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Decor for a Simple Black and White Bathroom Theme

Decorating a bathroom in black and white is not a passing trend. This simple color combination has proven to be timeless, universal, and well-suited for nearly everyone’s taste. Whether you are looking for simple or sophisticated bathroom décor, the black and white theme is the way to go!

These two colors together have a powerful effect on the aesthetics of your bathroom décor. From grunge chic to elegant and sleek, black and white are staple colors that guarantee a modem twist in any area of a house, especially in the bathroom.

Many famous interior designers have acknowledged that black and white is the most favorable color combination when it comes to creating a luxurious look of the bathroom. Black and white combined always create an up-to-date, simple yet classic sense of luxurious minimalism that will definitely look stunning in any bathroom, no matter its design or style.

Since bathrooms are important to the value of a house, homeowners pay a lot of attention to keep their design current. Yet, redecorating a bathroom can be a big expense. For this reason, you should choose a color scheme that never goes out of style. It will be a great investment that will save you money in the long run and increase the resale value of your house or apartment.

There are simple black and white bathroom themes that never seem to go out of fashion. Let’s go through some ideas.

Completely White with Black Accents

You may create a completely white bathroom theme by implementing white walls, ceiling, vanity, sink, and bathtub or shower cabin. Use inlaid flooring with a black and white pattern to brighten the room and to create a dramatic effect. You could also accent the floor by matching chandeliers or light fixtures in black. If you have a window in your bathroom, it can be decorated with white blinds.

Shower curtains can be easily changed. For this, you might rotate different patterns, e.g. shower curtains with black polka dots, zebra print, or florals.

Using a white theme is perfect for small bathrooms. It offers the look of big, wide, and airy space. At the same time, the feel is fresh and elegant.

Black and White Marble

Black and white marble is a homeowners’ favorite material for bathrooms. The marble stone is beautiful, it provides that vintage, expensive, and noble feel that makes the space appear larger.

White marble with black floor tiles and a black backsplash behind the sink will look stunning. The marble around the shower wall, combined with a black designer sink, silver faucets, and matching lighting fixtures will add to the overall design.

Accent pieces might be black, white, gold, and silver. You may include some rustic golden metallic pieces to create that upscale look. Add plants for a splash of color.

The classic look of white marble with some black is ideal for a long bathroom with a walk-in shower. Use white marble on the floor, shower walls, and make a backsplash behind the sink.

Black marble, on the other hand, can be used throughout, i.e. black walls, floor, and a vanity unit. However, remember to contrast with white color in marble, or thin lines of white.

You may also use a white designer sink, or a vintage looking bathtub that’s white inside and painted black on the outside. This elegant design would be great if you have a large bathroom and want to create the look of French charm.

Black and White with Wall Art

If you’re leaving your walls white, it’s a great idea to create a spectacular art gallery wall to add some flair, intrigue, or humor to your neutral black and white theme. The artwork can take on various forms, shapes, and sizes. You can have fun and be playful by selecting art prints, photographs, rules signs, vinyl wall decals, or metal wall art for your bathroom.

Try a few larger art pieces to make a bold statement. Otherwise, keep it toned down with numerous smaller pieces.

Black and White Bathroom Floor Tiles

When in doubt as what tiles to choose for your bathroom floor, know that you can’t go wrong with a black and white color scheme.

Bathroom tiles in black and white have always been very popular and they are available in a vast range of materials and patterns.

Being so versatile, you can customize this color scheme the way you want, as to create various looks and feels. You can achieve that by carefully selecting the accessories, furniture, fixtures, works of art, and other decorations to add to your black and white design. This way your bathroom will take on your personal taste and become exceptional to you.

Black and White with Gold

The triple combination of black, white, and gold works every time! You may blend it directly in your tile design, e.g. with golden tiles or metallic trims. Otherwise, add golden fixtures, e.g. a faucet. 

The addition of gold to your black and white design brings this impressive color combination to life. The use of a contrasting white grout with black floor tiles adds extra interest and emphasizes the pattern and shape.

Black and White with Color

When choosing black and white bathroom tiles, you do not have to give up colors. In fact, there are endless color combination possibilities to match with black and white, so you may get as creative and playful as you want. Any color, or set of colors, you pick will provide an even greater effect when it’s contrasted with black and white patterned floor tiles. A single, bright color repeated all over will create a bold yet simple consistency.

Black and White with Brown

Warming up a black and white bathroom design with a brown color palette is the right choice if you don’t want your bathroom to look too modern and severe. The natural-looking shades of brown and tan will add warmth, coziness, and life to the interior.

Plants, natural materials (e.g. linen or wood), woven baskets, will soften the overall look, tone it down, and create more laid-back surroundings. To do this, you may include subtle shades of brown in your wall or floor tile patterns. The whole space will immediately become more inviting.


Black and White with Grey

Grey-scale tones naturally complete the black and white color theme. All the three shades harmonize seamlessly with each other, producing more neutral, and a softer and calming effect. Even small elements or slight traces of grey, for example, grey grout in white tiles, can perfectly bring the entire theme together and help with the transition between black and white.

Vanity Unit in a Black and White Bathroom

Even though a vanity unit is just a single piece, it can truly transform your bathroom and give it a striking, modern style. However, before buying a vanity, you must think about what kind of balance of black and white you want to achieve as varied amounts of the contrasting colors will create a completely different look.

Almost All Black

Being simple, elegant, and sophisticated, black is probably the most popular color used in modern interior design. So if you’re planning a modern bathroom, you’re most likely to get a black vanity unit. However, you should also consider a black bathroom vanity that has a slight white element, for example, white drawer pulls.

Almost All White

The white color is always brighter and more open, therefore it is a better choice for smaller bathrooms or ones that don’t get much natural light. And when you add a small amount of black (for example, a black vanity, countertop or shelf panel), white becomes elegant and impressive.

Equal Amounts of White and Black

If you’re looking for a stunning, modern vanity for your bathroom, a unit with an equal balance of black and white elements is your best bet. It will create the highest possible contrast, particularly if it involves geometric patterns. Angular and slanted cuts or irregular frames of contrasting colors will definitely make a statement.

Accessories for a Black and White Bathroom

You should put a lot of emphasis on the bathroom accessories to add more interest to your black and white theme. Bathroom accessories are essential and they are often referred to as bathroom jewelry because they decorate its interior. The only exception is if you already have a bold wallpaper or tile design.

Practical ideas for accessories may include:

▪ Smaller stainless steel accessories, such as a soap dish or dispenser, towel holder, faucet, or a toothbrush holder.

▪ For storage, choose stainless steel or glass bathroom shelves, or cabinets made of black lacquer or whitewashed wood.

▪ A fancy mirror that looks like a work of art. It can be a mirror with an antique silver frame, a black lacquered frame, or engraved glass details.

▪ You may go for the classic white towels but adding black towels or washcloths in between will be a nice accent.

▪ A shower curtain provides an excellent opportunity to bring pattern, and your personal style, into the decor. You will love to show off your bathroom having a unique shower curtain. All white shower curtains look great in a bathroom designed in a monochrome style. A white shower curtain is the best choice in the case of small bathrooms as the color will make the space optically larger.

▪ Match a chandelier to accent the floor. If you choose an elegant, trendy, and unique chandelier in black, then it should be the main focus in the bathroom. Pair it with other small light fixtures for the best results.

Pros and Cons of a Black and White Bathroom

Black and white colors are the easiest to decorate with. Depending on your choice, they can be combined or used individually.

The advantage of using this color scheme is that they are highly compatible with other colors and shades. The interior can be made more colorful with the addition of decorative elements, accessories, or furnishings.

However, the disadvantage of this theme is its impracticality. You can easily spot dirt and dust on achromatic colors, thus, surfaces have to be cleaned often.

The combination of these two simple, classic colors can stir various emotions in people who enter such a room. Black and white themed bathrooms will seem depressing and gloomy to some, and spectacular to others.

Black as a background is not suitable for small interiors because it makes the space seem smaller. But if you use it as an outline and on individual decorative elements, the color will highlight the bathroom style. Similarly, black is not recommended for interiors with low ceilings as it creates a depressing effect. It should be used only if you have a spacious bathroom with high ceilings.

To Sum Up,

Bathrooms decorated in a simple black and white color scheme are timeless, modern, and elegant. This theme can be adapted to any style and will always make a strong statement.

Whether you want your bathroom theme to last for a lifetime or you’re considering selling your house, decorating a bathroom in these two main colors will be a perfect decision.