Why Is It Good To Live Near A River? (For Your Body, Mind, And Wallet)


Rivers make us pause our busy lives for a while, and reflect. They are like alleys that let us discover places we’ve never seen before. They connect us with the beauty of nature, and our true selves. And as we travel down a river and experience its currents, we realize that a river can indeed be a metaphor for life.

There are so many benefits and good things associated with living by the river that, when you think of this, it can really blow you away. Thus, I couldn’t help but write this article to discuss why it is worth owning a house that’s situated near a river.

It has been estimated that over 80% of people in the US live at the coasts, near the lakes and rivers, combined. Americans choose to settle down in such locations because they truly love to live near the water.

On the other hand, about 70% of the world’s population lives within 3 miles of the nearest body of water, according to the US National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Since ancient times, people used to live in places near a river, which ensured the freshwater supply and made it easier to travel and to transport goods. Thus, many cities and villages around the globe have been established on the banks of rivers that are flowing into the seas and oceans.

These days, in numerous parts of the world, the physical distance to a river and clean water is not as important for everyday life as it was in the past. At present, living in a riverside house is a matter of choice in many cases.

The close proximity to the river is mainly for aesthetic, health, and cultural reasons. It is a fantastic opportunity to improve the quality of your and your family’s life, and increase the joy and satisfaction you get from being constantly in the surroundings of water and nature.

If the house is well-located, in an area that’s not subject to flooding, and is built with durable, sustainable materials, the benefits of living close to the river tend to outweigh the disadvantages.


Great Opportunity for Relaxation and Sport Activities

By far the main advantages of living close to the river are the increased recreational, touristic, and relaxation opportunities that are at your fingertips. Be ready to relax a lot while living in harmony and among nature, and plenty of peace and quiet places.

Depending on the location of the property, you’ll most likely be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, traffic jams, noise, and pollution. Even if you’re already used to it, now be prepared for a completely different kind of noise. The gentle sound of water, swaying grass, wind, and the sounds of birds singing and wildlife in the area.

If you live by the river, you will be able to go trout or carp fishing, get out for a walk among the greenery, or go jogging on the trails. And you can do this at any time you’re free, without taking the car to get to a distant park, forest, lake, or beach.

Sporting opportunities are plentiful. Activities like kayaking, tubing, snorkeling, paddling, or whitewater rafting, to name but a few, can be enjoyed in the scenic stretches of the river.

Just imagine the pleasure of taking a swim in clear, chill water on a hot summer day!

From the very first moment you spend at the riverside home, you will want to share your happiness with your relatives and friends. So, expect frequent visits and get ready to host regular events at your property.



River as Medicine

Because life moves so fast, we all need a break sometimes. The best way to really slow things down and appreciate the moments is to get out on the river.

Did you know that being in nature changes our brains?

When you are close to the river, you can enjoy going for a swim, paddle, float, or a streamside walk or hike. Walking along the bank and spending time in the natural space helps reduce stress, anxiety, and worry.

Rivers play a crucial role in our well-being, happiness, and physical and mental health. These are healing waters. They allow you to find peace, open your heart, and strengthen your spirit and relationship with yourself.



Financial Pros and Cons

The opportunities for recreation and sport also go along with aesthetic values and the ease of sale with the possibility of negotiating a very favorable price.

Depending on whether the house is located on a floodplain or not, and how close the river flows, the value of the property may decrease or increase over the years.

If the house is built in a place where floods do not occur or have no chance of reaching the house, the price of a riverside house will remain stable and may even increase over time. If the location has been chosen rationally, the house can quickly increase its market value.

So, if the house is not located in a floodplain, living near a river is definitely a great idea. But when you buy a property that’s located in a flood zone where the chances of flooding are much greater, you’ll have to deal with frequent water damage.

In such case, you should consider purchasing a private flood insurance policy to ensure that your home, possessions, and your family are going to be financially secured in case you fall victim to flooding. Please check my article for more information on flood insurance and whether you need one.

Unless a water drainage system and the construction of a dike has already been in place, or you’re willing to invest in it if it’s not there, you shouldn’t be purchasing such a property. When a house adjacent to a river is situated on a swampy, wet terrain, the risk of losing your home in the near future is increased due to flooding, landslides, cracks in the foundations and walls of the house, etc.

It is not possible for a house in such a setting to ever increase in value. Due to high humidity, the structure of the house will corrode much faster and it will be difficult to protect the walls from mold and fungus. A house in the floodplain will also be very difficult to sell in case you decide to move.

Saying that, if the riverside house is away from the bridges and the area is not prone to flooding, and especially when located near the forest or in the mountains, it is definitely worth investing in such a property.


On a Final Note,

A home near a river can offer an amazing lifestyle and an easy escape from urban life, but it also comes with many additional responsibilities and much more responsibility for the safety of the whole family.

The time and effort you put into the upkeep of your riverfront home will allow you to reap the benefits and enjoy living there for many years to come. So don’t save on the quality of the work you put in to secure your home and be prepared for any eventuality. Everything will pay off in the long run.

Everyone will find many advantages as well as disadvantages of living in a house by the river. As with everything, whether someone likes living in such a location depends on individual preferences, circumstances, and personality.

If you are unsure, or are concerned about making such a big investment, one option to discover whether this is for you, is to find a temporary riverside home to rent. After a month or two, you will definitely have your own opinion.

Or maybe buying a lake house is more suitable for you? If so, please read my article which might convince you that a lake house can also be a great choice for you.