Why You Will Never Regret Buying a Lake House

You might be one of those who dreams of a home with a beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding nature. Owning a lake house is a great opportunity for relaxation and using all the benefits associated with such an amazing place.

Whether you’re looking for a primary residence, a weekend getaway, or a home to retire, you’ll always be able to find something that you’ll enjoy when living near or on the lake. Even though there are some cons, as with anything in life, there are many more advantages that will make you never regret buying a lake house.

People often fear that a few years later they might regret buying a lake house. But lakefront homes offer many attractive benefits that make it a worthwhile choice. There are always beautiful views, contact with nature, plenty of sports activities, and other things so you’ll never get bored. A lake property can also be a great investment.

If you’re hesitating whether purchasing a house, or an apartment, in the vicinity of a lake is the right decision for you, keep on reading to find out more.


First of all, to live in a home with a stunning view of the lake, you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to searching in well-known destinations. Quite often, you can find many interesting offers for the sale of houses or apartments near lakes in rural and slightly off the beaten track locations, and also in very good locations near major urban agglomerations.

But if you decide to buy a new home by the lake in a location that has a great tourist value, you must take into account the increased number of tourists during the summer and holidays, as well as the increased traffic of residents who like to walk or rest on the lakeshore.

Many new lake view properties that are being built these days can be isolated from the common routes frequented by tourists.

But new apartments in buildings located higher on hills or slopes are a much more interesting solution. This is because when buying an apartment on the lowest floor, you don’t lose the scenic lake views from your window, at the expense of privacy. Such apartments ensure great comfort of rest, privacy, and being surrounded by nature. And still, you are in the short proximity of the marina or the sports center, which offers the possibility of active spending of time.


Living near a lake is a paradise for people who love water sports. You will have a great opportunity to engage in all kinds of water sports which make your body stronger and healthier.

For example, you may want to take part in playing water polo or other group water activities with your kids or friends.

Depending on location, the sports center may offer wakeboarding or water skiing to get your adrenaline rushing, as well as snorkeling and scuba diving.

Sailing, boating, pontooning, paddling, riding a motorboat, jet ski, or a pedal boat are some exciting pastimes on the water for those loving an active lifestyle.

A kayak will let you glide along inches from the water surface, and paddleboarding can be an interesting way to spend a couple of hours exploring areas of the lake that you are often hard to reach in other ways.

However, if you prefer a more peaceful approach at the lake, then long walks or jogging along the lakeshore allow for a more laid-back but still active recreation. You don’t need a swimming pool in your backyard, you can always take a refreshing swim in the lake, or at least splash by the shore. For anglers, it is possible to relax their body and mind with a fishing rod in hand.

Such opportunities cannot be experienced if you’re living in a city!


Without any doubt, the greatest advantage of buying a house in the immediate vicinity of the lake is the direct contact with nature. The areas close to water reservoirs are places of great natural value and are often under protection.

Living near the water will help you breathe fresh air 24/7. This has a positive effect on the body as your brain can absorb more oxygen that makes us feel and function better, and live longer.

Hearing the soothing sounds of lake water will make you sleep extremely well so that you can recharge your batteries and have great energy the next morning.

Living by the lake relieves stress and anxiety by putting you close to nature. When you see the blue color of the lake water, the spectacular sunsets and sunrises, and the clear starry sky, you’ll become calm, you unwind and relax.

A home by the lake is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the stressful life. For some, it will be an option for a second home or a summer house for holiday rest. Others will fall in love enough to buy a house or an apartment and live there permanently.


Lake homes are significantly more valuable than typical properties elsewhere. Additionally, your lakefront property investment will hold its value and it is even very likely to grow in value over time.

Residential real estate by the lake is highly valued in the United States. Each time you make your mortgage payment on your waterfront property, you will build equity, and it’s not the case with an ordinary house. It is not unusual that your investment quadruples in value years after you purchase it.

The investment in a property by the lake only seems to be expensive. After some time, you can be earning money by renting it out.

Obviously, the closer to the water, the more expensive it’s going to be, but the less popular the location, the more affordable the offer.

If your lake house is your secondary residence, or if you decide to have other holiday plans, you can also rent it out to tourists when you’re away.

NOTE: You must keep in mind that the upkeep of a lake property that is your second house is something you need to be aware of. Owning two houses can be a lot of physical work. Thus, depending on your age and personal circumstances, you may want to consider selling your primary home and becoming a year-rounder at the lake if there’s nothing keeping you in town.

In case you don’t want the full maintenance, you may also go for community shared beach options if they are available in your desired location. This is a quite popular option where the shared private lake beach access comes with your house purchase. It’s something you may want to consider if you prefer the lock and go experience.


In the case of owning a holiday home, you are always welcome to use it whenever you need time off and relax at a lake.

Without a doubt, the purchase of a house by the lake is a fantastic solution for families who live in large, crowded, and noisy cities on a daily basis. A vacation in a picturesque place will be especially fun for children and they’ll be encouraged to stay physically active. And who doesn’t like summer grilling on the beach?

A lake house would be a great place to entertain and meet with relatives and friends, away from city life, and create great memories. Also, let’s not forget about the dogs, and particularly the water-loving dogs, because in such a place they can go crazy as much as they want.


Another advantage of owning your house at a lake is saving on fees in case you own your watercraft such as a boat or a jet ski. You will not incur any fees as there’s no need to pay marina fees or boat ramp expenses.

As you are already living near the lake, you don’t need to haul your watercraft down a crowded road and spending money on gas. For your convenience, you might also have a dock with a lift so there’s no need to haul the boat to and from the lake. Just show up, walk down to the dock, and jump in your boat that’s already anchored there.

Other Advantages of Buying a Lake House

– beaches and places at the lake tend to be less crowded than at the seaside

– opportunity to sunbathe on the grass or sand on the lakeshore

– most of the time, the water temperature in the lake is higher than in the sea

– opportunity to grow vegetables and fruit in the unpolluted soil

– time in nature goes by more slowly and life slows down

– people living close to nature tend to be more happy, friendly, and healthy

To Conclude,

You could have been giving serious thought to the idea of purchasing a home at a lake but were worried about regrets. As you have read, there are numerous benefits that come with owning a lake house. Hopefully, you are now convinced that buying a lake house is a smart decision, especially if you love spending your time near water.