What Makes An Earthy Bedroom Feel Cozy?

What’s the first thing you think of when someone says “a cozy bedroom”? Probably throws, soft pillows, and a comfortable mattress. But something essential to coziness also has to happen with colors. Colors can warm up any space, and earth tones are no exception.

If you want your bedroom to feel cozy but don’t know where to start, this article covers some of the best tips for an earthy bedroom. So keep reading!


Use Earthy Colors To Design A Nature-Inspired Bedroom

You probably guessed this already, but the first step is getting a palette of colors together. The earthy tone color palette represents all the natural colors of the earth, and this means not only soft browns. These colors reflect the varied colors of leaves, soil, skies, or natural minerals.

Here are some excellent options for earthy bedroom colors:


• Misty Blue

Misty Blue is a light shade of blue, pea green, and white. It’s neutral, so it goes with everything. This color is perfect for the bedroom because it awakens your senses while remaining calm.


Soft Yellow

If you want to bring energy into your bedroom with a light color, soft yellow is the way to go! This color will wake up your senses but not cause a headache.



Orange is slightly warm and can make your bedroom look warm and inviting. Try using a warm shade of orange for your walls and save darker shades for furniture if you want to add depth to your bedroom.



Purple is a gorgeous color that also adds a sense of depth. But purple can be hard to work with, so you might be afraid of it. Try using deep purples to cover your walls, and use plum as an accent shade for sheets and lamps. Or you could use purple-ish blue with a solid maroon accent if you want something leafy.


Earthy Brown

Earthy browns are very forgiving on the eyes. These earth tones are neutral and warm, and can make the interiors feel “cozy.” They can also add depth and texture without feeling hard on the eyes, so use them as an accent color in your bedroom and watch it feel warm and comfortable!



Soft Green

If you have a natural theme in your bedroom, soft green is an excellent addition to that theme. Soft greens are perfect for bedrooms because they’re very calm and soothing. Soft greens won’t change the feel of your room much, but they add something cozy.



This is a color that every bedroom could use. If you want to give your room a significant change, gray can make a fantastic accent or base color! Try painting large sections of your walls gray or matching gray sheets with white curtains for some elementary and subtle effects.


Selecting a color scheme that fits well with your décor style is ideal. You can use any other colors in your preferred color scheme to give your bedroom an earthy and cozy feeling.

But stay away from deep dark shades of brown and green as they don’t add much warmth to the room. Black is also not recommended because it can be hard to make it look natural when used as a solid color. Remember to keep the colors warm and light. The final effect is a bedroom that feels inviting, homey, and cozy.


Decorate With Earthy Bedroom Furniture And Accessories

While earthy bedroom colors will make your room feel cozy, you’ll also need to consider some essential pieces of furniture and accessories to make it feel more authentic.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Natural Wood Furniture

Wood is an excellent material for furniture. It’s naturally warm, has a rustic look, and can easily be matched with most earthy colors and patterns. Plain wooden pieces are ideal for a bedroom since they blend with both earthy colors and soft gray tones.

If you’re good at DIY, try making simple wooden chairs or white metal-frame beds with natural wood legs. Or, you can go all out by painting your metal-frame bed a few shades darker than the rest of your room or painting the frame black.


Blankets And Bedding

Like colors, this section can lead to some controversy. But if you use earthy colors and try out different blankets and bedding, you’ll find some that suit your décor.

Try pairing a lighter color blanket or sheet with dark or medium-weight ones for an effect that’s more authentic than white sets combined with bright fabrics. Remember that earthy colors already have a feeling of softness, so your bedding should also be soft and light.


Woven Pendant Lights

Woven pendant lights are a great way to bring some earthy colors into a room. They’re also nice because they provide some extra visual depth and a bit of texture. Their small scale also allows you to place them just about anywhere you can fit them.



Rustic Accessories

Rustic accessories are excellent for earthy bedroom themes as they already have a rustic feel. Try painting a few wooden boxes and bowls white, then decorating them with branches or dried flowers. You’ll have an excellent result that’s still very nature-inspired.

Remember that you can’t go wrong with things like lanterns, candles, and flowers in the bedroom. They’re classic decorations that feel good any time of the year!



We all know that plants symbolize life and growth and can add life to any interior. The extra attention they receive can make them feel like they’re right at home, and having plants in your bedroom is a great way to enhance the comfort you already have.

Remember, you don’t have to use leafy green plants to make it work! Try some cacti or just any type of succulents.


Stoneware Accessories

Porcelain and stoneware accessories are trendy today. They’re nature-inspired, beautiful, come in earthy colors, and can help add a warm feeling to your bedroom. If you have a few vases or dishes, you can use them to spruce up your bedroom’s look.


Woven Baskets

Woven baskets are a great way to bring the earth into your room. They’re inexpensive and practical and can be made in various earthy colors and patterns. They’re also an excellent way to tie in the boldness of your earthy color scheme with some more subtle accessories.



Pillows help set the stage for your bedroom. It would be best if you planned your bedding with them in mind at all times. If you want to get some earthy colors and soft animal prints for your bedding, consider bringing in a few extra pillows to help make the bed feel cozy.


While we’ve only mentioned a few essential pieces of furniture, you can also use simple accessories (like framed prints) to add a sense of warmth and coziness to your bedroom. You can also bring in your favorite accessories like an old vase or a simple clock to complement the look.


Other Ideas To Help You Design A Cozy, Earthy Bedroom

Besides colors, furniture, and accessories, there are a few other ways to make your bedroom feel warmer, cozier, and earthier. Try one or two of the following suggestions:


Add texture and softness

The earth doesn’t just come in warm colors – it’s also full of textures. The best way to reflect this in your bedroom is by using soft materials for the room’s walls, floors, and other surfaces. Consider using softer fabrics for curtains or bedding or adding wallpaper with a lot of texture to your walls if you want to bring some variety and warmth.


Incorporate earthy décor elements

Decorating your home should be fun, so don’t hesitate to go crazy. If you want to bring in lots of earthy colors, patterns and designs, go for it!

There are so many different kinds of earthy décor elements to choose from, making your possibilities virtually endless. But remember that you’re going for cozy here, not too messy.



Use a thick, comfortable carpet or rugs

A good carpet or a thick area rug underneath your bed can help keep you warm at night while also being soft and comfortable. Make sure to choose a color that complements your room’s colors, too – don’t go with a bright green carpet if you want to have an earthy bedroom!


Take advantage of your windows

Window treatments aren’t just for blocking the sunlight when you want to sleep in on a weekend morning! Window coverings (when used correctly) are some of the best ways to fill your bedroom with color and warmth. There are many different window treatments, so research each type to know which is best for you.


Play with the lighting

Hardware light fixtures work well in many bedrooms, especially as they introduce more color and diversity to the space. LEDs are designed to look warm and inviting without being bright or harsh. If you’re looking for a more soft, natural look (perfect for smaller rooms), consider using LED lighting.


Add animal prints

Animal prints can easily add more life to your bedroom space. Whether you choose edgy leopard prints or soft zebra prints, animal prints work well in earthy bedrooms because they bring a sense of liveliness and warmth to a room.


Don’t ignore your storage space

Getting storage space right is one of the most valuable ways to make any bedroom more functional. But when it comes to earthy bedrooms, you can get storage in a few different ways without being too evident to guests! For example, adding recessed alcoves or shelves behind your bed or under your window is a great way to store items while keeping them out of sight.


Decorating an earthy bedroom isn’t super hard and can help create a relaxing, inviting place to sit back and relax in your bed. It just takes a little thought, a few different ideas, and the right pieces of furniture and accessories.

If you’re looking for a new (or new-old) look to your bedroom, try implementing a few ideas mentioned above – you’ll be surprised by what a few simple changes can do!