Easy Ideas for Decorating Interiors in Hawaiian Style


Because of Hawaii’s rich history, the Hawaiian style represents a unique and attractive décor that many people wish to emulate. When coming up with ideas for home décor in the Hawaiian style, you need to take into account the interior design features that are commonly used in homes on these islands.

Thus, you should take the time to explore the Hawaiian themed colors and style of the furniture in order to embrace this tropical look in your home. The decorations and fixtures should refer to the Hawaiian culture. The islands pride themselves to have stunning pristine beaches, so your wall art should integrate different aspects of sea and beach life.

If your goal is to transform your interiors into a Hawaiian-style paradise, there are various décor elements you can easily introduce. Let’s go over the most prominent ones.


Create Light and Airy Atmosphere

The islands of Hawaii, with their hot tropical climate, offer plenty of sunshine and exotic beaches with a refreshing sea breeze that cools the islands. You will feel like being on a beach if you ensure the rooms have sufficient air circulation.

Why not installing rattan or bamboo blinds to facilitate the flow of fresh air inside? Fabric blinds, for example in a warm peach or yellow color, are perfect for windows. They will make the sun shining through the colorful fabric take on a unique, atmospheric glow.

If you live in a coastal climate, enough air circulation is necessary to cool down the room temperature. It’s also useful to have skylights and big windows to bring enough airflow into the house.


Have Hawaiian Plants and Flowers

Having lots of greenery that can be found in Hawaii will remind you of these enchanting islands. Invest in live plants that are native to Hawaii and grow them indoors or in your yard. For example, you can grow the Yellow Hibiscus, which is the state flower of Hawaii, and other tropical plants.

Some dwarf plants can be grown indoors in pots to create the look of being on a tropical island. Check out my post to find out which small tropical fruit plants you can grow indoors.

Essentially, there are lots of plants and colorful, fragrant flowers that can be introduced into your Hawaiian themed home. For example, Lei flowers, Plumeria, Lehua flowers, Bird of Paradise, Protea, Ginger flowers, or Heliconia.

The Lei flowers are particularly enjoyed and cherished, and even beautiful necklaces are being made of these flowers so that they can be gifted and received by everyone on the islands.

Also, the pink Damask rose, known as the Lokelani, is a widespread and official flower of Maui.

You can have the plants and flowers in bouquets in vases or floral arrangements as decorations, and place them at your entrance door in the same way as Hawaiians do. It will create an inviting and attractive ambiance of Hawaii.

Sometimes it can be hard to manage the tropical flowers growing in your home. But don’t worry, you can get attractive, colorful drawings or paintings of flowers and hang them on the walls. In this case, the wall art may still work well.



Hawaiian Themed Colors

Hawaiian home décor is a combination of lush, intense colors with more neutral and subdued colors. The living spaces encourage activity and are buzzing with life. This is a perfect style for those who are not afraid of experimenting with a color palette and who appreciate inspiring, original interiors.

To bring about the desired style, you need to know the right colors that work well in Hawaii. The islands associate different colors with certain aspects of life and each island has its own designated color.

In essence, the Hawaiian style can be identified by a particularly bold color palette that’s saturated with intense tones.

So, intense yellows, greens, blues, oranges, and reds prevail. Due to the fact that these colors are dominant and very strong, it’s recommended to tone them down with a white, golden brown, or gentle beige in the color of a sandy beach. You will need to use these colors on your walls, furniture, and other elements of the décor to bring that Hawaiian feel to your home.

Another distinctive feature of this style is the connection with nature to which the Hawaiian color palette refers.

Yellow is associated with sunshine and vacation. The islands have also a lot of flowers that bloom in yellow, so make sure you have plenty of yellow flowers all around.

Red is the official color of Hawaii. The culture of Hawaii holds the red color highly as it is believed that the goddess of fire has poured her lava on the island. You may have certain aspects of this color at home, for example, a painting where a volcanic eruption in Hawaii has been depicted, which will make it stand out.


There are also other colors associated with the islands, i.e. purple, pink, green, orange, gray, and white. The blue color relates to the cloudless sky and green, to the ubiquitous vegetation.

There are several ways you can incorporate these colors in your interior design to give your home a sense of being in Hawaii.


Hawaiian Style Furniture

To implement the Hawaiian style, you need to focus heavily on the furniture. Even though other cultures have influenced some of the furniture designs, still, there are some basic traditional characteristics you can incorporate into your décor so that it looks Hawaii inspired.

Let’s take a look at some of the ideas:


Have Vivid Patterns and Colors on Upholstered Furniture

On your sofa or armchairs, you must ensure to use vibrant colors. Include purple, red, green, and other colors as discussed above, to coordinate decorations on the upholstery.

Otherwise, you can search online for a Hawaii furniture store, and you will get ideas and a variety of furniture pieces that come in such designs.


Plenty of Options for Furniture Materials

Woven furniture is very common in Hawaii, thus, it is recommended to have rattan and jute furniture not only indoors, but also outdoors due to the durability and water resistance of these materials.

Rattan furniture is a popular choice for its simple, elegant beauty. The use of wicker is also a great idea as wicker will enhance the feeling of being close to nature.

Apart from these materials, you can also introduce bamboo for your baskets, ottomans, and chairs. As Hawaii has the perfect climate for growing bamboo, furniture pieces made from this plant are very common on the islands.

Mango, koa, and monkeypod wood types are also favorite options for building furniture in Hawaii.

The impressive, curly koa has been named the king of the Hawaiian woods. Its wavy grain glows with an inner light.

The lightweight and reasonably strong monkeypod hardwood has colors that are a smooth blend of dark chocolate browns and koa.

Another type of wood that comes from the islands is the mango wood and it features orange and yellow hues.

These superb materials would make an extraordinary dining table, counter top, bed frame, or any other furniture piece.



Curtain Fabrics

As many homes in Hawaii have large windows with long curtains, you need to hang curtains on your windows, too. The character of the islands can be enhanced by bold, colorful prints on the curtains, such as palm trees or banana leaves.

Other patterns that can be printed on your long curtains may include coral reefs, sandy beaches, or even surfboards!

The curtains present in the house should be made of natural, delicate, and airy fabrics.


Hawaiian Wall Décor

You can easily transform your home into a great-looking Hawaiian interior by introducing wallpaper and wall art.

A great solution is to use a wall mural with a Hawaiian motif, which pictures lush vegetation or an exotic beach with a view of the ocean.

Most of the art you will get for the walls are paintings that capture the beauty of nature, for example, beaches with dreamy sunsets, luminous Hawaiian flowers, or various aspects of sea life.

Here are some of the works of art you may choose for your walls:

Aerial View of Kauai Coast

The Kauai coast has a stunning bird’s eye view. You can have a painting of the view in your home, which will create a focal point in the room.


Sea Life Canvas Wall Art

The sea life scenes, which are usually inspired by the snorkeling experiences in Hawaii, will remind you of the islands. You can opt for a canvas print that depicts different species of sea animals, particularly the popular sea turtle.


Sunrise at Lanikai Beach, Oahu

You can also have wall art that portrays the Hawaiian sunrise, as many photographers and painters have managed to capture it fabulously. You will feel like walking along the sandy shores of the renowned Lanikai Beach.


Tropical Beach with White Sand and Clear Water

You can have a painting of a picturesque beach with turquoise waters and balmy sea breezes on the wall.


Tropical Palm Trees

Having a palm tree painting in the room will always remind you of Hawaii. Palm trees represent a beachy and tropical environment. When you look at the palm tree image, you’ll get to experience the relaxing vibe as if you’re dipping your feet in the warm sand and sending your worries away with the ocean waves.


Displaying wall art in your home is the ideal way to pay tribute to a place you love and count down the days until you can get there again.


Hawaiian Light Fixtures

In addition, you can create a home in the Hawaiian style with the help of lighting. Different light fixtures have been designed to bring out the traditional patterns of the islands.

Hawaiian ceiling lights and chandeliers are the perfect finishing touches so they are a must if you’re planning to decorate your interiors in the Hawaiian style.

Perfectly suited to be a statement on their own, your wall sconces should come with banana leaves, bamboo, and other foliage patterns, or be made from materials that have Hawaii roots.

A Hawaiian, carved, wooden tiki lamp or a lamp made from a coconut shell material can be wonderful decorations for any of your rooms.

Additionally, a lampshade covered with beach scenes of palm trees and Hawaiian women with flowery garlands, will make a focal point in any living space, and bring a bit of fun to your interiors.



Hawaiian Decorations

Accessories and decorations are a very important accent in the Hawaiian-style interior. Opt for the colorful ones that are associated with the tropical climate. However, I would suggest you invest in high-quality decorations that are hand-made, authentic, and come from Hawaii.

You can get natural decorations made of bamboo. Bamboo is fantastic to use not only for furniture or on the floor, but also used as table mats. You may also arrange a few coconuts in a bamboo bowl.

Use your imagination and don’t be afraid of unusual combinations. The effects can turn out to be astonishing and, for sure, unique.


If you want to further emphasize the Hawaiian style, try a hammock. When installed in the living room or on the patio, it will make your home feel even more cozy and invite you to relax.


On a Final Note,

The key to perfect Hawaiian home décor is relaxation, colors, and fun. You want to enjoy your interiors inspired by the beautiful islands in comfort and style.

The Hawaiian style is exceptionally colorful, bold, and original. It’s ideal for people who appreciate the coastal lifestyle, an abundance of plants, and a vibrant combination of colors. Such interiors will certainly make you feel energized during the day and encourage you to relax in the evening.