Where To Place A Mirror For The Best Effect

Strategies To Use A Mirror As A Decoration At Home


Mirrors are probably one of the most useful, elegant, and underrated pieces of home décor. Mirrors aren’t necessarily traditional, and they aren’t contemporary either. For that reason, they work well in literally any interior and with any style of décor.

Don't be afraid of mirrors! When placed appropriately, mirrors can help enhance the overall appearance of any room in the house. They give us the impression of depth and clarity.


Here are a few Dos and Don’ts when it comes to decorating with mirrors inside the home:


DO place larger mirrors in smaller rooms

When you use a large mirror in a tiny room, you will create the illusion that the room looks bigger. In other words, it will make the room appear larger.

In dining rooms, you can place the mirror on the wall, directly behind the dining room table, so that it can reflect the light fixture. In the living room or hallway, you can place a mirror directly across from a beautiful piece of artwork.


DON’T simply place mirrors anywhere

Just because mirrors can look great and make a room appear larger doesn’t mean that you can simply place them anywhere in the home.

You must take the time to place them strategically for optimal effect. For example, you don’t want to hang up a mirror on an empty wall if the reflection in that mirror is going to be clutter or something unpleasant in appearance. You need to make sure that the mirror will reflect something attractive and eye-appealing.

You can mount the mirror near the window, on the wardrobe door, and over the sofa. We also recommend placing the mirror on the cabinet door, nightstands, or the dressing table.


DO make the mirror a focal point in the room

Every room in the house needs a focal point. Did you notice how some people paint a wall to serve as an accent or focal wall?

Well, you can also do this with mirrors. An excellent idea for your dressing room or a corner of a small room is to take a larger, upright mirror and rest it against the wall. You can then use a spotlight behind the mirror to create a beautiful corner glow. Opt for a mirror with a bold frame. In the end, you’ll have a decorative piece that sets the tone for this space.



DON’T go overboard in the bedroom and kitchen

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with using mirrors in the bedroom and kitchen, these are two rooms where less is often more.


• Kitchen

Even though mirrors are not associated with the kitchen, a mirror hung on the kitchen wall will correct the shape of the room. When you hang them on a shorter wall, a small rectangular kitchen will optically gain some extra space.

You can also hang the mirror just above the countertop instead of tiles. This way you will create an original decoration and add depth to your kitchen.

Mirrors will also look amazing on kitchen cabinets. You can definitely replace your kitchen cabinet doors and fronts with mirrors, the same way as you do with closets for clothes.

The only disadvantage of having mirrors in the kitchen is the risk of watermarks, which would require consistent maintenance.


• Bedroom

We advise against them only in the bedroom, especially in front of the bed. Unless you have a kinky side, you don’t want a mirror that reflects the bed. This is because you probably don’t want to see yourself as soon as you wake up.

But if you must have a mirror in the bedroom, consider placing it behind the bed, as the headboard. This is especially true if on the direct opposite wall is a framed piece of artwork, or a table or a dresser with eye-catching figurines.


DO place in the bathroom for functionality

The mirror is an integral part of the bathroom. Make sure that, apart from the purely functional role, it also adds to the appearance of the interior. After all, it can be a beautiful, central ornament immediately catching the eye, and it will allow the bathroom to feel larger and more elegant.

Spotlights, located on both sides of the mirror, will be an appealing idea as well. Bathrooms are usually rather small and are often deprived of large windows or do not have them at all. Therefore, lighting up the bathroom with a mirror with lights will have a great result.


DO hang it in the hallway

It is hard to imagine a hallway without a mirror. You can have it hanging, standing, or built into the front of a spacious closet, but it must be present. The hallway is usually a small and cramped room so when you hang a mirror on a shorter wall, you can extend it optically.

In a small hallway, a large mirror and an additional light source placed near it will work very well. In this combination, they will look best on a wall that is adjacent to the rest of the house.


For more ideas on how to strategically place and use mirrors in your home, consult with an interior designer in your area. You may purchase mirrors online in a variety of designs and sizes.