Things To Do At Night When You Live Near Water

After the sun goes down you might be wondering what is there to do. Be sure that the fun of living near the water doesn’t end as soon as the sun goes down, and the entertainment is still available when night sets in.

In fact, the darkness can be even a more thrilling time because you’re not dealing with the crowds, noise, and commotion during the day in the area.

If you live in a waterfront home, you can certainly enjoy direct access to the beach and fresh air all year round. Warm summer nights by the sea, lake, or river may be filled with so many exciting things to do. But a waterfront home can also be a great place in winter.

The nighttime activities on this list will guarantee a fun time, whether with your family, friends, a date, or even by yourself.


Watch a Sunset

Kick off your night adventure by watching the sun setting over the ocean. The sunsets over the sea, lake, or river are just as breathtaking. There is probably nothing more beautiful than the sun slowly joining the horizon, so if you’ve never done that, it’s a must-see experience!

However, it’s not enough to watch the sunset from your home window. The best seat in the house is right on the beach. Get your blanket, snacks, sit back and relax, and watch the sunset roll in. It will be the perfect way to start a night full of fun.


Stroll Along the Boardwalk

Taking a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk can be one of the most relaxing things to do at night if you live near the water. However, depending on your location, the boardwalk might be a bit crowded at night. But try to soak in the sound of the water and admire the views, there’s no need to rush.

If you live in a touristic coastal town, you might take advantage of the open-air concerts, markets, or festivals taking place on the pier throughout the year. Experience the magic of the lit-up Ferris wheel, rides, or carousels. These attractions provide an opportunity to take great photos while having a lot of fun.


Watch Live Music

If the weather is not suitable for outdoor activities, it doesn’t mean you have to stay at home. Stop by for a drink and live music in one of the local bars or restaurants. Some of these venues host live music regularly or on the weekends with a variety of local or emerging artists playing and singing for the diners.

These are great places where you can eat and drink while listening to the young performers showcasing their talents on the small stage.

If nighttime tours are available in your area, why not get on a boat and cruise down the river or around the bay while wining and dining.


Have a Moonlight Picnic

A moonlight picnic on the beach is just ideal for a date. It’s magical, very romantic, and intimate, offering complete privacy because few, if any, people will be around.

On a cloudless night and full moon, you’ll be able to watch the horizon with moonlight reflection in the water.

Get everything prepared by going to the beach in advance and setting it all up in your chosen spot. Have a campfire ready, lay out a blanket with some cushions, and a cooler packed with favorite food and drinks. Have a friend to watch over everything until you and your date arrive there.


Hunt At Night

If you have kids, a nighttime scavenger hunting activity will be an exciting challenge for them.

Go for a moonlit nature walk along the beach or in the local area and have your kids spot nighttime wildlife. With the moon shining bright, you’ll get a great opportunity to see and hear wild animals while exploring familiar territory in a whole new way.

Provide a thrilling experience for your children by including nocturnal animals like hedgehogs and bats, or sounds like hooting owls, chirping crickets and toads.


Go For a Night Swim

Go swimming under the moonlight. It can be a fun, exciting, and magical experience. However, it’s important to put your safety first. Bring a friend or two along to keep an eye on you as it can be very dangerous to swim alone in the dark. Also, find out about things like the weather conditions, water currents, tide times, and any unusual events in the body of water you are near.

You must be very careful but don’t let that scare you! When you try once, you will fall in love with the tranquil feeling of swimming under a starry sky.

Night swimming can offer a calming, meditative effect to help you fall asleep and sleep better. It also helps reduce stress by releasing feel-good endorphins. It is a great way to burn off that excess fat and clear your mind before going to bed.


Make a Bonfire With Your Friends

A bonfire party with friends or family is definitely one of the most memorable and fun things to do at night if you live near the beach. All you need is an open space, wood, and a few bricks for making a fire ring.

However, before you plan a bonfire party, make sure to check with the local authorities to see if it’s legal in your area and obtain a permit if required.

It is always wonderful to build a campfire and gather around, having endless conversations and stories, singing together, playing the guitar or harmonica, maybe some dancing around the fire if you bring a music player. Then roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. Also, get some burgers, hotdogs, steaks, and vegetables for the ultimate nighttime BBQ.

For a cool-looking twist, you can make colored fire. Colored pine cones or fire crystals, sold at Home Depot and other supply stores, will let you enjoy amazing rainbow flames in your wood-burning campfire.

You can also make some small sparks or change the color of your campfire using common items found around the home, such as sugar, salt, coffee creamer, copper wire, pennies, powdered magnesium or aluminum. Just make sure to stay safe and do these tricks only after cooking your food.



Go Fishing

Fishing on the beach at night can be an unusual experience for you and your friends. Night fishing can offer you not only some impressive catches but also thrilling moments.

Besides, there is less competition, it is quiet, you don’t need to worry about sunburn, and the fish swim closer to the shoreline to feed at night. The wind usually stops after sunset which makes the water calmer than during the day.


Ghost Crab Hunting

Hunting ghost crabs is a fun thing to do at the beach after dark, especially for kids. And all you need is a quiet night, beach, bucket, flashlight (preferably a headlamp flashlight), and a little bit of courage.

Ghost crabs are tiny, sand-colored, marine creatures that are mostly active at night. They usually come out a lot when it’s cool and the beach is empty.

To find and catch ghost crabs, shine your flashlight around the beach to check for movement. Once you’ve spotted one, aim your flashlight right at it. It will freeze for a short while before scampering across the sand.

However, when catching these crabs, make sure to release them back to their natural habitat after enjoying them for a few minutes.

The ghost crab hunting experience is unique and is surely going to bring some excited screams and shouts of delight from your kids, and memories that last for years to come.


Make Play Games With Glow Products

Bring some friends and have a glow in the dark game night on the beach. There are many nighttime games and activities to make the night exciting and have fun, for example, playing with a glowing beach ball or soccer ball, frisbees or badminton birdies, bowling, and even some glow sticks.

Playing catch or frisbee on the beach with someone, or even your dog, can be really awesome after dark.

For the perfect glow in the dark bowling setup, put glow sticks in 10 big bottles filled with water. Then, use a ball to knock them down.

Favorite games to play in the dark:


· Flashlight Tag

This is a classic, outdoor night game, and you can play it with adults or if your kids are older. Choose a participant to be “it” and give him/her a flashlight. After counting to 50 or 100, they will walk around trying to find the hiders with their flashlight. Once someone is found and tagged with the flashlight beam, they are out and must wait at a designated spot until there are no other players left hiding.


· Nighttime Sardines

This game is easy to play and requires only a few glow-in-the-dark bracelets, necklaces, or glow sticks.

Each player puts a bracelet on and walks around the area trying to find the hiding participants. The game starts with one hiding player without any glowing item. When someone finds them, they get rid of their glowing gear and hide with them. Slowly there will be fewer and fewer lights in the night as the participants start to find more of those who are hiding.


· Ghost in the Graveyard

Similar to flashlight tag and nighttime sardines, but adds a bit of suspense.

A person who is the “ghost” hides outside while everyone else walks around with flashlights or glow sticks looking for the ghost. The ghost’s job is to jump out, surprise, and tag a person.

Once a player finds the ghost, they shout, “Ghost in the graveyard!” and run away with the other players. Everyone scrambles trying to reach home base before the ghost tags them. When the ghost catches someone, this person becomes the ghost in the next round.


Stargaze On a Clear Night

If the night is clear, head to the beach, bring a telescope if you have one, or bring just a blanket and lie down on your back. Marvel at the stars, maybe catch a glimpse of a shooting star. To witness a spectacular show, schedule your stargazing activity for a night when there’s a meteor shower.

There are some handy stargazing phone apps out there to help you with pointing out the stars and constellations. Some of the free phone applications include Google Sky, Star Tracker, Stellarium, Star Walk, Star and Planet Finder, SkyView, and the official NASA App.

Otherwise, check online to learn what stars or planets you will need to look for in the night sky.



Even though you have a great choice of recreational activities to do in the nighttime when you live near water, you first need to think about your safety and the laws that apply in your area.


Is It Illegal To Walk On the Beach At Night?

You can walk on the beach at night only where it is legal and acceptable to do so. Whether it is legal or not to be on the beach at nighttime entirely depends on which state you live in as different places have different rules.

So call your local police, check with the local marine authority, or visit the beach website, if possible, to find out what the curfews are and if you can go there at night and/or make a bonfire.

But for the most part, as long as you are not disruptive or breaking any local or criminal laws, it is rare that you’ll get in trouble at the beach late after hours.

Also, try to stay away from private beaches as you might easily get charged for trespassing.


What Are the Dangers Of Going To the Beach At Night?

Although spending time at the beach means a quiet and relaxing time, it can also mean unsafe conditions. Yes, it can be dangerous to go to the beach at night, particularly if you’re going alone!

Potentially, you can encounter several hazards either on or off the shore. You are susceptible to the most common dangers of the beach, which include:

· poor or no visibility when walking

· criminal activity

· RIP currents

· changing tide levels that can easily sweep you out into the water

· shore breaks

· rocks that can prove dangerous if you’re swept off your feet by water from underneath you

· depending on where you are, life-threatening encounters with jellyfish, sea urchins, stingray, or sharks in shallow water

· no lifeguard on duty in the event of a rescue operation


How To Stay Safe At the Beach At Night?

Above all, it is important to use common sense, no matter what you’re doing or wherever you’re going.

It’s definitely dangerous if you meet the wrong people on a pitch-dark, secluded beach in the middle of the night.

It’s a good idea to bring a friend along, whether you plan on swimming, taking photos, or stargazing. You may also bring protection like pepper spray with you.

In order to take advantage of the natural light, consider going to the beach during a full moon. Thus, if you choose to swim at night, do it in the moonlight for the best visibility.

Beware of RIP currents as they can be unpredictable and dangerous. So before you dip in the water, watch out for any RIP current signs.

Wear protective gear if you’re going for a midnight swim. Protect your feet from broken shells, sharp stones, and stinging sealife by wearing high-quality beach shoes.

Make sure your skin is also protected from irritation with a swimsuit and your eyes are protected with water goggles. Wear a reflective armband or tape so that others can see you easily. Don’t swim too far from the shoreline and watch out for the high tide.


To Sum Up,

You don’t need to travel to a faraway wilderness location to have nighttime fun in nature. This nature is right in your own backyard if you live near the water.

You can go to the beach, pitch a tent, bring a blanket, and roast s’mores anytime you want. You will absolutely not be judged if you sneak back into the house early in the morning to sleep for the rest of the day.