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How To Arrange Furniture In A Child’s Bedroom (According To Age)


Children are always important to parents. That’s why parents have to be very careful about anything that involves them, including their bedroom furniture.

One of the most difficult dilemmas of new parents is to arrange their child’s bedroom in an appropriate and interesting way. To do this, it’s required to invest a large amount of money and show exceptional imagination and creativity.

Buying and arranging bedroom furniture is one of the most important areas to focus on when it comes to your children. Because the bedroom is not only the place where they sleep but also where they will spend most of their time playing.

You will find that children’s bedroom furniture comes in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Thus, it is not always easy to arrange and decorate a child’s bedroom.

If you have a little boy or girl, then we are sure you will be interested in hearing some of the ideas we have for you.


How to arrange furniture in a child’s bedroom?

First of all, it’s required to look at the individual stages of the children’s lives and know which period to take into account when arranging their bedroom. The child’s needs also change with their age. So you have to keep in mind that you’ll need to upgrade the furniture a few times.


The children’s age stages include the newborns (or infants), the toddlers, early childhood, and the teenagers. We explain the furnishing ideas according to those stages, so go ahead and read on…


The Newborn’s Bedroom

For the newborn, the focal point for furnishing their room will clearly be a cradle or a crib. Because the baby sleeps most of the day, the dominant feature of the room is the crib.

You may go for a convertible crib as well. The best kids’ furniture makers now offer this kind of product that is very adaptable. This sleep solution starts as an infant crib, and then “grows” into a full-sized bed to adjust alongside your growing baby. Some models can even be transformed from a crib to a toddler’s bed to a full-sized bed. This way you will never have to keep up with buying new furniture that is to accommodate your child’s growth.

After buying the crib, you will need enough other stimuli for the baby. They are supposed to create a cozy environment in which the baby will fall asleep well, but also be awake. Toys over the crib or carousel that make sounds and are diverse in colors and shapes are necessary.

The baby’s room should also have a changing table and a closet or chest of drawers for storing baby clothes, nappies, and toiletries.

Then, paintings and wallpaper decorations add a different dimension to the room. But you must avoid using dark colors and choose lighter tones instead.

Curtains, blinds, or shutters on the windows will ensure that the baby will not be exposed to the bright sun. Particularly blinds with wonderful children’s patterns and fabulous colors are getting more popular. Blinds manufacturers readily create models of blinds intended specifically for small children. These may include animal prints, cartoon and fairy tale characters, or other interesting motifs, e.g. planetary system.


child's bedroom, children's bedroom, bed, pillows, bedroom, wallpaper


The Toddler’s Bedroom

Furniture for growing kids can be purchased even at an early age. You need to arrange a toddler’s room in a smart way so that your little one has a learning corner, but also a place for toys. Small children really need lots of space for toys and other belongings. You may buy useful gadgets, such as toy baskets, wooden boxes, or various types of shelves to store these items there. Or how about an adjustable chair and a side table?

But let’s start with the bed first because it is the most important element of children’s room décor. Furniture for small children must consist of several basic types of elements such as, in particular, a comfortable and good quality bed, on which the toddler could sleep and relax.

It’s also worth choosing a child’s bed with the appropriate width and length, as well as the type of mattress to place on it. The bed should be equipped with an appropriate mattress that’s healthy for your child’s spine.

It is essential to set it in the right place, for example, it should not stand under the window or near the radiator.

Under the bed, you can put a pull-out drawer, which easily fits children’s bedding or toys.

The protection against intense sun and creating comfortable sleeping conditions for a child are most important. And these can be achieved by installing blinds. A toddler who sleeps during the day should have a well-shaded room because the strong sun rays make it difficult to relax. This issue can be solved either with blackout curtains, or blinds with shielding material of appropriate weight and light transmission.

However, the curtains accumulate dust, can be torn off the curtain rod, and take up a lot of space. Blinds seem to be safer in every respect. They are not a habitat for dust and mites, and in addition, you can cover them with an antistatic preparation. So it’s a good solution when your little one is allergic to dust. And if you choose built-in roller blinds with cassette and side guides, it is practically impossible for a child to break it while playing.

A toddler cannot stay in a place that is grey and gloomy, but they should be able to have a cozy room full of vivid colors as well as decorative motifs and toys. Therefore, it is worth seriously planning what furniture elements you intend to place in the interior of your toddler’s room. The objective is not to create too much clutter and allow the child to have fully comfortable movements.

It will be a good idea to mount various types of hanging shelves on the walls. You can put toys on them, or organize children’s books. You can also hang cabinets on the wall, where you later store, for example, their clothes.

Similarly, a well-thought decision to purchase a highchair or a child’s seat is important, too. A child cannot slouch in improper conditions, as this affects their health. To avoid any discomfort associated with posture defects, it’s a good idea to buy a swivel chair where the seat height and backrest can be automatically adjusted.

A playpen is also a great choice for toddlers as at this age, most kids can sit up, reach for, and grab nearby toys.

Choose a soft rug, with a longer or shorter fiber. The heat should flow from it to the toddlers’ feet. Make sure to select only natural materials that are not harmful to the child’s health.

The toddler wants to play and walk on the ground. They climb, walk, jump, and just can’t stand still. Therefore. the furniture pieces must be provided with covers that will protect the child from injury. Choose children’s room furniture with rounded corners for injury prevention. So protection of corners and drawers is a necessity, as are the barriers to stairs and doors.


child's bedroom, children's bedroom, bed, pillows, bedroom, wallpaper


Early Childhood Bedroom

A bedroom is a place where the growing children spend most of their time playing and learning, so you should give special attention to the design and equipment of their room.

When your child grows older and starts their kindergarten and then, a preschool, and a primary school, you will need to equip their room with a desk. The desk must be equipped with a spacious cabinet for notebooks and textbooks and a place for a school bag.

Over time, your child will need more space, so it’s worth choosing a model with drawers in which they can store various school aids such as crayons, pencils, rulers, etc.

Choosing a chair is an equally important issue. It is not worth buying a chair from the supermarket as it can expose your child’s spine to scoliosis. The chair should have adjustable height, seat depth, a backrest, and be equipped with armrests.

As far as bedroom aesthetics are concerned, it is worth ensuring that the interior has a children’s character, so it’s rich in various colors and interesting designs.

Among the furnishings of the children’s room, lamps deserve special attention. Adequate lighting should ensure an optimal level of brightness in the room, but it can also be a decorative element. In stores, you can find products in various shapes, for example resembling an airplane or a balloon.

Create a cozy and enjoyable space for their comfort! A bed that is full of fluffy pillows, with soft bedding, and a snuggly and warm blanket, will make their sleep a real pleasure.

In turn, practical storage bags and baskets will ensure that everything is tidy and organized. Accessories such as a bedside lamp, carpet, blinds, or curtains will also play an important role.

Because different sets of furniture are needed for boys and girls, parents have to take this point into account when looking to buy furniture for their kid’s bedroom.

For example, boys may be interested in sports, toys, and they love to play with their peers. Therefore, when arranging a bedroom for a boy, parents may have to get a bedroom furniture set in the different kinds of sports themes or a favorite movie hero such as a superman or spiderman.

On the other hand, little girls love to play using their imagination, and with dolls or animal figurines. As they grow older, they sleep alone rather than with their parents. Thus, parents have to find a furniture set that could provide all functions for them such as a homework table, clothes hangers, shoe storage, to let them manage everything by themselves in their own bedroom.

In the past, the kid’s bedroom furniture consisted of one bed (possibly a bunk bed) and one dresser. Well, today, all of this has changed as the manufacturers of children’s furniture have gotten even more adventurous. There are various ideas for children’s bedroom furniture whether it’s a scenery of the jungle, NASCAR, or on the high seas.


child's bedroom, children's bedroom, bed, pillows, bedroom, wallpaper, wall graffiti


At the beginning of the 20th century, the race car beds stepped out into the scene. Depending on your age, you may have had one when you were a child as well. They came complete with faux racing slicks and a steering wheel. This bed was the first kids’ furniture that was functional and very fun.

Kids all over the world dreaded the fact that they had to go to sleep. Instead, they hopped in their little beds and drove off into the night that was filled with fun dreams of racing.

When this was a big hit in the child world, other manufacturers jumped in on this idea and created similar bedroom furniture for kids. Today, you will find princess beds, beds with slides, tree houses, pirate ships, and much more. When it comes to these pieces of furniture for bedtime, the child will no longer run and hide under the cabinets or in the closet. This is because the adventurous kids’ bedroom beds are awaiting them.

If you are creating a themed room for your child, you should think about the elements of the room that will be supporting the main pieces. These would include wall décor, lighting, and wallpapers that will make the room appear cohesive.

If your kid is into a particular character, movie, or a TV show at the moment, include those elements into the bedroom. You may use lamps, bedding, and other non-permanent accents, instead of buying the whole furniture set with a theme.


child's bedroom, children's bedroom, bed, pillows, bedroom, wallpaper, wall graffiti


As an example, for a little boy, you should add a nautical lamp if you have a pirate-themed room along with a wall set that has pirates on them. You may even want to add replicas of ships in the room or paint a 3D mural with pirates and ships on the kid’s bedroom walls.

If you want to learn how to paint 3D children’s wall murals, check out our post here.

When it comes to little girls, there is a new meaning to bedroom furniture. Having a bed with a canopy over it, a dresser and a matching vanity set will work wonders for the little girl. It will give a lot of playtime fun.

On a different note, if you’re not willing to buy a themed children’s bedroom furniture, which might often be overpriced anyway, there is another option for you. If you want the kids’ furniture to last, you may select neutral pieces so that you can be sure that your child won’t age out of.

You might be tempted to give in to your child’s wishes to buy, for example, a princess or a race car bed. But very soon you will have to upgrade once your child grows out of that particular phase. Instead, you may want to choose a classic bed and make it more kid-friendly with bedding, throw, and cushions.

Another option for kids bedroom furniture is to get a bunk bed, even if you have only one child. Some bunk beds are very fun looking. Many of them have the option of having a desk at the bottom, instead of having there another mattress.

It’s a thoughtful idea to add some personalized finishing touches to your child’s bedroom as well. Use custom wall art that spells out your child’s name, and plenty of framed photos and artwork on walls. But make sure that their bedroom doesn’t feel like a nursery if you want to be sure you want to keep most of the room’s décor for years to come.


child's bedroom, children's bedroom, bed, pillows, bedroom, wallpaper, wall graffiti


The Teenagers’ Bedroom

As your little one starts to grow, the bedroom furniture will start to “grow” as well. Obviously, children who are teenagers have different needs for their rooms than small children. When they approach their teenage years, the child may not want to have themed bedroom furniture any longer.

Instead, they will need a suitable place to do their homework, a place for a computer, TV, games, etc. At this stage, children’s furniture is replaced by youth furniture.

The young person’s room furniture should have different characteristics. When choosing youth furniture, much less emphasis is placed on their safety and much more on appearance and aesthetics. This does not mean, however, that safety is not important. In the case of a small child, there is simply more probability that they hurt themselves.

Youth furniture should above all be equipped with a desk. The furniture for teens has a dual function. First of all, it allows the school children to do homework, but also to relax in front of the TV. Certainly, an older child will need a shelf for their books, DVDs, or computer games.


child's bedroom, children's bedroom, bedroom, chair, computer, desk


An important change in the teenager’s room is a new bed. When choosing a bed you should take into account the fact that the child is growing rapidly. Thus it should be adapted to their increasing height. At the same time, the bed should not take up too much space either. This is especially important if the room is small, or if more than one child lives in it

Many school children, or even college students, also use bunk beds as this type of furniture solution saves space. This way, you can have both, your bed and your desk in the same place.

Teenagers’ furniture colors and sizes are important external features that distinguish them from small children’s furniture. Older children need much larger furniture, and their preferred colors are more subdued.


In Conclusion,

As you can see, how you arrange furniture in your child’s bedroom should depend mainly on such aspects as the child’s age, individual preferences, as well as the safety and comfort of your child. The correct development of the child, both physically and mentally, depends on this to a large extent.