Luxury Natuzzi Leather Sofa: Why Choose One?


Leather never lost its touch through the years. The appeal it has is unmatched and a lot of people still resort to using different products made of this material, including furniture. This is because it is durable, classy, and practical. Because leather furnishings are quite versatile, there is no mistake in incorporating them into decorating themes.

Leather sofas are always a staple furniture item in the living room, family room, entertainment room, or in a lounge. When you have a leather couch in there, the room easily transforms into something that is hospitable and cozy.

Saying that, it is best to stick with brands that have already made a name for themselves to make sure that the sofas are high quality ones and will stand the test of time.

A popular choice by homeowners is a leather sofa from the Italian home furnishings company, Natuzzi.

Why Should You Choose a Luxury Natuzzi Leather Sofa?

Natuzzi, the Italian luxury brand is a world leader in the production of sofas made of natural leather. By choosing a Natuzzi leather sofa you will be sure that you own unique, high-quality, and hand-made furniture in original Italian design that exceeds your expectations.

These days, people put the focus on enhancing the décor of their homes in order to have a pleasant ambiance and stylish interior design. One of the optimum ways of fulfilling this desire is through Natuzzi leather sofas.

Natuzzi leather sofas reflect classic, timeless elegance combined with the latest design trends in the furniture industry. The sofas are well known for adding the factor of distinction, sophistication, style, and class to the interiors.

Natuzzi has become an important international producer of luxury sofas and a true symbol of Italian quality and knowledge. Its designer furniture is known for the craft skills of the amazing craftsmen who make them, not to mention the creativity of the designers who created them. These designers and craftsmen made a lot of effort and managed to create thoughtful designs.

No wonder these Italian sofas are simply called stunning sets of furniture!

Below we present some of the benefits of owning a Natuzzi leather sofa:

The first and foremost benefit associated with these leather sofas is that they are of high quality

Buying furniture from Natuzzi, you are assured that it’s made out of the best available materials, focusing on quality and good environmental and product conditions

The manufacturer cares for the highest quality of workmanship, which is why all coverings are finished by hand by the best craftsmen in Italy

These sofas blend well with all types of furnishings from contemporary and traditional styles in the most appropriate way

Natuzzi brand is distinguished by its unique Italian design, a wide range of colors and sizes, and thickness and structure of leather, all so that you can choose the sofa design that suits you best

They are available in a myriad of designs such as traditional, designer, European contemporary as well as modern contemporary, to name a few

They are generally available in a vast array of styles such as custom made, club styles, with leather slipcovers and sectionals, being among the major ones

Natuzzi leather furniture can be adapted to any interior, giving it an elegant and unique character, and allowing you to match your ideal sofa set for rest in the interior

These Italian sofas are highly flexible in nature and can be stretched as per one’s comfort level. The fact is that they retain their original shape within a few minutes

They are fire-resistant as well as do not emit toxic fumes even when they are exposed to the conditions of extreme heat

The added advantage of using these sofas is that they are very cool in summer and provide warmth during the winter seasons. This way they add the factor of comfort to the user

They are pleasing to the touch and highly pro user as they are very easy and convenient to keep clean

When you buy the Natuzzi leather sofa set, you will enjoy sitting in a comfy way as they are commonly known for adjusting well to the needs and body of the user



How To Choose The Best Natuzzi Leather Sofa?

A designer sofa set is the best way to enhance your home décor. While looking forward to the best home décor and furnishing items, the Natuzzi leather sofa is a premium furniture set that comes with a variety of styles and contemporary designs that enhance the look of your room, therefore giving it a chick look.

Natuzzi leather sofas are available in various varieties such as Nicolaus, Kole, Plaza, Domino, Klaus, Tahira, Square, Java, Esther, Malcom, Peter, and Armando.

These come with a quality soft-touch feature for perfect sitting posture, which ensures back support. Also, the sofa sets come with a natural curve to make you feel cozy and comfortable. They also come with eye-catching details and extremely comfortable designs with deep seating and wide armrests.

Sofa beds, or sofas with a sleeping function, are still very popular. Folding sofas are intended for people who appreciate aesthetics, durability, and quality of workmanship. Also, regardless of the size of your house, you will always have an additional bedroom with a sofa bed for guests.

For example, this “Brio” sofa by Natuzzi has been equipped with an electric mechanism that tilts the backrest and unfolds the footrest, which turns the sofa into a chaise longue on demand.


If you have a large room and want to create a spacious look, the Plaza Natuzzi leather sofa is the best way to complete your room. This cozy and refined designer sofa set makes a perfect style statement. To give you the best luxury experience, these Natuzzi leather sofa sets come with a quality leather grain.

For corner room settings, a half-moon ottoman shaped sofa set offers extremely cozy seating that comes with ample backrest and soft cushions made from Ecoflex padding covered with polyester.

Square is one of the best angular leather sofa sets offered by Natuzzi which is made with angular shape and backrest cushions for perfect comfort.

For those who appreciate the touch of natural leather and do not mind the tear and wear signs of using the couch, the more difficult to maintain Natural type leather sofa line is recommended.

Natural Nabuk lines are natural leathers having all its features. They are characterized by a unique velvet effect, which is not only pleasant to the touch but also gives the furniture the character of undisturbed elegance of rustic chic. The Nabuk effect is the result of very light polishing, but these leathers can be cleaned and maintained in the same way as the Natural leather lines.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend too much time caring for your furniture, then leather couches from the Protecta Natuzzi collection are recommended. They are low absorbent, easier to clean, with a more uniform texture.

For those who don’t want to have Natural leather furniture, because of excessive exposure to external factors threatening to damage natural leather, Protecta lines will be the best choice. These are natural leathers, covered with a thin layer of protective varnish which increases resistance to dirt and loss of color.

This leather ages more slowly, providing the user with a feeling of freshness and newness of the furniture for a long time. Protecta coverings are very easy to keep clean, which is why they are perfect for homes with children and animals.


Why Should You Buy Italian Style Furniture?

Italian furniture is characterized by a very modern design and the highest quality. Therefore, regardless of the room where it will stand, Italian furniture will create an atmosphere in which you will spend a nice and comfortable time.

Furniture made in Italy is a product that appeals to the taste of many people, that’s why it’s so universal. It is all hand-made, with attention to detail, which gives it great visual appeal and high durability to withstand the passage of time.

The beautiful Italian furniture is the simplest element that can be changed in the interior to refresh it and give it a new style.



What Speaks For The High Quality Of Natuzzi Leather Sofas?

An important element determining the quality of the leather is its place of origin. The leather from the southern hemisphere has more natural damage and is less elastic, which is why it is considered inferior to the one from the northern hemisphere.

The way it is treated is also important. Each piece of raw leather, after removing its impurities, is tanned and sorted in terms of quality. But the next stages of processing, i.e. discoloring, correcting, grinding – can vary greatly.

It should be remembered that leather that is left natural, with a unique arrangement of special characteristic features (e.g. scratches, light staining, etc.) is usually of very high quality. The leather intentionally does not undergo multiple corrective and pigmentation processes aimed at making it look identical.

The Natuzzi brand offers a wide range of sofas made of natural leather. As a premium Italian company with many years of experience, it has been designing and manufacturing leather furniture products since the 1950s.

The extraordinary advantage of the Natuzzi brand is the high quality of natural leather being used. While using modern technologies, leather is subjected to a special process, which increases its strength and gives it softness. In addition, Natuzzi leather furniture is impregnated and safeguarded with a special protective layer to extend its durability and perfect appearance.

Leathers from the Natuzzi Natural lines are characterized by exceptional softness. Thanks to this, they are pleasant to the touch, they do not become too cold or too hot. And they give the impression of being wrapped up as if they were embracing a loved one.

Remember that natural leather coverings are a trend that will never go out of fashion. The unique Natuzzi leathers provide timeless elegance and bring a lively element to the interior. Furniture changes with its owner and space, evolves, ages beautifully, without losing any value.

Each rest on the couch tells a story where spots, wrinkles, insect bites, or scars that are visible on the covering, are proof of the authenticity of the leather, which gives the sofa a unique character. And this is an unquestionable testimony of its high quality. Only top-quality leather can be processed into natural leather where the structure of these coverings is not improved in any way.

Final Thoughts,

If you love interior design and home décor, then there is no doubt you should have a Natuzzi leather sofa in your house or office.

While buying the sofa set, make a thorough analysis of your home and choose only the best furniture that completes your home décor. You can select from attractive designs and styles in numerous colors and shades to match the interiors of the home.

To ensure the long-lasting life of your leather couch, it is essential to take proper care of the couch, in case of stains, scars, veining, and insect bites. This will certainly help you in maintaining your Natuzzi leather sofa in perfect shape.

The purchase of a new sofa for your home must be well thought out. After all, the sofa should serve you for many years and retain good quality throughout its life. Natuzzi revolutionizes the furniture buying process and turns this difficult task into a real shopping adventure.