A No-Mow Front Yard: What is It and Which is Better?


There is no doubt that everyone loves lying on a carpet of cool and green grass on a hot summer day. At least for this one reason, having a real grass lawn might be your dream when it comes to the landscaping of your front yard.

But no one could deny the fact that grass trimming and mowing are mundane chores that consume hours every weekend.

In addition, there are many other issues to deal with while maintaining a grass lawn. You will have to somehow manage to save it from insects, pests, wildlife, fungus, etc.

Another important disadvantage is that grass consumes a lot of water as well. Thus, having real grass in your front yard is not good for the environment and, at the same time, is not cost-effective for you.



Then what to do? Is there any better option?

A no-mow front yard is an ideal alternative to the grass lawn. Keep on reading to find out more…


What is a No-Mow Front Yard?

There are many no grass options or grass lawn alternatives available out there that are suitable for a garden, backyard, and front yard. Such alternatives generally require low maintenance, and no mowing or very low mowing. A front yard with these grass lawn substitutes is considered to be a no mow front yard.


No-Mow Front Yard Ideas

There are many ideas for no-mow front yard landscaping. Below we have listed some of the most often used ideas for you to have a quick look at:


▹ Succulent Garden

Especially in the areas where the water supply is an issue, Succulent Garden is a great option to go for. That’s because it requires little to no watering. And, you will not have to do any mowing! Another interesting thing about Succulent Garden is that it will add almost all types of color to your front yard.

In addition, you won’t need to worry too much about soil, just use a special soil mix for succulents. If you spread gravel or small pebbles on top of the soil, your Succulent Garden can look very decorative.



Learn more about how to transform your yard into a tropical oasis by reading our post here.


Edible Forest Garden

Another option that you can think of while planning your front yard landscaping is to cultivate trees and plants. And, as far as the maintenance is concerned, you will be more comfortable if you use a premature design. That’s because a premature design offers a space that is self-maintaining. In other words, it will water and fertilize by itself. Cultivating edible trees, vines, or plants, will be a good decision.


▹ White Dwarf Clover

You can also consider White Dwarf Clover which is an inexpensive option to choose as a no grass solution. A Dwarf White Clover produces white flowers of small size and leaves with dense green color.

And when it comes to the environment favorable to its growth, slightly moist soil and full sun or part shade is what helps it to grow in the best way. It is very easy to grow, not requiring too much water. Because clovers add nitrogen to the soil, you won’t need to apply a large quantity of fertilizer to the lawn as well.


▹ Hardscapes

Just like a grass lawn, hardscapes also offer comfortable spaces for entertainment and relaxation. There are flagstone walkway and container gardens surrounding the patio. Moreover, there are also lush paintings that will offer you the pleasure of a green garden. As far as the application of this front yard idea is concerned, it is a good substitute for a small grass lawn.


▹ Creeping Mazus

Creeping Mazus grows with white flowers if you plant it in part shade or sun. The flowers bloom in spring. As far as the height of the growth is concerned, creeping Mazus grows only 2 inches high. And, its spreading speed is so fast that it can spread even 24 inches within 2 years. It is an awesome ground cover to be considered if you are in need of landscaping only a small space or area. It can prove to be a good substitute for a grass lawn.



▹ Artificial Grass

If you are not already aware of it, you would be surprised to know that there is also available artificial grass. With the artificial turf, you will be provided an almost natural look. And, the beneficial thing is that you will not have to be much concerned about the maintenance of your front yard. The reason is that artificial turf demands for no maintenance or low maintenance. All you need to take care of is just sweep and hose it down periodically.


▹ Stone or Sand

In case you are living in an area with a little rain, choosing the option of stone or sand will be a good decision for you. All you need to maintain this kind of yard is just rake the space out on a periodical basis. This will help in keeping the surface fresh. No fertilizing, mowing or any other type of maintenance is required with this kind of front yard.


▹ No-Mow Grass Mix

If you’re the kind of person who is seriously in love with grass and is not ready to replace it with a totally different thing but still concerned about the maintenance issues like mowing, there is a solution for you as well. Yes, there are also available real alternatives to grass. It is soft to touch and offers a good mix of tall fescue, red fescue, and other types of grasses.

As far as the mowing is concerned, it is almost no-mow or very low mow type alternative. The growth of this grass mix is very slow and consumes a very little amount of water.


▹ Mondo Grass

Another great alternative to the traditional grass lawn is Mondo Grass (also using a funny name of Monkey Grass). It is actually a perennial groundcover and requires no mowing. It can be a standalone grass-like plant, too. After being established, Mondo Grass will always remain evergreen in all climates and will resist draught as well.



▹ Thyme Lawn

Thyme lawn is something that will neither require watering nor mowing. That’s because the dry and hot temperature is favorable for it and it generally doesn’t grow more than 2 inches tall. Thyme lawn offers a wonderful smell that you will be enjoying while walking in it. The disadvantage is that growing such a lawn takes a few years. But you will forget about the time spent and surely fall in love with it, once it’s fully grown.


▹ Ornamental Grasses

You can also select ornamental grasses as your alternative to the traditional grass lawn. There is no need for fertilization and very little watering is required. These grasses are drought-resistant and you will find them growing very well in sunny areas. They are available in many varieties which offer different look and feel.

For example, if you go for deer grass, you will find it producing tight bunches. These bunches will offer a unique landscaping texture by retaining their clumped appearance.

On the other hand, if you choose the varieties like fine fescues, you will find them growing together and blending into a very smooth surface. Such a surface looks like a real lawn.



▹ Native Boulders

You can also make use of Native Boulders at the entry of your front yard. These naturally occurring decorative stones come in various earth tones and different sizes. Thus, using them along a flower bed or as a rock wall, they will provide a sort of desert landscape.

To get some boulders for your front yard, you can contact any rock company in your area for boulders supply. You don’t have to be concerned about the heavyweight of boulders. That’s because the rock company will not only supply the stones but also perform the task of placing them in position for you.


▹ Moss

The next no-mow alternative to the grass lawn in this list is moss. It requires very low watering and fertilizing. You can end up with a collage of colors if you mix many varieties together. And, when it comes to the soil, moss can easily grow in any soil.


▹ Dry Creek Bed

Dry Creek Bed can be prepared with the use of stone and rock. It is also a good substitute for the grass lawn and requires very low maintenance. You can prepare it by yourself because it is a DIY project. And, as far as the watering is concerned, there is no need for water for the creek. Though, a little watering will be needed for the plants growing in it.


▹ Wildflowers

Wildflowers are also a great option to consider when it comes to the no-mow front yard landscaping. You are not going to need a lot of water for their maintenance. That’s because wildflowers need very little watering. You should seriously think about this option if you have a large space for landscaping. However, wildflowers need a few years to flourish but once they’re fully grown, they will keep adding to the beauty of your yard throughout the year.


▹ Desert Plants

Desert plants are also a great front yard landscaping option. You can think of adopting this idea if your house is in a desert area. For this, you can use large rocks, yucca, crushed granite, agave, and other available desert plants to complete your front yard’s look.


▹ Corsican Mint

It is actually a flowering alternative to grass and offers small-sized purple flowers as well as rounded leaves of green color. Corsican Mint is a well-behaved creeper plant that will not spread very fast like other types of mint. So you should surely consider choosing it if you are living in an area with low traffic. With this, you will be having a fragrant garden that will smell lovely. If the soil is fertile and moist, you can easily plant Corsican Mint not only in full sunlight but also in light shade.


Which Option for a No Mow Front Yard is Better for You?

Now that you have gone through the list of the most popular no-mow front yard ideas provided, the question that arises here is which idea is better for you. Which one should you choose for your own front yard?

Actually it mainly depends on your own choice and the area and climate you are living in. For example, if you are such a serious lover of grass that you can’t imagine your yard with something totally different from it, you can choose something like the No-Mow Grass Mix which offers a real alternative to grass.

And, similarly, if you are living in an area where the water supply has a scarcity issue, you can think of choosing something like the Succulent Garden.

Thus, keeping such things in mind, it will be no hassle for you to select the best lawn alternative for your front yard.