Is Loft Living Right For You: Should You Buy or Rent a Loft?


Before you decide if you should rent or even buy an apartment in a post-industrial building, you must first consider whether you will feel good and comfortable living in such an extraordinary place.


Loft living is the right choice for lovers of large, modern, original interiors with unconventional architecture. It’s for people with a distinct personality and character. For individualists who value independence and space, who are creative and are not afraid of challenges.


If you are such an individual with these personality traits, then a loft or a loft-style interior will definitely be the perfect accommodation option for you. Otherwise, if you prefer cozy and warm rooms, choose another solution.

The loft offers great design possibilities and it all depends on how you manage its space. It is true that lofts, thanks to their huge size, leave the residents full freedom for their design. Yet, not everyone is familiar with how to arrange such a large open space. But a properly selected décor and finish can emphasize the features that are most beautiful in these post-industrial interiors.


Conversion of warehouses and factories for residential purposes has already become a real trend and lofts represent a new movement in architecture. The fashion for lofts began in New York in the 1950s when abandoned post-industrial buildings quickly found interest among local artists and other people with relatively low budgets. Empty facilities perfectly fulfilled the functions of art studios. Low rental prices additionally encouraged to occupy these premises.

The industrial style of interiors was created out of necessity in the years of crisis. But today, the loft accommodation is considered a symbol of sophisticated taste, luxury, freedom, and modern interior design.


Types of Loft Apartments

There are two types of lofts that are identified by the real estate industry: hard and soft.


What is a Hard Loft Apartment?

Hard lofts are apartments that are converted from former industrial buildings that have some history behind them, such as warehouses, production halls, mills, or factories.

These apartments maintain the industrial style with structural elements, a concrete floor, exposed beams, brickwork, high ceilings, large windows, and exposed installations such as electrical wiring and HVAC ducts.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a post-industrial facility that’s suitable for residential conversion. Many old buildings are subject to conservation supervision, which results in many restrictions when it comes to adapting these premises to a residential function.



As a result, the so-called soft lofts turned out to be the ideal alternative.


What is a Loft Style Apartment?

Soft lofts are loft-style apartments in entirely new buildings. Most often, there are more soft lofts built from scratch than hard lofts. These non-standard living spaces are located on the top floors of typical residential buildings.

Soft lofts are maintained in an industrial style with most of the elements that characterize “classic” lofts, i.e. glazing, metal, large open spaces, and above-average ceiling heights. This way, loft style apartments only resemble the real industrial conversions but are usually warmer and have modern finishes.



The loft is a very unique place to live. More and more people are either interested in renting, or they find it a great investment to buy.


This unusual space is distinctive in its surroundings and people who like this extraordinary architecture can emphasize its uniqueness and beauty. It is the post-industrial design elements that distinguish lofts from other luxury apartments, and give a specific and expressive style.


Designing a loft is not the simplest task. So if you are a complete novice or it seems too complicated to you, it’s better to hire a professional interior designer or a decorator who will design it for you and will offer advice on how to properly style such an interior. You will get to decide on the final character of the apartment. However, it’s important to remember that your fantasy should not destroy the historic atmosphere of the interiors.


What Kind of People Like Living in Loft Apartments?

Apartments in post-industrial buildings attract a particular niche group of buyers and renters. Without a doubt, these places will not be ideal for everyone’s taste, preferences, and requirements.

Usually, people who are young, single, professionals, and business people who value unique and exceptional things decide to live in such places. Residents of lofts are often “artistic souls”, sensitive to art, looking for original surroundings. The industrial style of lofts attracts creative people with a passion for art and cinema.

The loft apartment is perfect for enthusiasts of large and open spaces, cool styling, elegant simplicity, and minimalist design. The industrial style is not for everyone and due to its simplicity of form and raw materials, many people feel awful in such interiors. Fans of cozy, warm, homey, and rustic spaces, do not find this place comfortable. Thus, artists who were the first to like post-industrial spaces will feel much better living in lofts.

Most often, lofts are purchased or rented by people who dream of living somewhere else than in the average apartment building. These are places for individualists who have their own idea for arranging unusual space.

But the industrial style itself, however, more often appeals to people simply because of its beauty. And its elements, such as exposed bricks, appear even in more standard interiors. Therefore, lofts are also a good solution for people who simply like this look of interior design.

In addition, this type of living space is more and more eagerly purchased by real estate investors who are looking to rent out these unusual apartments.


So, is Loft Living Right for You?

Everything depends on your individual needs, preferences, age, and lifestyle, as well as your budget.

The open space of the loft allows for any type of arrangement, giving great possibilities for utilizing the extra space. For example, a mezzanine can be used as a small home gym, library, lounge for rest, or an office.

However, supporters of classic room layouts can have problems arranging such a big and tall open space. The loft is more difficult to divide into structured, well-defined rooms, or a day and private zone. Thus, it might not be a functional place for entertaining guests and having parties at home.

Additionally, you shouldn’t be choosing to live in a loft if you are tied down with family and pets. Bear in mind that classic lofts in post-industrial buildings, with their mezzanines and more than one landings, will not be safe for young children, babies, or dogs.

On the other hand, if you are an older person, there are also safety issues such as stairs and landings. Besides, the loft usually does not appeal to the elderly people who don’t like the feel of it anyway.

If you are still in college, renting a loft will most probably not be affordable for you.

People who like to hoard large amounts of belongings and have a lot of possessions that take up space might not be happy with the space they’ve got.



Is Renting or Buying a Loft a Good Idea and Investment?

Lofts are a rather niche product, tasteful in style and design, aimed at people looking for unconventional solutions. The real, hard lofts, however, are rare. They are clearly connected with the history of their location, and their prices can sometimes make you dizzy.

The cost of purchasing a hard loft depends on its age, area, and the degree of uniqueness. It is difficult to find them, while new apartments are being built constantly and usually all look the same. Other requirements regarding the safety of the building’s residents, the appearance and furnishing of the apartment, and the surroundings are also important.

The prices can be the deciding factor if you’re thinking to buy or rent a loft apartment. As high-standard accommodation, lofts are not for every budget.

An additional problem, which is the biggest advantage of these types of apartments, is their size. Because lofts are large and tall, they are difficult to heat effectively in the colder months. They definitely have high maintenance costs for heating as well as air conditioning.

However, these limitations mostly disappear in the case of the soft lofts, which are just new apartments built in an industrial style.

The real estate market includes loft-style apartment offers that vary greatly in terms of price, location, and size. Even though the cost of purchasing and renting these apartments depends on the city, area, and standard, they are usually cheaper not only to maintain but also to purchase or rent.

People who cannot afford the classic loft, are looking for offers of loft-style apartments, as their interiors can be designed just like the interiors of a real loft.

Loft-style apartments are often located in attractive, prestigious locations with a wonderful view of the city skyline. They also have a modern design and are always furnished to a high or very high standard.

Since loft-style apartments are being built in many big cities, the increasing number of this type of real estate on the market means that they are no longer an option only for the richest. Though, the most luxurious lofts, as well as the classic lofts in post-industrial buildings, can of course be much more expensive.

Additionally, an investment in a loft brings not only a profit in the form of a return on rental capital. In the case of hard lofts, their scarcity means that its value should be increasing over time. If the owner wants to sell the loft on the secondary market, he can expect a higher profit in the future than in the case of a typical apartment.


Final Thoughts,

The loft is a style of living for anyone who has a fantasy, appreciates independence and space, and is not afraid of the challenges that this, however demanding place, presents to them.

You might decide to buy or rent a loft because of the freedom of living in such an open space that cannot be provided by apartments with a traditional division into rooms.

The loft seems to be a perfect solution for those who prefer unconventional interiors with a unique atmosphere and original architecture that will reflect the character and personality of its residents. Thanks to their own imagination and unorthodox ideas, the loft has a chance to become a comfortable apartment for them, and possibly a quiet place to work at the same time.

So if you are interested in this type of interior, it is worth looking for opportunities.