Add Beachy Valances for More Appealing Windows


If you have recently changed the décor in your home to a coastal theme, you should consider having beachy window valances as they will match this theme perfectly.

When you think of decorating a beach house, what instantly comes to mind is the nature that you bring inside. And there is only one rule: the décor must be casual, laid back, playful, and whimsical.

So enjoy summer in your home year-round, no matter where you live, by framing your window with an airy, seaside-themed valance!

Whatever your room décor preferences might be, window coverings and treatments can create a kind of framework for your decorating style.

Valances are a great décor element that you can combine with your coastal theme. By having your windows adorned with valances with beach and nautical motifs, you are showing the room’s character and mood, which is fresh, warm, lively, and welcoming.

A valance will provide just the finishing touch to any window treatment because it adds a clean, elegant look to the top of the window when paired with other curtains types or blinds for a cohesive look. However, you don’t need to cover your windows with shades or heavy draperies. To enjoy the beautiful view outside, hang a valance instead.

This fabric window treatment is a simple way to enhance a window while allowing plenty of natural light into the room.

Hanging valances on the window is fast and easy, not to mention the fact that they are cheap which allows you to own a collection of valance styles and patterns. This way, you can quickly switch the décor of your room whenever it is time for a seaside style makeover.

When it comes to a waterfront house, these window coverings also serve a purpose. Despite their small size, depending on the fabric they’re made of, they can provide some privacy and help keep the interior cool when it’s hot outside. They will also leave an impression upon your home to the guests and passers-by.

So, to inspire your decorating, let’s take a look at some of the most popular designs for beachy window valances.



Picture Source: Pinterest


This seaside-themed valance features a decorative, coastal design comprised of starfish and sea turtles, with scribbled dreamy poetic verses in the background to lull you into a seashore sleep.

Besides adding style to your window, a starfish and turtle valance can help to create a peaceful and serene setting, right in your home.

This airy, beachy design with playful turtles and starfish will bring a summer ambiance to any interior all year round.

Also, the fabric has a soft, lived-in feel to it and filters the light in such a romantic way. In addition to being beautiful, the valance will cast a warm glow over the entire room as the morning sun shines through.




Enhance your space with the beachy charm of this seashell design valance from Casagear.

If you love going to the beach, you might as well fall in love with the design and the colors of the accented, assorted seashells.

Its pleated style resembles the soft nature of water waves while the aqua tones reflect the colors of the ocean. This valance design can perfectly add to your beach house theme.

A coastal, summer, and dreamy atmosphere in your bedroom can be created with this valance, which will be a fabulous finishing touch on the window.

The seashells, together with some poetic phrases are set against a crisp, white background for a feel of the summer breeze.

The seashell valance can also look lovely in your bathroom where it will grace the window above the bathtub. Just make sure that its cool tones will compliment your bathroom colors of accessories and towels in order to complete the beach theme.



Picture Source: Pinterest


Decorating a window with this seahorse-patterned valance is a good option in case you prefer just a simple but beautiful window dressing. And it would be a perfect match for your coastal lace curtains as well.

The marine life valance depicts whimsical seahorses and provides a real coastal color scheme. Sea animal prints such as seahorses, octopuses, or crabs, always fondly remind you of beachy fun.

The valance can be the perfect accent for your modern coastal kitchen’s window but its marine styling will also look great on a window in the bathroom or the child’s room.



Picture Source: Pinterest


This flip flop window valance features a very colorful and beachy design so that you can enjoy a tropical flair every time you look at it. Drift away to a paradise beach full of sunshine, golden sand, and fun, and all that’s missing is the sound of the ocean waves.

The valance will look adorable in the kitchen of a beach house or a cottage. As it’s bright and joyful, it will definitely brighten up any small or dark space. So put them up in your basement to cheer you up!

The colors are vibrant and sunny, which can make the valance an amazing addition to your bathroom décor.

If you want to add a pop of color to your kid’s bedroom, there’s no better way than with these fun flip flop window treatments.


Window valances with their delightful sea life patterns and a magnitude of bright, beachy colors are a great choice as they will complement your coastal home.

They are definitely recommended to anyone who wants a beach feel in their house and can also be a wonderful nautical gift for any beach lover. What an easy and affordable way to create a happy, personal retreat in your home!


* Featured Image Source: Pinterest