12 Incredible Nautical Style Wall Clocks (Time-Saving Review)


Whether your home is right on the beach or you just want to add a nautical feel to it, adorning your walls with a nautical style clock is something you must not leave out.

By having a fully functional nautical clock up on your room’s wall you will not only know what time it is but most importantly, it will offer an elegant charm and a fun decoration to your interiors.

Using your clock only in a nautical themed area is not necessary. But wherever your clock is displayed, it will always remind you of the sea and the beach.

The clock can be hung in any room in the house, wherever you wish to add a nautical touch, but it also makes a great gift for all marine décor lovers.

To suit your needs, there are many types, sizes, and designs of nautical wall clocks, each coming with its own unique, outstanding features.


So, if you’re looking for wall clock ideas and inspiration for your sea-inspired theme, then you are on the right page!

Let’s go through the different styles of nautical wall clocks:


Anchor Wall Clock

An anchor-shaped clock is a fantastic idea for anyone who loves displaying a great number of nautical style decorations.

The anchor is the most popular and recognized shape, thus, a wall clock featuring an anchor will make a true statement as a nautical wall décor accent.

This type of clock is usually made from wood, which is later painted over to bring a genuine marine look.

Usually, it features a nautical-themed face design with Roman numerals on it and wooden slat background, which will help to create a rustic effect.

To add a fun element to it, the anchor clock sometimes comes with miniature fishing nets, buoys, or a rope.

You will ensure to keep any room from looking dull and bare with the anchor wall clock. What a wonderful treat for someone who loves the sea and the nautical lifestyle!


Ship Wheel Wall Clock

A ship wheel clock made out of wood is perfect for those with a sea theme in mind. You must own this clock as this style will never go out of fashion.

The ships wheel clock, sometimes also called boat wheel, Captain wheel, or Pirate wheel clock, makes an attractive decorative element in any interior style.

It’s made of natural wood so that it most closely resembles the steering wheel of a ship or boat. Without a doubt, you can hang this clock up if you’re thinking of adding a truly nautical touch to any area of your home.

Additionally, the design of the ship wheel wall clock can feature a nautical flag or various symbols on the clock face, as well as Roman numerals, to create a traditional effect. It often offers a beautifully polished finish, copper spokes, and thick glass.

Any nautical décor enthusiast would be thrilled with such a stunning gift!


Life Ring Wall Clock

A “Welcome Aboard” life ring wall clock is a clever and funny way to welcome your guests into your house.

Besides the blue and white colored life ring, the clock often features a rope surrounding the clock face for hassle-free hanging and a more authentic nautical look.

The life ring wall clocks have always been good sellers in the coastal areas as they are a great addition for any patio, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, and home. No matter the occasion this clock design makes an original gift for the captain in your life.


Tide Wall Clock

A timeless tide clock will look elegant gracing the wall of your marine-themed interior, regardless of whether it’s your house, yacht, or boat.

These types of clocks have an extra hand and the hours correctly set to indicate high, low, half, and after/before tide relative to the current time. This way, all fishermen, sailors, and water lovers will know instantly if the tide is high, low, rising, or falling.

Despite pointing to the ocean tides, the precision time and tide quartz clock can be also calibrated for other tidal bodies of water.


Ships Bell Wall Clock

This clock is perfect as a gift for a boating enthusiast and to be hung at home or in a boat.

A stunning, ships bell wall quartz clock provides high accuracy and precision.

These clocks strike the traditional ship’s 8-bell sequence, which means that the chimes are based on the ship’s onboard “watches” that repeat every 4 hours. Thus, a new “watch” chimes at midnight, 4 am, 8 am, noon, 4 pm, and 8 pm.

The bell strikes 8 times at the beginning of a new “watch” and at the end of a “watch”. Then, the chimes are repeated once every half hour until the end of the “watch”. When finished, a new cycle begins.

However, you don’t need to worry about the noise, as the ships bell clock also comes with a bell silencer so that you can switch the chimes off to relax in silence if you want to.


Fishing Themed Wall Clock

A fishing boat, fishing cabin, fish-shaped, or a fisherman wall clock provides a casual appeal as they usually feature a wooden effect and perfect finish. Thus, when hung in your nautically themed areas, the clock will attract the attention of your guests.

These artistic clocks might be designed with a glass clock face and Roman numerals.

Without a doubt, a fishing wall clock like this will make a well-received gift for anyone who lives in the coastal area or who enjoys the nautical lifestyle.


Porthole Wall Clock

The attractive, classic, and timeless porthole clock will adorn your wall as an excellent nautical decoration in any room.

It’s crafted with fun colors, a rustic look with a wooden base, polished brass, and quartz movements.

You can use it indoors to add a truly vintage charm, or as a useful and thoughtful gift for the sea enthusiast in your life.


Endurance Wall Clock

An endurance clock, typically made of chrome, is compact, lightweight, durable, and resistant to scratches and tarnish thanks to its maintenance-free and ultra-hard protective coating.

This type of clock has also an accurate quartz movement and is ideal to be mounted on a wall with limited space. Its high gloss finish will not fail to attract a lot of attention.


Wall Clock with Barometer and Thermometer

A wall clock doesn’t need to be ugly to be multi-functional. On the contrary, the clock featuring a barometer and thermometer is not only a complete weather station but also has an attractive and elegant design.

Most often it is lacquer-coated, which makes it perfect for outdoor use, too. The precision thermometer displays both Fahrenheit and Centigrade degrees, while the barometer shows millibars and inches of mercury.

This useful clock makes an impressive gift for those who love the sea and high-quality nautical décor.



Compass Rose Wall Clock

A beautiful compass rose clock can be a charming nautical wall decoration in a rustic themed room.

In addition, it features a compass, which is one of the most recognized accessories when it comes to ships, boats, and the sea. This makes the compass rose decorative clock one of the most popular themes for nautical wall clocks.

Some of the compass style clocks have a brass or metal bezel, while others will come in wooden frames.

An extra touch can be added to its design in the form of a vintage sea captain’s map displayed on the clock face, or other fun and fascinating marine symbols, such as flags, anchors, or a life ring. Every time you look to check the time, it will make you smile!

It also makes a wonderful, stylish gift for those who appreciate a truly artistic look and feel in their home décor.


Boat Propeller Wall Clock

A really fun way to bring a bit of the water activities into your home. The boat propeller clock can feature a wooden or antique copper finish as it’s crafted on a replica of a ship propeller.

When you hang your propeller clock up on the wall, you won’t be able to stop staring at it and dreaming you’re out at sea, enjoying the quiet, hearing only the hum of the boat engine.

This type of clock is designed to look striking on the wall of any nautically themed space and enhance the décor of any room it is in.


Driftwood Wall Clock

The designer driftwood wall clock is just perfect for a home in a contemporary or modern style. If you want to achieve a slightly nautical look, a driftwood clock will do the job.

Since driftwood has a naturally occurring, diverse range of colors, a clock made of this material will look even more authentic. A beautiful, casual, and rustic effect can be created thanks to the horizontal arrangement of driftwood pieces in different sizes.

However, a genuine driftwood wall clock can be quite costly, so if you don’t want to spend the extra money on this decorative piece, you will surely find a good-quality artificial driftwood clock.


To Conclude,

The nautical style wall clock is a great functional item that gives more satisfaction than peeking at your cell phone to check the time.

Hang your new clock at the center of the wall, possibly over a chest of drawers, table, or fireplace. This way, it will enhance the décor of your home and will be a real eye-catcher!