Ways To Decorate A Coastal Living Room With Leather Furniture


It might seem that the coastal home décor should seamlessly mesh but that’s just wishful thinking. Yet, with the correct pairings of stripes and weathered wood, you can enjoy the breezy and seaside-inspired décor with leather furniture in your own living room without ever setting foot on a beach.

The leather furniture pairing with coastal décor is not a new idea. However, as leather is not always the first thought when it comes to coastal fabric, it can be intimidating for style amateurs to try to combine these two in their interior design.

I hope this article will give you some inspiration and ideas for new ways to incorporate leather furniture into your coastal chic living room décor. In addition, it will showcase some of the trends in the coastal living room looks from the recent past.


A Coastal Style Living Room

In essence, the coastal décor that is available today is a mix of heavy maritime motifs paired with stripes, nautical accent pieces, and beachside textile options. You’ll often find material and textile choices in wicker, straw, seagrass, and jute.

So, how do you perfectly harmonize the coastal style with the comfort of leather? It is quite simple; you find leather options for ottoman, footstools, accent chairs, and settees. By sparingly placing leather furniture pieces in the coastal style living room, it is nearly a natural marriage of the leather material and the space with light-colored and weathered wood features.


Beach Home Tranquility

The coastal style living room has no shortage of linen and seashore inspired colors to set an aura of relaxed sophistication. This is probably the main reason that pairing coastal living room décor with leather furniture is so well-received.

One of the main advantages of using this style is that the furniture might be lacking a matching sofa set in leather. As a result, it provides a more casual approach to leather by only using individual furniture pieces that are made from leather.

As not all leather furniture is created equal, you can also make different pieces stand out by mixing various leather colors in the same room. This replaces the uptight leather in one neutral tone with fun individual accents that come in bright colors, stripes, and maritime designs.



Breezy Textiles

All living rooms designed in the coastal style seem to always have one feature in common with another, and that is the linen or wicker materials, and sea-inspired colors. Nautical, breezy, natural fabrics are paired with weathered wood and wicker to create furniture that can serve both indoor and outdoor purposes, yet looks fantastic in both locations.

Leather furniture hasn’t always been associated with coastal style. However, wingback chairs, casual rolled arm sofas, and tufted storage ottomans are being created in colors reminiscent of the shoreline, quickly changing the reputation of leather furniture.


Relaxed Sophistication

The coastal living room style is focused on timeless interiors paired with a California mindset. It seems to marry some well-crafted and tasteful pieces with a California vibe that somehow pulls it off in dressing one up and dressing the other down. This is where leather furniture is an expert.

Leather furniture can add a classy and tasteful look to a space, yet can pair well with even the most laid-back of the beach home décor. The combination of the two is thought to be attractive and continues to be a popular choice in living room décor today in many places.

Although the coastal décor is sea-inspired with nautical accents, that doesn’t mean that it is limited to wicker and rattan furniture. Leather settees and wingback chairs are heavily featured in coastal living rooms, and they are even being designed in a variety of nautical colors or stripes. The overall result seems to be a marriage of well-crafted furniture pieces and relaxed interior design concepts on the old seashore home.

Coastal leather furniture can be at home in the heartland or on the coastlines. It has gone from the old surf shack feel to the high-end vacation rental look nearly overnight, and the popular home interior designs being spotted today are full of coastal living room design options.

Wicker pendant lights and rattan chairs and poufs, it’s easy to understand why it is that this is still a very popular choice in living room décor, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down in popularity anytime soon.


Accent Pieces vs a Matching Set

The quickest way to dress down a leather sofa set for a new look is to separate the matching furniture pieces. By taking a leather sofa and pairing it with wingback chairs in a different fabric and color, the look of the leather pieces has been transformed from formal to casual in just a couple of swaps.

Although linen slipcovers are still a favorite when décorating a beach house, now you see more straw and seagrass accent pieces than slipcovered armchairs or sofas.

Textured, woven pillows adorn leather furniture pieces with the help of jute. So place some natural jute throw pillows on a bare leather sofa to add an eye-catching design to your living room.


Leather Furniture Pieces

Furniture made from leather is durable and looks sophisticated, making it a smart choice for any beach house.

The new leather styles that are trending in the coastal interior designs of today are not specific to one particular furniture item. Instead, the pieces that are being in demand the most are leather-covered ottomans, poufs, rolled arm sofas, tufted stools, and benches.

Also, the wingback chair in leather is designed in many different maritime motifs, with tones that are usually blue, white, black, or charcoal.

Leather sofas, settees, and ottomans dress up what was the old surf style, and bring it to the next century with clean, soft looks that pair well with seaside colors.

Even though there is some debate whether to go with fabrics or leather for a sofa in the coastal style home, you shouldn’t be worried about choosing a leather sofa as it will look just great. In a very casual beach theme, a leather sofa in the colors of sand, tan, pale or light blue, and pale turquoise comes to mind.

Additionally, a white leather sofa that’s meshed with natural textures, the right fabrics, and complementing wall colors, could definitely look beachy and feel comfortable, too.

A white slimline or skinny leather sofa or sectionals matched with the right beachy accents will not look so stark, on the contrary, it can work amazing. For example, a sisal or jute area rug for texture and some cute beachy accents will complement your white sofa beautifully.

There might be crisp and elegant nautical patterns where leather pieces in colors such as navy, khaki, or even deeper browns with blues and whites can match. What’s more, mixing furniture pieces in leather with rattan and other finishes will do the trick.