How To Power Outdoor Lights Without An Electrical Outlet In Yard


Providing sufficient outdoor lighting around your property in the evening and at night is necessary for three main reasons.

It does not only help to enhance the scenery and natural beauty of your house and yard but also strengthens security against intruders from prowling your property.

Outdoor lighting is also a way to make sure you stay safe while walking around your backyard after sunset. Certainly, you wouldn’t want the darkness to disrupt your outdoor activities.

Yet, dealing with electric wires can be a big hassle, especially if you don’t know anything about the installation process. Luckily, the wireless outdoor lighting systems are good solutions that can be suitable for any yard design or homeowner’s budget.


There are many alternatives to power outdoor lights without having an electrical outlet installed in the yard. They involve using various types of solar garden lighting fixtures, battery operated lighting, Bluetooth operated lights, battery-powered outlet, wireless LED motion sensor lights, and real or LED candles.


Since different types of lights serve different purposes, it’s good to understand your potential needs before you start shopping for any exterior light fixtures. There are important factors you must consider upfront to ensure that your exterior lighting systems offer a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your yard.

They include the following questions:


What Is the Installation Process of the Light Fixtures?

While the wireless lights do not need wiring, to be sure, you may want to investigate their installation process. Choose a lighting system that is easy for you to install or has simple installation instructions that you can follow.


How Much Does the Outdoor Lighting Cost?

You should evaluate the cost before you finalize the yard design plans. I guess you wouldn’t want any last-minute price tag surprise.


Are the Exterior Lights Weatherproof?

Make sure the outdoor lighting you’ve chosen can withstand all weather conditions, particularly the rain. Also, select an appropriate lighting system considering the climate of the area you live in. Are the lights going to withstand freezing and hot temperatures as well as humidity, rain, and snow?


How Are You Going to Control the Lighting System?

If you have a smart-home system already installed, you’ll probably choose to synchronize your new light system with your existing one.

But you may want to start using an intuitive lighting system if you’re not using a smart-home system yet. You may also consider a system that has an ON and OFF switch, or is triggered by motion.



So let us shed a light on the suitable outdoor lighting options that you can use to brighten your yard if there’s no electrical outlet nearby:


Battery Operated Outdoor Lights

Exterior lights that are powered by batteries are an ideal choice when you’re without electricity in your yard. And this is a common problem as not all houses have an outside power socket. An excellent outdoor battery-powered lighting that lasts for a long period reduces the need for wiring and power supply.

When considering using an outdoor lighting system that uses no wires, you must consider getting suitable battery operated outdoor lights with:

· A bright outdoor security lighting.

· A unique reflective feature that diffuses the light to cover broad areas.

· Durable and weather-proof design that enables it to be used as an efficient outdoor spotlight.

· Extended battery life with an average lasting period of 8 or 10 hours per active session.

Nowadays LED technology gives us the opportunity to have battery garden lights. The limited amount of energy needed to power LED lights means that, over long periods, batteries can provide great quality light. This also ensures that you are free to put the battery operated outdoor lights anywhere you like and use it for any purpose.

These lights are ideal for security lighting, even away from your home. Keep in mind that the battery can last longer if you only use the light when needed, and a sensor responsive light should only turn on when it detects movement in an area.

These durable, colorful, LED inflatable ball lights from Loftec look just amazing at night. They come with a remote control, are lightweight and waterproof, and are perfect for the swimming pool. They’ll also make a fun decoration for an outdoor party in your backyard.



Bluetooth Outdoor String Lights

Bluetooth outdoor string lights are designed to withstand bad weather and are usually highly resistant to electric shocks. They are also rechargeable, robust, and energy-efficient, suitable for lighting up backyard barbecues and creating a romantic ambiance around the pool.

Typical Bluetooth outdoor string lights are portable, which means they can be easily transported from the porch back to the recharging station at home. Most Bluetooth string lights come with the option of changing the color, dimming, and even being connected together.

However, to use the Bluetooth outdoor string lights, you need to download an app on your smartphone. The special feature of using the Bluetooth controlled lights is the Bluetooth mesh technology that allows you to control various scene configurations straight from your phone.

The control distance for a typical Bluetooth string light is up to 60 ft to 80 ft (18.3 – 24.4 meters), and it will give you the comfort of switching the lights even when you are indoors.


Battery Operated Outdoor Chandelier

A battery-operated chandelier gives a warm, luxurious feel to the outdoor space. Most outdoor hanging chandeliers come with teardrop-shaped bulbs that fill the surroundings with captivating light. This light fixture adds glamor to dining and seating areas as well as a touch of sumptuousness to trellises and outdoor wall art.

The battery-operated chandelier can be hung anywhere, and the effect will be equally beautiful. A battery-operated chandelier that is weather-resistant has a long battery-life and ON and OFF timer function will be a great addition to your yard. It should be considered if you like spending evenings in your backyard or entertaining your guests late into the night.


Solar Outdoor Chandelier

A spectacular solar outdoor chandelier can showcase the exterior features of your home. It will give a special touch to your outdoor areas such as the backyard, patio, porch, deck, or even a gazebo.

The solar outdoor chandelier can be easily hung just about anywhere. You may install the solar chandelier in such a place so it will illuminate a tree, plant, or sculpture, allowing you to enjoy its beauty even after dark.

A typical solar-powered chandelier includes rechargeable solar batteries and is made of weather-resistant materials that can withstand all elements.

Consider buying a chandelier with energy-efficient, eco-friendly lights that look great in any outdoor space. This exterior light fixture should provide much-needed light to dark areas at a fraction of the cost of traditional lighting without the need for complex wiring, expensive installation, or high electricity bills.

You can also use your creativity and make your own unique chandelier by joining multiple single solar bulbs.


Battery-Powered Outlet for Outdoor Lights

A battery-powered outlet stores electrical energy in its built-in battery from a wall AC outlet. The inbuilt inverter converts the battery energy into AC power while a voltage regulator controls the built-in battery’s charging and discharging.

A battery-powered outlet allows you to illuminate your yard when there’s no electricity in such a way that when it’s charged, it powers lighting fixtures.

Typical battery-powered outlets are portable, which means it is easy to carry around. They are a better and silent alternative to generators, and you know how noisy and annoying a generator can be. But a portable power supply solves that issue, allowing users to power outdoor lights outside the house without disturbing their neighbors.


Battery Operated Outdoor String Lights

Battery operated outdoor string lights offer soft, low-voltage accent illumination used to evoke a warm, intimate ambiance that looks attractive when you’re entertaining guests or throwing a party.

The cute Crystal Ball String Lights from Loftec are battery-powered so there’s no electricity costs. The leave cane makes it ideal for a Christmas decoration that you can use for garlands or Christmas tree décor. Place them on your patio, windows, doors, lawn, or trees, and they will beautifully brighten up your surroundings for Christmas or a backyard party in summer.



Thus, position string lights so they can illuminate a place where the activity is going on. You may place them on the roof of your house to brighten an outdoor kitchen or from the posts of a patio to brighten the lawn or outdoor furniture.

Look for rechargeable, waterproof, battery-powered string lights, preferably those with long-lasting LED bulbs (LED lights radiate heat-free light to keep the strands cool).

Such lights eliminate the need to run extension cords across the yard, they allow for lighting in far corners of the yard without using electrical outlets, and they ensure that lights stay on safely even if made wet by rain.


Wireless LED Motion Sensor Lights

Wireless functionality gives the opportunity to spread out lights in outdoor areas where it might not be possible to use wired lighting solutions.

Wireless LED motion sensor lights are designed to enhance safety, security, and convenience anywhere around your property. Their key features include auto shut off, motion activation, long battery life, and wireless installation.

A typical motion detector senses activity from distance away with a degree sensing angle, which activates the LED motion light to produce a very bright light. If you’re planning to purchase wireless LED motion sensor lights, make sure they are waterproof, adjustable, provide bright light as well as security features.


Solar Garden Lights

If you want outdoor lights with no extra electricity costs, solar lighting is a no-brainer. Solar lights are a cost-effective option to illuminate the space around your property. During the day, the sun rays make the light fixtures charged so that they can provide wireless light after dark.

Solar garden lights are an ideal choice as they provide beautiful, decorative lighting that brings ambiance to your outdoor settings. When your barbecue feast or party takes place in the evening, the solar lights will turn on immediately after it gets dark, adding vibrant colors to the party atmosphere.


Solar Garden Globes

The solar globes are colorful garden decorations that glow in the dark. Their fascinating colors add points of interest to a place and create wonderful artistic effects without the need for wires, panels, or electrical outlets.

The solar globes automatically illuminate at dusk, adding a splash of color to your backyard, deck, or patio.

They usually include replaceable batteries and extended wiring that allows you to spread the globes out or cluster them together, as you prefer. Make sure to keep the solar panel ground stake in a spot where it can be charged up fully by the sunlight.



Wax Candles and LED Candles

Sometimes using the old, basic way is the best. And even though candles are an old-fashion lighting system, they provide a low-cost wireless source of light. Candles can be used in a number of ways to provide the mood, romantic atmosphere, and functional lighting.

These days, however, we are more and more often using flame flickering LED candles that resemble real wax candles. The LED candles are a safe option as you can comfortably place them around your backyard without worrying about any naked flame or dripping wax.

But whether you choose between real candles or LED candles depends on your choice and preference. If you decide to use wax candles, a great idea is to put tea lights, or other candles of any size, in lanterns to create mood lighting. For this, you might utilize old, cleaned out jars to make homemade lanterns.

If making your own candle holder is not your thing, why not check out this beautifully crafted, rustic style, windproof candle holder from Lady Yard.


There are even solar LED candles that are made into lanterns, which can make things easier for you. They will give you safe, wireless backyard lighting with no electricity costs.


Can You Plug Outdoor Lights Inside Your House?

Finally, if you don’t like the idea of wireless outdoor lighting, there is an alternative. You have the option of running power from your house to the outdoor lighting system.

If you are in need of power outdoors for a short time, for example, to provide lighting for a party, an extension cord will be appropriate for the time being.

However, make sure to only use an extension cord that is intended for exterior use as it is designed to withstand rain and sun, temperature changes, and some foot traffic.

For a long-term power connection for lighting that’s used on a regular basis, you will require a permanent and safe power solution. This might include adding an outdoor outlet to your house structure or running wires remotely to an outbuilding. However, these options will require a qualified electrician as installing electricity cables is not a DIY project.