or the sea, and is well lit by natural light.

You can also choose a rattan or wicker sofa. Or maybe a swing seat suspended from the ceiling would suit you better? If you have children, they can pretend to be a real Tarzan, and you will be able to relax having a sway.

Another important element is the table. You can experience the exotic atmosphere by eating on low benches and sitting on poufs and floor pillows.

At the same time, it’s worth having a folding table, which will come in handy for a larger number of guests. This will allow you to mix tradition with the exotic.

Don’t forget about embroidered rugs and cushions with vibrant patterns that bring back memories of faraway countries.

The whole arrangement will be complemented by the wooden floor, which will conjure up a picture of lush trees in the jungle. An exotic pattern or floral motif on a carpet will give the interior a unique character and will stand out right away.




The living room is a place to enjoy a nice, relaxing time. Therefore, it is necessary to select furniture in such a way, so that it’s functional and comfortable to use. Additionally, these pieces of furniture must be in harmony with the interior by complementing it.

The tropical style of your living room will put you in a delightful mood and have you dreaming of exotic places. So, dare to experiment with furniture with a tropical look!

Chairs made of tropical wood will make you feel a breath of vacation, and rattan furniture will create a jungle atmosphere right in your home!

The exotic nature of the interior is created mostly by furniture in natural colors, harmonious shapes, and geometric forms. Ideally, tropics inspired furniture should be kept in dark colors.

Both furniture and accessories that you want to furnish a tropical style living room with, should give the impression of being not only natural but expressive and quite heavy.

If you have a spacious living room, then massive, solid shelves, chests of drawers, and tables with a forged finish of their elements, are best suited. However, lighter pieces made from rattan or bamboo will work, too.

If you want to bring tropical colors into your living room, put an impressive mustard-colored sofa in the center of the room. Add a coffee table made of natural wood, and decorate the space with a jungle of flowers!

To warm up the interior, place a carpet with an exotic motif on the floor. Furniture that’s made of dark, exotic wood, e.g. teak or leather, will fit this carpet perfectly.

Comfortable chairs will be reminiscent of a hammock stretched between trees. However, if you’d like to bring the tropical island vibe right into your living room, then you should hang a real, colorful hammock as it’s suitable not only for gardens but can also be used indoors.


Sleeping in a hammock is comfortable and safe as long as it’s high-quality, sturdy, hung properly, and supports your back well. Hammock sleep offers major benefits, e.g. increases blood flow and circulation, reduces pressure on the spine and joints, cures insomnia by helping you sleep longer and deeper. And it’s super relaxing!

Coffee tables, small cabinets, and even larger furniture pieces and frames will make you feel as if you were on an exotic island.

As far as seating is concerned, you must not forget about wicker armchairs. Additionally, woven ottomans, poufs, and footstools made from seagrass are great and particularly practical when stacked on top of each other, and this way they will serve the purpose of a side table.

Internal doors should not be missed out when decorating a living room in a tropical style. The traditional option is recommended, i.e. room doors made of wood of dark brown shades, preferably with visible grain.



Furniture and decorative elements made of all kinds of natural materials are absolutely essential when decorating in a tropical style. The emphasis is on wood textures and carefully thought out decorations made from natural materials in earthy tones.

You should also pay attention to furniture pieces with an openwork structure that will let the sunlight pass through.

Rattan and wicker can be used for furniture pieces, such as armchairs or sofas because they go well with decorative accessories made of natural and flexible material. Also, glass lanterns will be a wonderful complement to a tropical-themed interior.

Coconut fibers and sisal (fibers from the leaves of the sisal plant) transformed into baskets or poufs will perfectly emphasize the tropical style of your living room.



You also need to focus on wood, especially exotic wood, as it’s a perfect complement for tropical accents. It is the faithful representation of nature that matters the most in the tropical style.

So, when arranging your living room in a tropical style, make sure that there’s no shortage of wooden elements that blend in perfectly with strong color accents.

Exotic wood not only has a beautiful, deep color, but also an interesting grain. It is very durable, resistant to moisture and temperature differences.

On the downside, exotic wood can be very expensive.

The living room should feature massive furniture, preferably made of dark-colored, exotic wood. It’s crucial to choose the right tree color, and dark or mahogany species work best.



When we talk about tropical style furniture, then we always think of teak and rattan furniture.

Tropical rattan furniture is one of the best choices, however, there are plenty of types and designs of rattan furniture available on the market.

There is also a wide range of prices, depending on the quality of the rattan that the furniture is made of.

The main characteristics of the rattan material used in the production of furniture include its natural structure, lightness, ease of carrying, oriental look, and eclectic style. Even though rattan is a lightweight material, it is very strong.

Furniture made of rattan perfectly harmonizes with wooden and stone elements.

Most often, rattan is used to make tropical style chairs and tables. Rattan is a natural material which, thanks to its distinguishing weave, acquires a very attractive character. Rattan chairs and armchairs will be perfect not only outside, but also in any room at home.

Botanical inspired pillows and cushions are a great addition to rattan furniture. In this way, not only will it be possible to combine individual elements of the décor into a coherent whole, but it will also make the space more comfortable and enjoyable.



Teak wood is very durable, medium-hard, doesn’t absorb water, doesn’t shrink, and is resistant to chemical and biological factors. Fresh teak wood has an intense yet pleasant fragrance and a light yellow color that later turns brown.

Teak is the most utilized tree in South Asia and, in addition to wild habitats, it’s also grown in plantations.

Teak furniture is available in various shades, e.g. classic dark, and light. It can be distinguished by a unique wood texture that attracts attention because it looks very impressive. This feature makes the furniture pieces blend in perfectly with the greenery and other colors of the tropical décor.

Above all, teak furniture fits in arrangements that feature natural materials.

Teak furniture is suitable for both lovers of classics and for those looking for a modern style in interior design.



Wicker offers great opportunities when it comes to the range of products that can be made from it. Wicker furniture is distinguished by the highest quality, durability, lightness, and a variety of patterns and colors.

If you’re looking for original, stylish, and elegant furniture, wicker furniture is for you. Wicker is a magnificent material that’s extremely comfortable and resistant to changing weather conditions, which helps to create an atmosphere of a carefree vacation.

Those who prefer the ecological style will appreciate wicker furniture for its exotic look.




Bamboo is a natural material that instantly brings the unusual atmosphere of a tropical island into your home, even if you live in the city center.

You don’t have to purchase the entire sofa set right away. Start with just one element, for example, a bamboo table or armchair, that will add a light, holiday flair to the arrangement.

Such a handmade bamboo table suitable for indoor use will diversify the décor of the living room, and its exotic charm will give your home a touch of tropical character.

Bamboo has hundreds of uses in the production of things like textiles, paper, and furniture. Its hardness exceeds beech, oak, and ash, thus, making it an ideal raw material for furniture making.

Bamboo is natural, environmentally friendly, renewable, versatile, and the furniture made of it is unique and looks more beautiful over time when exposed to the elements. No two pieces of bamboo furniture are alike, because the shape and color of the bamboo plant determine their appearance.



Palm wood is mainly used in the manufacturing industry as it can be used to make furniture of excellent quality.

Furniture made of palm wood is appreciated primarily for its durability and exceptional decorative value. Palm tree wood is strong and sturdy, and at the same time, it’s highly weather-resistant, hence its popularity.



The living room must not be complete without a comfortable lounge set. Sofa sets upholstered in natural leather in brown, beige, or black look best in exotic arrangements.

You can obviously buy a couch with a strong zebra or leopard accent but in this case, you should give up other elements with similar patterns.

Green in many shades is probably the most important color in the arrangement of the living room in a tropical style. The use of greenery and green colors is a reference to wild nature. Choose dark shades of green that will bring to mind exotic vegetation, and tropical forests and climate.

Deep, bottle green color can be used mainly on fabrics, for example in the upholstery of a sofa or armchair.

The most popular leaf shape motif that you will find on home textiles belongs to the Monstera plant (also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant as it has natural holes in its leaves).

After being popular for over 75 years, banana leaf designs are still eagerly being transferred to furniture upholstery and carpets. Thanks to the banana leaf pattern, items such as sofas, armchairs, pillows are becoming full of expression.

In addition, palm leaf patterns, and motifs of pineapple or cactus fruit are a fascinating reference to tropical flora.

You can introduce these and many other tropical motifs to your living room. For example, it’s possible to use the same pattern on Roman blinds and sofa cushions.



We all like to change the colors of our interiors and furniture from time to time. However, with all the different interior design trends that come out almost every season, it would be expensive and difficult to keep up with all the changes we would like to try at home.

This is why decorative furniture stickers were created. Thanks to them, you can change the look and style of your furniture pieces as many times and as often as you like.

Vinyl stencil stickers are a fun way to spruce up your living room furniture by simply sticking them onto any hard surface and painting over them. The top of a table, countertops, or cabinet fronts, are perfect pieces to decorate with stickers. Put a colorful exotic design on them or simply add a floral border.

Another option for tropics inspired furniture is to use self-adhesive stickers that can be either matt or glossy. The stickers are covered with a special laminate to make them easier to stick, to protect the design against scratching, and to improve the color quality and aesthetics for years to come.



Probably everyone associates Africa or other exotic places with wild animals roaming jungles, deserts, and savannas.

This is why your tropical oasis in the living room should be decorated with motifs imitating zebra, leopard, or cheetah. Animal spots and patches should dominate when creating a tropical style in your living room.

However, with these types of eye-catching patterns, it’s vital to keep moderation and stick with neutral and light colors in the rest of the decorative accents in the room.

So, if you don’t want your guests to feel like they’ve just gone on a safari, limit the number of these patterns!

This rule applies to sofa and armchair upholstery, bedspreads, or lampshades. A zebra-striped pouf is great, but give up the leopard print on the sofa and the cheetah pattern on the area rug or carpet.

Too many animal patterns will surely overwhelm and create a kitsch effect.

The same goes for plant motifs, too. For example, although curtains with such patterns look beautiful, you’d need to avoid having a countertop or carpet with the same pattern as well.

Also, you must be particularly careful whenever you want to use both animal and plant motifs as it is really easy to go overboard in this case.

On the other hand, you can opt for large, geometric patterns that are inspired by ethnic art. It’s also worth to diversify the textures in the interior. Typically African textures are rough and irregular, making them ideal for accessories and wall finishes.


Final Thoughts,

As you can see, it is easy to decorate a living room with tropical-style furniture. And it’s a lot of fun! You just need to remember not to overdo it with the same looking patterns as your tropical oasis can easily turn into a flashy mess.