Why Each Seaside Home Should Have Nautical Outdoor Lighting?


If you’re excited about throwing a seaside-themed party for your family and friends in your lush yard, then having nautical outdoor lighting is a must.

When it comes to outdoor lights, nautical lighting fixtures already became the hot addition to the yard décor, not only for seaside homes. Unsurprisingly, with their bountiful range of shapes, sizes, and colors, the nautical style lighting is quickly gaining demand of sea-loving homeowners.

Keep on reading to learn why each seaside home should have nautical outdoor lighting instead of ordinary-looking pieces.

When you plan well the placing of your nautical outdoor lighting around your property, you will not only boast about how unique this space looks like and show off your individual style. But this change of the setting will also enhance the curb appeal of your home while instantly increasing the property value.

No matter whether you live close to the seashore or in another place that experiences extreme weather conditions, with nautical outdoor lighting you can ensure the durability of the lighting fixtures from oxidation, UV rays, environmental pollutants, and exposure to corrosion due to salty air, heavy rain, moisture, or even acid rain.

This gives you the advantage to maximize the Return On Investment on your property.


What Should You Look Out for When Selecting Nautical Outdoor Lighting?

In the selection process of nautical outdoor lighting, you need to, first of all, identify the areas of the yard and deck that you prefer to light up.

Before you start shopping for the best nautical outdoor lighting for your property, you first should find out how much illumination you currently need.

To figure out how much light a given area requires, you may try this calculation: multiple the square footage of the area by 1.5. This way you will get the estimate of the total wattage that’s required. For example, a space of 100 square feet will need 150W.

Take measurements of the areas as well to avoid purchasing light fixtures that are either too large or too small. It’s recommended that you consider the location and size of each lamp you will be getting. Prepare a paper template to determine the exact placement and scale of each fixture when it’s added into the space.

For your porch, deck, or patio, the size of the lighting needs to be 1/3 of your door’s height.

With this in mind, you can then choose the most complementary lighting fixtures that have all the required technical specifications and features. You should obviously check that the fixture is durable and sturdy.

For example, wet rated outdoor lights that are fit for extreme weather conditions. They are weather-resistant and designed to cope with such elements as rain, wind, salty air, snow, and ice.

Make sure to choose outdoor waterproof lamps that provide good protection for the light bulb, so that it doesn’t get directly exposed to water and other weather conditions. Also, choose a lampshade that is definitely weatherproof, and one that will have a waterproof shade cover so that it is protected from the elements.

Consider the current theme and color palette of your house exterior walls, entryway, driveway, and sidewalk, and select the right nautical fixtures accordingly so that it feels like you are really on the sea.



Gone are the days when exterior lights were intended for making the areas around a property accessible after dark, the new generation considers them as an integral part of outdoor home décor. However, nautical themed lighting is a relatively new concept in the interior design industry.

If you have taken a cruise or a boat trip, you must be aware of how these marine settings are equipped with a series of classic, marine lighting fixtures.

So if you love the idea of bringing that specific look and feel to your seaside home, it’s essential to buy the complete set of nautical lights so that you can use them with the right consistency on the entryway, beside the sidewalks, onto the roof and patio railing, or in decorating your landscapes.


Which Nautical Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Should You Choose?

To meet your decorating needs, the marketplace offers a wide range of nautical lighting options such as outdoor post lights, wall lights, ceiling lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, all of them perfectly imitating marine lighting industrial concepts in terms of fixture appearance, features, color, and endurance.

The nautical style is defined by its marine elements, such as lanterns, ropes, fishing nets, exposed bulbs, brushed nickel, beach wood, or fresh and cool whites. There are many different ways to style nautical outdoor lights within this theme. For example, opal-shaped lights wrapped in ropes, or beacon sconces.

When planning outdoor lighting for a seaside home, you should first think about the colors and themes that you would like to implement in your outdoor décor. Do you like seashells and beachcombing activities? Or maybe you prefer marine-inspired ship accents with ropes and bronze features?

Nautical style lighting has a rather simple design, which makes them extremely versatile. Most often they are made of a combination of metal and glass.

Nautical style lamps include several types of lighting. The first type are lamps in shades of white and blue, clearly associated with the sea and sky. The second group consists of lamps with ropes and fancy marine knots tied on them, which are abundant on ships.

Another type are lights that are inspired by lamps used on ships or in coastal homes. Old gold, brass, silver, and white colors, and even a natural wood finish are predominant here, together with the fixtures’ rigorous character. However, the color mainly depends on the needs of the entire arrangement.


So, is there any particular type of lighting that you’d like to have? Nautical style lights can be in the form of sconces, pendants, or other wall-mounted light fixtures, as well as ceilings lights like chandeliers.

There are also many ways to use lights for a complete nautical outdoor look. For example, nautical style wall sconces are ideal to tie together the Cape Cod beach house theme, which is simple and natural, reflecting the sea, sand, and grasses.

On the other hand, if you want the lights to match a darker theme, then you should choose marine grade exterior lights instead. Those are made from stainless steel or birch, which are materials highly resistant to moisture, pitting, and other corrosive effects of salt water.



Nautical outdoor lighting provides strong illumination while keeping that classic marine look and feel. Lantern style frames and glasses provide the construction for these light fixtures.

These marine-inspired outdoor nautical lanterns look impressive on a ship, but they also look amazing when lit up in your yard in the evening.

A wall-mounted LED lantern with a solar-powered battery will let you illuminate every pitch-black corner around your property while being energy efficient. The aquatic textures of these exterior lanterns will provide style without wetness.


Aside from making your house exterior pretty, a major concern is to prepare your property grounds so that they are safe and secure at every step for your guests and visitors.

Consider brightening up the front door with nautical light scones that work as a beacon resembling the style of a lighthouse and welcoming everyone who approaches the door.

Nautical wall lights can be used on the exterior edges of the house while using nautical post lights to illuminate the walkways and driveway will guide people who visit your home at night and help prevent them from twisting their ankles.


Having onion lamps in your yard nautical décor is the best choice. They provide a great collection of mounting options, such as ceiling or wall mounted, hanging, and post lantern versions, together with a large variety of sizes, from very small to very large.

Onion lamps also offer a historic look as they have been always used in the shipping and fishing industry. The style started with the clear glass globe while the wire cages were added later for extra protection.



If you often dine in your gazebo or on the patio, look for unique lighting fixtures such as nautical outdoor chandeliers that need to be hanged above the table to make the space look glamorous. Simple nautical lamps can be reminiscent of the beach, but large rope chandeliers will give off a more obvious marine vibe.

Nautical exterior pendant lights are fixtures that supply illumination as well as instant style to any setting. Besides having adorable pendant lights, decorate your front yard landscapes with nautical post lamps to make the yard appealing to your guests while discouraging trespassers and burglars.

Nautical fairy string lights can be a gorgeous addition if you’re throwing a children’s party on your porch. The battery-operated, colorful, decorative lights in the shapes of boats, lighthouses, or seahorses will look amazing with a seaside or coastal theme.

Overall, you might just do some easy updates to your outdoor spaces, for example placing nautical table lamps for a beach accent. If you prefer otherwise, do the whole yard makeover with a full range of nautical lighting.


To Sum Up,

The nautical style offers a multitude of colors and themes, but in particular, the lighting fixtures define this décor.

If you desire to create the perfect nautical theme for your outdoor areas, you may choose between the subtle and bold ways to decorate with light fixtures.

But whichever you opt for, nautical lighting fixtures are original and fun to use for setting the seaside mood of these areas. They can also go well with any other coastal style furniture.