Is A Headboard Necessary To Have On A Bed?

A headboard is an important part of the bed, but it is by no means necessary. The headboard serves as a focal point, providing a little design and architectural interest. It’s also an important support element for the bed, preventing it from bowing to the side where people typically rest their heads when they sleep.

To learn more about the benefits of headboards and whether you need them at all, keep reading through the article.


What Is The Purpose Of A Headboard?

Unlike a footboard, which is usually only used to support the bottom of the bed frame, the headboard serves largely a practical and aesthetic purpose.

But headboards have many other functions, some of which are:

  • It can be an excellent place for sitting up at night reading or working at the computer. It can also be used as a shelf for decorative pillows when you’re not using them.
  • Holds up a heavier bed, giving it more support when you’re sleeping.
  • Provides more architectural design to the bedroom.
  • Gives a finishing touch to the bedroom, making it seem more complete and less plain at the same time.
  • Ensures that you have adequate back and head support while sitting on the bed.
  • Provides insulation, helps keep you warm in winter, and prevents you from brushing against the wall.
  • It can save valuable space in your studio apartment or other small bedrooms.
  • Coordinates the overall design of the bed.
  • Provides an anchor to the ceiling that helps prevent the bed from bowing.
  • Serves as decoration and emphasizes the architectural line of the bed.
  • Makes a focal point to the room, drawing the eye up towards the ceiling and creating more of an open feeling.
  • Creates space between the bed and other furniture pieces in the room, increasing the amount of movement space in a small bedroom.



Things To Consider When Choosing A Headboard

1. Bedroom Theme
Think about the rest of the bedroom and what goes into making it a pleasant and inviting place to be.

For example, are you trying to match a picture, window, or other large visual feature in the room with your headboard? If so, choose shelving or a decorative element that plays off of this focal point.


2. Bed Type
When shopping for a new bed, consider the variety of bed styles available in the store. A headboard should complement your bed, not compete with it.

Different bed and headboard styles will also create different moods, depending on the style chosen. So, for example, a butt cube buttoned bed headboard will create a very different mood and atmosphere than a sleigh bed.


3. Headboard Style And Color
Plan on what color scheme you are going to use in your bedroom, and whether or not you want a traditional frame or one that’s more modern or contemporary-looking.

Make sure that your headboard has a nice color contrast with the rest of the bedroom’s décor elements. Also, a headboard is suitable for both modern and antique styles of bedroom furniture.


4. Space Availability
Decide whether or not you have enough space for a headboard in your house or studio apartment.

You can either use a smaller model that’s inconspicuous, or if you prefer, have it larger, oversized, and more prominent. It all depends on the space you have available as well as what you’re going for in terms of design and overall theme.


5. Price Of The Headboard
There are several headboard styles that are very affordable. Thus, they can be easily changed as your interests or needs change over time, and you can also switch and use them in different rooms around the house.

If a headboard is just not for you, then a footboard should suffice for the bed. A footboard can also serve as an excellent shelf for books and other items that you have no room for on a desk or other table.


6. Location Of The Bed
Is it against the wall or in the middle of the room? If it’s in the center of the room, you may want to choose a headboard that helps provide added design and architectural interest to the bedroom, rather than making it seem more closed in with a traditional headboard.


7. Height Of The Headboard
The height depends on whether you are looking for the headboard to be decorative or functional. It’s important, though, that the bottom of the headboard sits at the top of the mattress.

Your headboard needs to fit in your bedroom from a measurement perspective, that is, in terms of the placement of your bed and the height of the ceiling.

Go for a taller headboard if there’s enough space on the wall, this will allow you to lean back comfortably or put more accent pillows on your bed. Opt for a shorter headboard as it will be best for a smaller room, or if you want to hang pictures or other wall art pieces above the bed.


8. Weight Of The Headboard
Some headboards are heavier than others because of how they’re made and the materials they’re constructed of.

If you have a heavy bedroom set, it would be better to have a lighter headboard that doesn’t add too much strain on your room, especially if you are planning on moving in the near future.

For example, a heavy headboard with wall support can add up to 500 lbs of weight to the wall, which might make it more difficult to take down in the event that you do decide to move.



What Type Of Headboard Material Should You Have?

You may go for a wooden headboard, although it doesn’t have to be made completely out of wood. You can choose to put in a headboard made of fir, pine, or any other type of wood. Fancy woods like mahogany, birch, and oak can sometimes be expensive but they are very durable and sturdy.

Plastic is often used for headboards since it’s easy to find in a variety of textures and colors, and doesn’t cost too much. It’s also durable but it usually can’t be painted, however, it can be covered with fabric and spray-painted to match the room’s décor.

Upholstered headboards are also a great choice. However, the fabric can get easily dusty and damaged by spills, so it requires frequent dusting and cleaning.

But no matter what type of headboard material you choose, the end result should always be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Is A Headboard Necessary In Feng Shui?

A headboard is necessary in feng shui, especially if you do not own a bed frame. However, make sure that your headboard is securely attached to the wall.

It acts as a protector for the bed and shields the bed from evil spirits. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have one without the other, but if you do have a headboard, then it’s best to leave it up throughout the year.


Does Your Headboard Have To Match Your Bedroom Décor?

You don’t have to match the wood or color of the headboard with anything in your bedroom, however, it can take the room up a notch and make it look more masculine or feminine.

There are headboards made with wood, metal, and stones that are available to choose from, in a variety of textures and colors.

The style of your headboard should be consistent with the design of the room, whether it is fancy or plain. But it doesn’t have to match everything else either.

If there is one piece that stands out in the room, then try to take advantage of its uniqueness rather than blend it into the rest of the bedroom décor.



Does Your Headboard Have To Match A Bed Frame Or Other Furniture?

It is not a must for your headboard to match your bed frame, but it should match your bedroom décor.

If you are putting it against a wall, then choose its color to go with the wall instead of blending into the room’s décor.

In most cases, a headboard can be used along with other furniture in the bedroom without it affecting the look of the bedroom. However, if you are decorating a bedroom to match other furnishings in your house, then you might need to match some of your pieces.

You can choose to paint the headboard and coordinate it with the theme or of your bedroom. But, if you prefer a more traditional look, then there are many headboards that come with matching bed frames.

You can also choose to keep a wooden headboard in the same color as your bed frame so they look like they go together even though they are separate pieces of furniture.


What Color Should You Paint Your Headboard?

Regardless of the color scheme you choose, it should go with the bedroom décor.

If you prefer to make it more personal, find a shade of paint that goes well with your skin tone. For example, if you have a pale complexion, use a light shade of yellow or gold, and if you are olive-skinned, choose a dark tinge of green or blue.

You can also get a monogrammed canvas to cover your headboard. It’s like a bed skirt that can be washed regularly and it won’t shrink, fade, or crack.


Does An Adjustable Bed Require A Headboard?

A headboard is not necessary for an adjustable bed, but if you’re planning to buy a bed that can be adjusted on the floor or stand up, then it can get in the way of the headboard. So, you’ll need to find a headboard that can be adjusted as well.

Also, if you’re planning on buying a headboard that is adjustable, then it will be fine to go ahead and add the headboard to your bed later.


Are Headboards Outdated?

If you’re worried that headboards are outdated, fear not! They are timeless and classic, and can be a great, original way to personalize your home and express your style.

In fact, many contemporary bedrooms go for a more modern, minimalist design, and even those interiors often have a headboard.

This is a way of creating an interesting focal point in the bedroom. It might be covered by the bedding or pillows, or be used as a shelf for books and other objects, but it’s always there.


How Long Should You Keep My Headboard?

As long as they still look good and are in good condition, then you might want to consider keeping your headboards forever.

They can be also passed down to your children or grandchildren to be used in their bedrooms. This will add a vintage touch to the household and it’s a tribute to your originality.



How To Make A Bed Look Good When There’s No Headboard?

If you decide not to have a headboard, then realize that your bed will look very flat without any structure or support. But there are ways to fix this and make the bed look more balanced, even if it doesn’t have a headboard.

1. A bedspread or quilt is a great alternative if you do not have or want to buy a headboard. You can even decorate it and let it completely cover the bed. This can also be a great way to give the bed more of a personality and add another layer of decoration.

2. If the bed frame is too big, then you can use a bed skirt. This is a great idea if the headboard or footboard are the same size and cannot be adjusted. It will help protect your floor and it can also look good once it’s turned over.

3. You can also use decorative or accent pillows to create more interest in your bedroom by using an ottoman or a bench. The same can be said for scarves, cushions, and pillows with colored stitched designs.

4. Hang some shelves on the wall behind your bed and place them in front of the bed by just a few inches. This can fill up some space around the bed without the need of having to get a headboard.

5. You don’t even need your headboard fixed to your bed. Instead, you can use a freestanding one, lean it against the wall and use it as a design element to give the bed more structure.

You can also lean it next to the bed and place home décor objects on it. To complement this idea, you could also place a few mirrors against the wall and let them reflect the bed or other furniture pieces in the bedroom.


Wrapping Up,

Having a headboard in your bedroom is another way to express your personal style. It’s also good to invest in one that is of great quality so that it will last through several remodels.

The headboard should be aesthetically pleasing to your interiors. A stylish headboard can be the perfect statement piece for the bedroom. It can give your bedroom more structure and make it look more balanced.

You can choose to cover it with a canvas or fill in the gaps with books, pictures, and other home décor objects.

The options are endless, and the headboard can fit any bed size or configuration. But whatever it is, a headboard should be functional, durable, and comfortable.