Is an Instant Pot a Necessary Kitchen Gadget for Cooking?


When it comes to kitchen gadgets, the Instant Pot has been the big name since 2010. And since then, we’re seeing the increasing popularity of the Instant Pot for cooking among the chefs as well as all those busy amateur cooks across America.

Despite it being so popular, you may be wondering whether this kitchen gadget is necessary for you to buy for cooking simple meals. Is the Instant Pot better than the other pressure cooker brands on the market today? And is it really worth getting one for your kitchen?


It is not necessary to have an Instant Pot to cook healthy and delicious meals. However, if you want only one kitchen gadget that will cook various dishes fast and easily, then the Instant Pot is the brand you should consider first. It is a convenient and affordable option for every kitchen.


In this article, we’ll cover the reasons why the Instant Pot is better compared to a traditional pressure cooker. Hopefully, the provided information will help you decide whether the Instant Pot is the right choice for you.

But first, let’s start with explaining what exactly is the kitchen gadget in question.


What Is an Instant Pot and How Does It Work?

You might think of kitchen gadgets like a microwave, a pressure cooker, and a steamer as three separate things. However, there exists a superior gadget that can do it all – the Instant Pot, America’s most trusted brand for food preparation appliances.

The Instant Pot is an electric, countertop, multi-purpose pot that combines all of those functions, not to mention plenty of its own unique ones. Yes, it is indeed so versatile. It can warm foods up, defrost, cook, steam, and sauté them 70% faster than other kitchen appliances. It can even make yogurt and cake!

This is a dream come true for anybody who is passionate about food, anybody who wants the highest quality nutrients and taste in the most efficient way.

The Instant Pot is an inexpensive device and it has virtually all the functions of standard kitchen appliances without their drawbacks. Unlike traditional pressure cookers, it doesn’t have to be put on a stove and it doesn’t make a crazy loud “pop” when it’s done. Instant Pots are designed to be quiet and safe. There is never a threat of the appliance exploding and scaring the living daylights out of you or your family.

Since it can also steam and heat things up, you can get rid of many other kitchen gadgets to save space and declutter. Say goodbye to rice cookers, microwaves, steamers, pressure cookers, slow cookers, and any other type of “cooker”.

Another thing that makes the Instant Pot a class above all other pots is how fast it can cook food without sacrificing the quality of it. Spend less time in the kitchen because you can cook your rice in only 5 minutes, or a boneless chicken in about 10 minutes. For your convenience, you can even set a delay to have the cooking start later.

The Instant Pot has a fully sealed environment that distributes heat quickly and evenly once enough pressure is built. The aromas, flavors, and nutrients are also trapped inside the pot with the food, which means you get the highest amount of nutrition possible with a great taste and without the often greasy smells of cooking. This is the way food is meant to be cooked.

Eliminate the worst part of cooking, guesswork. The 3rd generation Instant Pots have the technology to ensure that food is cooked for the right amount of time, each and every time. Input the exact parameters of your desired dish and the “Altitude” function will give you the precise cooking time.

Embedded microprocessors monitor the pressure, the temperature, keep time and adjust the heat based on the volume, the type of food, and the way you want to cook it. Because of the constant surveillance, the food doesn’t burn, overcook, or undercook. This technology gives the Instant Pot the incredible reliability, consistency, and safety you need in your kitchen.



Is It Hard to Use an Instant Pot?

You will be impressed with how easy it is to use an Instant Pot. Your food preparation will be just a matter of inserting your food ingredients into the device (according to the recipe) and adjusting time and settings. Then just walk away and wait for a hot meal to be ready. Meanwhile, you don’t have to stir anything or monitor your food’s progress. How convenient is that?

Instant Pots come in a wide range of models, and each model has its own distinct features. However, they all have the basic functions that make it a must-have in your kitchen. This programmable multi cooker is definitely very user-friendly and lends itself to your culinary adventures.

Its basic functions are slow cooking, pressure cooker with high and low pressure, rice cooker, steamer, sear, sauté and browning, yogurt making, and warming.

Most Instant Pots also have specialized functions for different foods. For example, “cakes” can make moist cakes, “eggs” makes some scrumptious eggs, and “beans and chili” delivers high-quality Chili con Carne. On top of baking cakes, or stirring up some savory stew, you can pasteurize milk, eggs, and other dairy products with this device.

Although the Instant Pot has a precalculated time for each of the functions, you can manually increase or decrease the time. Other settings for cooking include low, medium, high, or keep warm.

A unique feature of the Instant Pot is sterilization. Sterilization also includes cleaning utensils or cups and bottles that may not be dishwasher safe.

Each one of these functions and the extra ones that differ from model to model is listed on the base unit of the pot in the form of stainless steel buttons or a touchscreen. Plug the appliance in, then select the function you desire and prepare to be amazed.


Does the Instant Pot Make Cooking Easier?

One true innovation is that the Instant Pot can cook different ingredients at the same time. Thus, it makes cooking not only easier for you but also faster. For example, if you wanted to make a dish with vegetables and meat separate from each other, put some aluminum foil between those ingredients in the inner pot. This is faster than cooking them at different times.

The general components of all Instant Pots are the same. Each comes with a base unit, a lid, an inner pot, a condensation collector, a power cord, and a range of accessories to match the functions of the appliance. The removable inner pot is where the food goes. You can insert certain types of dishes directly into the inner pot.

The base unit, which is plugged into a power outlet, heats up and pressurizes the food. Attach the condensation collector to the side of the base unit to collect any extra condensation. Finally, the lid has two modes. The “Sealing” mode keeps the pressure in, and “venting” lets out all the pressure and steam that has built up during cooking.



How to Choose the Right Instant Pot for Your Kitchen?

It can be daunting to choose the right Instant Pot but don’t fear. The Instant Pot lineup has a pot specifically tailored to every one of your needs.

The models come in 3 quarts, 6 quarts, 8 quarts, or 10 quarts. The 3 quarts pots, known as the “Mini”, is perfect for preparing side dishes and rice for one or two people. The most popular pot, the 6 quarts pot, can feed up six people. Eight people can be fed with the 8 quarts pot and it is most suitable for large batch meal preparation. For parties, catering, or large portions, for food preparation or freezing get the 10 quarts pot.


Top Instant Pot Models


▫ The Instant Pot Max

The Max is a 6-quart pot and it is one of the newer models. It can sustain 15 psi, which means that you can use it to do pressure canning. It includes a large touchscreen on which you can set the time, temperature, pressure, delay start, warm, and monitor how much time the dish has left.

In addition, the Max creates a boiling motion during pressure cook to break down food and add in more nutrients. This technology allows you to make the most flavorful broths and soups.

It is UI certified with 13 safety features, including automatic venting and lid lock. The Max model’s unit and inner pot are made of stainless steel and any plastic that it uses is 100% recycled.


▫ The Instant Pot Ultra

The Ultra is a 6-quart Instant Pot that includes the safety features and cooking functions of the Max. There are many more specialized functions on the Ultra though.


▫ The Instant Pot Duo

The Duo comes in 3 quarts and 6 quarts. This model is less expensive than the Ultra and the Max but you still get all the promised features. It is a 9 in one cooker and the inner pot is durable and dishwasher safe.


When Did the Instant Pot Come Out?

You’ve likely heard the name, Instant Pot, from neighbors, family, friends, or coworkers who’ve had their lives changed by these incredible gadgets. The journey of the Instant Pot from the manufacturer, to your kitchen, and finally to your heart started all the way in 2006. That year, the Midea Group patented the functions and the instructions for a multi-purpose cooker which would later become the Instant Pot.

Then, in 2009, four former employees of Nortel, Canada, took on the project.  The Instant Pot was born 18 months later, in 2010. Instant Pots are manufactured with the highest grade of supplies by Instant Brands and distributed by Midea Group.

The appliance, which is often called online as the “IP pot”, has a majority of positive reviews. Most customers adore this product and say that Instant Pots are durable, high-quality appliances that last at least five or more years. Instant Pots also come with a 12-month warranty.


Are Instant Pots Hard to Clean?

Cleaning an Instant Pot is fairly simple. Because most all the cooking takes place in just one pot, you’ll have barely any washing-up. All you have to do is clean only the parts after each use, such as the inner pot, the accessories, and the lid. Occasionally, you might have to clean the condensation collector, and simply wipe down the outsides of the unit but that’s all.


Final Thoughts,

Buying an Instant Pot is not a decision you will regret. The ability to produce restaurant-quality meals without any effort or specialized equipment is a game-changer.

The moment your first dish comes out, perfectly done, delicious, and with every quality you’ve ever wanted in the food, you’ll realize…the Instant Pot is the one. Your life and time in the kitchen will be forever changed, moving forward in the direction of innovation, and efficiency.

Today, millions of users enjoy the benefits of Instant Pots. This community offers plenty of support to new users and different recipes. The Instant Pot isn’t just a passing trend – it’s a long-lasting lifestyle. You may purchase an Instant Pot at your local appliances store, on the website, or on Amazon.