Unique Ideas for Coastal Style Indoor Ceiling Fans


Want a breath of fresh air to spread across all areas of your home? Then you should include coastal style indoor ceiling fans that not only add value to your nautical home décor but also provide optimal airflow throughout, eliminating stagnant and trapped air.

Ceiling fans help to circulate the air throughout the interiors. In summer, the fan can be used to blow colder air down, creating a cool breeze and reducing the need to use an air conditioner. While during the winter, the blades of the device will rotate clockwise forcing the cold air to rise, which means less work is required from the heater to warm up the room. This can save energy and you’ll pay less in heating and cooling costs.

Besides reducing your energy bills, installing a ceiling fan can provide comfort, add value by improving the look of a room with a beautiful light fixture, and also add a touch of style, unlike any other accessory!

In this article, we will go over some unique ideas for coastal style indoor ceiling fans that can add to the soothing and relaxing look of your beach house.


Lantern Ceiling Fans

Many coastal styled ceiling fans come with a light component that features a caged bulb design in the shape of a lantern.

Lantern ceiling fans are becoming one of the most popular fan designs and now you have more styles to choose from than ever. These types of fans look impressive and are in a style class of their own. Even though most models are intended for outdoor use, e.g. for a patio or porch of a cottage and cabin, these fans are also perfect for indoor areas, where they’re best suited for a hallway, entryway, or a foyer.

The best thing about these fans is that they mimic lantern designs as they have a hanging lantern-style fixture that is encased and usually includes a light. The addition of a lantern light makes the fan more attractive and vintage looking. By using lantern ceiling fans, you can achieve a layered lighting effect for the room.



Sailcloth Ceiling Fans

Sailcloth ceiling fans feature fabric blades, and thus, are reminiscent of nautical or coastal settings. They can be a great statement piece for coastal and beach home interiors, or even for a house on a lake or river. This is because these coastal style ceilings fans have the design of their blades inspired by the sails of a sailboat.

They provide the serenity of being on a beach, sitting near the shoreline, and taking in the fresh air. It might not be possible to enjoy the beach every day but sailcloth ceiling fans will bring a beach style right into the comfort of your home.

These fans offer clean designs and their cloth blades flutter just like those in boats ready to sail the seas while adding beautiful details to the décor of your room. Sail ceiling fans are ideal for the interior of your coastal inspired home décor. As an added benefit, the canvas fabric blades can also be removed and washed in a washing machine on a gentle cycle.


Lighthouse Ceiling Fans

The excellent ability to provide a layered light effect along with an addition of the coastal décor to the interior is remarkable. Lighthouse ceiling fans are suitable for use both in a beach house and an urban loft apartment.

They offer all the design versatility in a room. The vintage cage that contains the light is an attractive feature of this fan type. The best feature by far of this fan can be the added dimmable light option that renders the use of any other ordinary bulb dull and costly. In this way, lighthouse ceiling fans not only add a nautical look but also prove to be cost-effective.


Fishing Themed Ceiling Fans

The design of these fans is based primarily on fishing elements such as fishing rods and lines. Some of them can be made from fishing poles and sailcloth, or with blade covers that feature different kinds of fish.

Additionally, fishing themed on/off pull chains that operate the fan and light can be used on very high ceiling fans and they are perfect for any fly fishing enthusiast.

The unique design enhancements made in these ceiling fans allow them to catch everyone’s attention instantly.


Boat Propeller Ceiling Fans

The blades in this fan type look like the propeller of a boat. Also, boat oar ceiling fans are designed with long blades that are broad at one end, and are similar to ones used for propelling or steering a boat through the water.  

Boat propeller ceiling fans can be adjusted, allowing for multiple design options. These fans go well with many coastal themed homes that include light and white wood tones in their décor’s color palette.


Coastal Windmill Ceiling Fans

A coastal windmill ceiling fan can add a traditional, classical touch to any beach home décor. Windmill ceiling fan styles also have a rustic or farmhouse-like appearance, thus, they are also ideal for homes with a rustic or country setting. However, they can really make a statement in almost all areas of the house if you want some impressive decoration, and thus, they are becoming increasingly popular.

Some of the distinctive factors of this fan type are that the device tends to have an increased number of angle tilted blades, and the design of the blades is created in a way to be reminiscent of a Dutch windmill.

It also has the option to add a light kit to it, which will make it even more charming and ideal for those looking for a multipurpose coastal style fan.

They are usually handmade so that each fan model has its own unique appeal. Materials such as durable and lightweight aluminum, weathered wood such as oak, and bronze are usually used to make these fans.

Since most windmill ceiling fans have lots of blades, they will actually circulate a bit less air than conventional fans because of the extra resistance on the motor. But they will look stunning and provide a gentle breeze in the room.



Surfboard Ceiling Fans

An indoor ceiling fan with a real beachy motif can be used in any room in the house if you’re living in a coastal area.

This type of fan is an ideal addition to any beach themed house as it reminds you of the exciting days of surfing, riding the waves with your favorite surfboard.

Surfboard ceiling fans can be in different designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. And because of their unique design, these fans display a sense of artistic value. The patterns that are displayed on the blades are one of the reasons for this product’s increasing demand.

Surfboard ceiling fans feature surfboard-shaped blades decorated with fun motives of surfboards or wave stripes. The fan will keep you cool on those hot summer nights and add the surfer spirit to your beach themed interiors. It is a great way to decorate a surfer kid’s bedroom or nursery.


There are some important factors you must think about when buying indoor coastal style ceiling fans. These factors are mostly related to the physical aspects of the fans.


Finding the Right Size Ceiling Fan

As far as the size is concerned, you need to know what dimensions of the coastal style ceiling fan to buy so that it fits nicely into your room. Dimensions to take into account include the height and diameter of the fan as well as the room area and the height from floor to ceiling. The height of the fan is adjustable but the diameter cannot be changed.


How Many Blades You Prefer

Another significant thing to consider while buying a ceiling fan is how much blades would you require for a room. This question is a little technical as it depends upon factors like motor power, blade length, width, and weight. More blades will push in more air but also provide drag to the fan motor, thus making it less efficient. Fewer blades will make the motor move quicker but provide less airflow. So this is something that entirely depends on your preference.

Other things to consider for the correct selection of the device will depend on your preference for color and design and whether you require a device with or without a lamp.

You will probably like to take the price of the device into account as well. The cost of these unique coastal ceiling fans usually start at $100, depending on size, material, finish, and brand. Designer options are available for $10,000 or more.


Benefits of Coastal Ceiling Fans

As coastal themed ceiling fans provide multiple designs and serve many purposes in a home, there are also a few benefits that make them even more useful for homeowners.

⁎ Lower Energy Costs

The latest ceiling fan models provide a 20 to 30 percent cut on the overall electric bill of the house. As ceilings fans are not heavy load machines, they offer better options for energy savings.

⁎ Style Driven Nature

Coastal style ceilings fans have achieved a milestone of style-driven innovation in shape and look. They are used not only for cost-effectiveness but also for the sake of the innovative style trends they offer.

⁎ Versatility

Coastal inspired ceilings fans offer a lot of versatility in style and design. They can contribute to enhancing interior design styles in all the different rooms in a house. Such versatility has made other ordinary fans look bland and uninspiring.

⁎ Added Lighting Feature

Previously, ceiling fans only served the purpose of providing airflow in a room. Now, with the added functionality of light kits, coastal ceiling fans incorporate a layered lighting theme in the room.


On A Final Note:

Ceiling fans are designed to help you stay comfortable indoors and rely less on HVAC systems all year long. The coastal style ceiling fans not only provide lighting but they also have the “cool” factor being a unique decorative element in the room.