Modernize Your Living Room with Abstract Wall Art


The best addition to any interior is abstract wall art. If you want to modernize your living room with art, then the abstract wall art would be your preferred choice.

It provides an innovative, flexible style that helps in achieving a complete design, irrespective of what your artistic taste may be. Abstract art enables the viewers to decipher the image they see and it doesn’t attempt to portray real-world forms.

Abstract paintings on the wall match every style and taste, and they come in various colors, materials, and sizes. Thus, there would be no problem for you to find the perfect piece to match your living room décor.

The artwork is an excellent way to decorate a plain or blank wall, and also bring together the whole room. For example, in a situation where you don’t feel like painting the room, wall art can be used instead.

Before we proceed to talk about how you can modernize your living room with abstract wall art, we first need to explain briefly what abstract art is and why you should choose it.


What is Abstract Art?

Defining what abstract art is varies depending on the individual’s perspective or view about the concept.

The term “abstract” means separating, retrieving, or extracting something from something else. Abstract art, on the other hand, is an art that is not descriptive.

It is known to be a non-representative art which does not refer to any object or form. This practically means that there will be no figure or shape to the art. It might be based on a topic, or have no basis in the outside world at all. It can be applied to a figure, landscape, or object-based art, i.e. when objects are modified to produce an abstract representation of it.

Alternatively, it may be in the pattern of geometric shapes or forms, simple designs, or gestural marks that do not have visible interpretations. Therefore, only the most skilled art enthusiasts can give meaning to it.



Why Should You Buy Abstract Art for Your Home?

Abstract art is an unavoidable part of modern art that cannot be disregarded. It has a great impact on all the modern art paintings. In many cases, different artist groups that use theoretical techniques and new types of abstract art generally dominate modern art.

In the past, artists used oils as the major sources to create abstract art. But these days, with the growth in skilled and creative artists, you can even see the abstract art designed with metal and wood materials. This is definitely a great substitution and benefit to all the abstract art fanatics. Today, with these forms of abstract art, you can lift up the standard of your home’s interior design. Thus, decorating your living room with unique abstract art will ultimately spruce up the room and will modernize it completely.

During the last few years, abstract wall pictures and paintings have become trendy and thus, more people take the plunge to buy some astonishing art pieces for their homes.

The distinguishing factor that makes abstract wall art worth buying is that it might be pretty cheap. However, it does give the impression of real painting because it is generally printed on canvas. Getting a print decreases the actual cost. Although you might want to buy some more expensive pieces as well, which will provide outstanding artwork for your living space.


How to Choose Abstract Wall Art for Your Living Room?

Abstract wall art is a significant aspect of home décor. It is used to add a tone or set a mood indoors, just the way we like it. However, artwork could give a final touch to a room or it could be the basis for such design.

Knowing how to find and choose the perfect piece of art for your living room is crucial and can sometimes be challenging. But all it takes is following just a few simple rules:


⇾ Match the Color Scheme

Knowing the color scheme well is the first step in choosing your abstract wall art. The rule of thumb is to select a painting that fits your living room without deviating from any of the elements of design that are already there.

Once your living room is filled with a lovely sleek design and subdued color tones, the next step would be to select abstract wall art that adds a touch of color to the interior.

On the other hand, if your living room already has plenty of colors, or is decorated in the Middle Eastern style, then an easy abstract wall piece with low hue will be the right option.


Fit the Décor

There are various art designs you can choose from depending on your taste and the interior design style you went for in your living room. They may include flowers, landscapes, portraits, abstracts, and many more.

It is important to ensure that the concept in the picture or painting does not interfere with the style of your room. Make sure to always buy artwork that matches the room’s décor, no matter how much you like a particular piece.


Find the Perfect Spot on the Wall

Locating the best place where the artwork will be hung is a significant aspect of selecting wall art. You must ensure the painting size suits the wall size. To do it properly, take a measuring tape and get the space dimensions to estimate the size your painting should be. This way, you’ll get a better understanding of what size of the artwork you’d want to go for.

Buying a piece that’s too large or even too small can be one of the mistakes you could make.

One great place to consider hanging up your wall art is behind the sofa. The painting should be two thirds the length of your sofa because it’s where it looks the most effective. It doesn’t really matter how big or small the painting is as long as this ratio is maintained.


Select a Frame for Your Art

Getting the frame right for your wall art can be challenging most of the time, and you have to take into account your room’s design as well. Framed art is a perfect way to fill a room’s wall, and the style breaks up only enough to draw your attention to the piece of artwork. A frame is important when it comes to a painting or picture that you’d love to hang. Most people will probably just grab any frame they can find but it should be chosen carefully.

The frame color and texture need to emphasize or complement the colors in the art itself. Don’t pick a frame with a color that matches something in your painting too closely. Instead, use a complementary color, which saves you hassle to find the ideal hue. However, you can’t ever really fail to have a gold frame.

In case of hanging multiple pieces on a wall, just follow this rule. All the frames need to be the same color and the same size, or use exactly the same frame.

On the other hand, some artwork, for example, most landscape pieces, does not function well in frames.

Also, canvas abstract art can be displayed unframed. You can leave it as it is if you are happy with how the sides of it look. Usually, the canvas is stretched, and the painting or print on canvas has already a structure and shape all its own.

So, look at the artwork, and choose the proper way to present it.


Paint It Yourself

Lastly, if you couldn’t find the best abstract art for your living room, we would suggest you try creating one yourself. It can be really easy, and with very little energy, you can create some quite amazing and one of a kind designs. Note that abstract art will portray your style and personality, and there is no need to follow the rules.



How to Decorate a Living Room with Abstract Wall Art for a Modern Look

Organizing a space full of beautiful abstract art requires less creativity as you don’t have to be an expert at it. However, when it comes to original art that’s formally sold in galleries or at auctions, it may prove difficult to venture in, particularly when sale prices vary in thousands.

Introducing large abstract wall art into your room helps you enhance your home space and can be perfect to set the mood and show its unique character. It would be best if you decide how to combine the art style, colors, and texture with the existing interior design of your living room before going for shopping.

You are free to browse a large range of modern abstract wall art, either in-store or online, to select the ideal piece for your home. Many of the large abstract wall art pieces will help in creating an exclusive, luxurious look and add a sophisticated style to your interiors. It can evoke the desired feeling and create the perfect aura in each room of the house.

Decorating a living room with abstract wall art can be summarized mainly under the following:


The Color Theory

Understanding the color theory concept in art plays a vital role in decorating a space as it helps in matching the colors together to give a nice appearance to a room.

The color theory can be defined as a set of guidelines on the relationship between colors and the physiological impacts of particular color combinations.

As the color theory is a very complex area, you don’t need to worry about the specifics of mixing colors together. All you need to understand is the general application of the theory and the relationship between colors in order to decorate a visually pleasing interior.


Consider the Dimensions and Location for Your Art

As previously mentioned, finding the right location on the wall to hang your art sometimes seems challenging, but finding the right fit brings out the beauty of the design.

When we think of abstract art, it usually brings a vision of a huge painting on the wall. Even though large abstract wall art makes a pleasant statement, it is not always the case. You may easily find smaller pieces that could also be a part of a set. If your living room is of a smaller size, it will be a better choice to hang small abstract prints than to occupy the whole space with art.

You may also place a few small pieces together in a group to fill up a given space on a wall.

However, make sure that they are not placed too tight together and that the spacing is correct. A good rule of thumb is about 2 to 3 inches between picture frames depending on how much space you have available.

Additionally, you must remember not to put up an excessive amount of art as this will only make the room look cluttered. But if you have a large wall and need to top off space, mounting a large piece of abstract art will be favorable.


Indoor Lighting Precautions

When selecting wall art for a particular room, one of the things to think about is whether the room has a window that allows in natural sunlight. Once there is, the light source must be considered in your choice of art.

Undecorated, raw artwork can degrade when exposed to sun rays for long periods. However, paintings or prints on canvas made from oil paints or adhesives continue to do well in the sunlight without cracking or fading.


Balance the Artwork with Furniture

Having any form of abstract art will balance your living room in any case. But if you wish to decorate the walls with the perfect art frame, then you should consider all the furniture color aspects. The consideration of the color tones, material, and texture of your current furniture, will help you match the right form of art for your walls.

Purchasing the appropriate abstract art will not only complement the walls but will also provide a balance among the furniture.


Final Thoughts,

Abstract wall art has proven to be one of the best designs for walls in the living room. It is relatively inexpensive and comes in a variety of forms that allow an art lover to choose from. It is a great way to liven up, beautify, and modernize the interiors without much need for painting.

Your careful and well-thought-out decision in selecting the abstract wall art can make a real difference in your living room décor and thus, proving itself to be the right investment.