Where to Put Candle Lanterns in Your House for Best Effect?


Candle lanterns look especially beautiful after dark when you can fully admire their charm. But it’s important to put them in a strategically chosen spot in your house so they have the best effect. By filling the place with their glow, candle lanterns will create a mysterious ambiance, add intimacy, and introduce a relaxing mood.


So, where to put candle lanterns so that they look beautiful and you can enjoy their function while maintaining complete safety of use?

Candle lanterns are a perfect decoration not only for interiors but also for outdoors. They can be easily placed on a shelf, table, or window sill. The larger lanterns will look at their best when put on the floor, on the porch, or among flower beds in the yard.


A lantern allows us to enjoy the romantic candlelight in a beautiful setting. At the same time, lanterns are much safer than candle stands or candlesticks holders because they shield the flame of the candle.

Lanterns are universal, they fit into any interior and easily blend in with arrangements of various styles and designs. You can put them in the living room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, and even in the kitchen. They are also great for outdoors, e.g. in the yard, on the deck or patio, or on the balcony. However, they should be matched to a specific interior and the personality of the person who lives there.

Even one lantern in your house is a great investment in décor. To match the style of your interiors, you are able to choose a lantern in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Depending on their size, lanterns can hold from one to several candles. They can be made of a variety of materials, e.g. glass, wood, metal, even leather, and usually have transparent glass sides. Metal lanterns are especially effective as they not only look beautiful but are also extremely durable.

The big advantage of candle lanterns is the fact that they can be placed or hung basically wherever you want. And when you get bored with the arrangement, it’s quick and easy to just change their location. The place where you want to put your candle lantern is very important because it is this element that determines the mood of the interior. And depending on the spot where this decoration is going to stand, you will get a different lighting effect for the room.


Below are listed ideas for the best places to put candle lanterns in your house. So why don’t you try some of these ideas to see the effects?


On the Shelf, on the Table, or by the Window

Even though candle lanterns are available in different sizes, the most common are those that can be easily placed on shelves, a table, or window sill.

Let’s start with the wall shelf as it is the perfect spot for lanterns, especially if you have a small amount of space in the room. You can get an interesting effect if several (e.g. three) smaller pieces that are slightly different from each other are placed in groups. They will bring a pleasant atmosphere when lit at the same time.

If you have more shelves in the room, put lanterns on each of them. This way, you will get the effect of light points distributed over the entire level.

If you want to achieve an exceptionally decorative result, use the scale effect. Put several identical or closely matching lanterns in one location. They should, however, differ in height.

Candle lantern centerpieces will look equally effective on the table, inside and outside of the house, and on the coffee table. In the case of a rectangular table, you may put the candle lantern in the middle, along its entire length. While on a round or square table, it will look best in the center.

Instead of placing the lanterns on a shelf or table, you can hang them on the wall, e.g. on handles that resemble decorative brackets, or on hooks. Candle lanterns also look impressive when hung from the ceiling. You just need to hang them on handles or strings of different lengths. It’s also worth hanging the luminous decoration outdoors, e.g. on a tree branch, fence, or under the gazebo ceiling.



A Fireplace

Another good place for candle lanterns is the fireplace. If you have a fireplace in your house or apartment, you can choose to place a bigger lantern nearby. This way, the warmth will be intensified and a pleasant mood will be felt throughout the house.

Smaller lanterns should be put on a mantelpiece and arranged in a row for the best effect. They will look fantastic in summer as well as in winter, being a perfect addition to the Christmas décor at home.


Illuminated Stairs and Floor

Candle lanterns placed on individual steps of the stairs will create a magical atmosphere indoors. They will also work well when placed on the stairs outside, e.g. on the steps leading from your house to the yard, or from the sidewalk to the front door.

Obviously, you need to position the lanterns in a secure way so that you can walk safely. If you have an empty corner in the room, it’s a good idea to put large and slightly smaller lanterns on the floor.


In the Bathroom

You’ll get a taste of a home spa by using candle lanterns in the bathroom. The candle flame has a soothing effect on us. Their yellow glow will make your baths more pleasant, and their elegant look will bring style, a bit of luxury, and a romantic character to the interior.

If you want to relax even more in your bathroom, go for scented candles. You may insert these candles in decorative lanterns and put them on the window sill or close to the bathtub.


In the Yard

In the case of a front or backyard, metal lanterns will prove themselves mainly due to their extraordinary durability. Made of stainless steel, they will also be resistant to rain. The variety of shapes and colors makes them suitable for a yard designed in almost any style.

There is no better way to transform your backyard into a fairy-tale “secret garden” than with candle lanterns. Appropriate arrangement of small, charming lanterns will allow you to bring out the beauty of the yard in the evening. The soft light of candles will emphasize the beauty of flowering plants and garden furniture. And if you choose stylish metal lanterns in the shape of bird cages which are hanging from the trees, this effect will be there also during the day.

You can put your lanterns on the grass but you must remember not only about their decorative but also about practical elements as there is a possibility of tripping or knocking over the lantern. Thus, it is best to arrange lanterns in the corners.

Alternatively, you may use hanging lanterns of various types, which are often made of stained glass. Such an interesting outdoor decoration will provide colorful light, and because they are hanging, they will also save space on the ground or table.



If you want to add a unique decoration for your house, making decorative candle lanterns for your centerpieces can be a great idea to give the surroundings a personalized touch.

Especially during dark and cold months of the year, we want our homes to be idyllic, cozy, and warm. Thus, it’s worth adding charm and light to the interiors, and DIY decorative lantern centerpieces will be perfect for this. Contrary to common belief, it’s really easy to make them. In addition, it can be a fun arts and crafts project, especially if you are keen to try new patterns and play with colors and accessories.

Although these days it’s more convenient to store your photos on the computer or electronic gadgets, photos printed on paper have enormous sentimental value.

And when you put the printed photos inside a candle lantern, you will create a very personal lantern. By having a lit candle inside the lantern, your centerpieces will showcase precious memories of some beautiful moments in your life.


How to Make Candle Lantern Centerpieces that Are Personalized with Photos

Here is how you can create your own unique lantern centerpieces.


Materials You Will Need:

◦ Small lanterns

◦ Spray paint to match the color of your theme

◦ Candles to match the color of your theme

◦ Vertical photographs that are saved in digital form

◦ Photo editing software

◦ Vellum paper

◦ A printer (preferably a laserjet printer but inkjet will work if you let the printed paper dry thoroughly before touching)

◦ Scissors

◦ Double-sided tape

◦ Intricate doilies or cloth place settings


Preparing the Photographs

Lanterns have an opening that is made of glass or plastic. You will be able to pick through this opening and be able to see the candle flicker from inside. You may cover this opening with photos, this way the candle will illuminate the pictures. The contrast of black and white pictures will work best for this project. Change the settings of your photo using your photo editing software.

You may want to select photos, for example from your wedding, holidays, or pictures of your children or grandchildren. Look for pictures that are vertical, and resize them to match the exact size of the opening on the lanterns. This can be done with the editing software. Print your photos in the new size and color, using the laserjet printer. You will be printing them on vellum paper, which is opaque and thin. This will allow the photos to be seen better than if you used paper of a standard thickness.


Assembling the Lanterns

Take out the glass or plastic side from the lantern. If they are not removable, cover each one with a piece of paper fitting the window with double-sided tape. Spray paint the entire lantern with the color of your choice.

Select four printed photographs for each lantern you will be making. You may want to have different photos for each lantern that’s at a different location. Cut the pictures out very carefully using the scissors.

Use small pieces of double-sided tape to stick in each corner of each picture. Press each photo on the outside of each side of the lantern, fitting the photo over the area of the opening. Insert a candle inside each lantern.

Finally, place the lantern on top of a doily or small cloth placemat in the center of your table. You are now ready to light the candles. Enjoy the smiles as everyone sees your photos come alive.


In Summary,

Candle lanterns are a unique home decoration that will brighten and warm your interiors, especially on long, fall and winter evenings. You can use them to create a cozy atmosphere in virtually any type of room. However, it is important to know where to put candle lanterns when decorating the space. Their location should be carefully chosen to get the best effect in décor but also keeping in mind safety precautions.