Financial Reasons to Live by the Sea (10 Ways to Earn and Save)


It certainly will not be an overstatement to say that living in the vicinity of the sea brings many benefits, both for your spirit, your body, as well as for personal finances. This is why more and more people are choosing to buy a house, a second home, or an apartment by the sea.

According to the researchers, long term stays at the seaside help improve health and quiet a busy mind. Thus, living by the sea becomes a consistent regularity. The purchase of a property by the sea is therefore not only an excellent investment in financial terms but also in terms of your health and well-being.

Real estate offerings at the seaside are particularly popular because of their excellent location and contemporary designs. For many years, developers have been competing in the construction of modern and comfortable apartments, houses, and estates on the coast. You can find properties at attractive prices located a short drive from the coast, or even within a walking distance to the beach.

Many seaside properties have direct access to extensive green areas and to the beach. Thanks to this, after a hard day’s work, you can relax in nature and breathe in the clean, coastal air.


So, what are the specific financial reasons for living by the sea?

The main financial reasons for living by the sea would include the many opportunities to earn extra income either by getting a better job or from renting out your home. You can also save money through different bargains and living costs reduction.


If you want to find out what are the 10 ways to earn and save money when living by the sea, then read on as we explain in detail below.


Relax not only during the holidays

Living by the sea is not only an excellent holiday base but the advantages can be observed throughout the year. The proximity of the sea eliminates the need for holiday travel or hotel rentals. There is no need to search and pay for accommodation every time you want to relax in beautiful natural surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This way you can save a lot of money on travel and hotels. You can go for a walk to the beach or eat in one of the seaside restaurants any time you want.


An abundance of job opportunities

A good financial reason for living close to the seaside is a great opportunity to find an attractive job. When looking for job offers, you will find that most of them are in coastal towns.

There are many job positions on offer available in various industries. However, the coastal towns attract many investors, mainly in the housing market and the hospitality industry.

Thus, if for example, you are a student in need of some cash, you may take up a seasonal or part-time job in one of the numerous seaside restaurants, bars, hotels, or resorts.

The construction of new business locations attracts the growing interest of a qualified workforce. As more and more jobs are being created, you can easily find your dream job.


Professional networking opportunities

When you live in an affluent coastal area, you are more likely to meet many business owners and other successful individuals. It is possible to find out about new business opportunities when you network with people in your neighborhood. And this might open many doors for you. You may get a high-income position, or partner with someone in their business, which will have a positive effect on your finances.


A great way to invest in property

Owning a home in a beautiful seaside setting is an excellent investment. A seaside property is highly valued not only by real estate investors but also by people wanting to retire, and those who want to own a holiday home.

A property with an ocean or a marina view thus provides a lot of options for people who own them.

An investment in a house or an apartment anywhere else can be profitable, but it will not give you as many opportunities as buying a house or an apartment in a holiday resort. An investment in a seaside property guarantees a higher profit than an investment property in a big city.

A home on the shore will never lose value and you will be able to sell it at a high profit if you decide to do so in the future.


Rent out your property

Renting out your house or apartment by the sea has a high return on investment. If this is your second home or a vacation home, you can rent the property out during your absence. Property owners can provide temporary housing to tourists, and arrange theirs and their guests’ arrival times according to their convenience.

And even if you have an extra bedroom to spare, you may also offer short-term rentals to tourists visiting your area. This is a great opportunity to earn extra cash from short-term rentals, which will generate a passive income for you.

Without any doubt, the highest profits will be guaranteed when you provide accommodation in the high season.

Renting out a spare room or a home by the sea is a guarantee of a proven investment model bringing substantial financial benefits. The unique location on the seashore means that you can count on significant profits from short-term rentals for many years to come.


Live where others vacation

If you are a local in a seaside resort, you can receive discounts, depending on the area you are living in. Some places (like various tourist attractions, or restaurants) offer promotions, discounted rates on admission charges, and coupons throughout the year available only to the residents. However, most special deals are available during months when tourism slows down, e.g. in winter.

In addition, hotels give the locals the chance to enjoy their facilities (e.g. a spa, a gym, or a swimming pool) like a holidaymaker at a discounted rate. Some hotels even offer special rates to the residents of the area. What a fun opportunity it is to break away from the regular routine, and saving money at the same time!


Reduce your home maintenance costs and electricity bills

If you live in a place with a warm climate and in close proximity to the sea, you don’t need to worry about the snow and freezing temperatures. So you won’t have any issue with bursting pipes in winter. This results in lower maintenance costs as well as reduced home insurance costs.

Another thing is that, in summer, you don’t need to use the air conditioner too much. Adjusting the thermostat to a higher setting won’t be necessary anymore. Opening windows and letting a cool sea breeze inside will usually be enough. This way you will spend less money on your power bills.


Get to work by bike

The coastal areas usually have a well-developed bicycle infrastructure, which encourages the residents to travel to work by bicycle. This is a faster, more ecological, and healthy way to commute.

A bike is certainly a cheaper mode of transport. The prospect of saving money on bus fares, or on car maintenance, insurance, and gas, will motivate you to ride a bike to work.


Potential main residence after retirement

There is another financial reason for owning a holiday home or a second home in a seaside resort. When you retire in the future, this property may become your main residence. So treat it as your main personal asset. It will save you time looking for a new place just before retiring and will prevent you from spending more money on the purchase.

However, your home should have a convenient location with easy access to all the necessary retail, health, and service outlets.


Create a better future for your children

In addition, your seaside property can provide your children with an easier start to an independent life. Inheriting your property, they will not need to spend money on a new house when they grow up.


And there you go. Obviously, living by the sea is highly recommended for the health benefits which nature brings. But we do hope that we have convinced you that living by the sea can also be particularly rewarding because of the financial reasons. For lovers of the sea, this is a great opportunity to live in a dream home and take full advantage of what these areas have to offer.