Fall Decorations for Front Door (Inspirations for DIY Projects)


A front door that is beautifully decorated for the coming fall season can make the whole home exterior appear a lot more attractive and inviting. With only a few easy decorating tricks and adjustments for the change of the season, it is possible to turn a boring front door into one that dazzles.

The front door is the main point of the home and the place where visitors wait to enter after ringing the bell. It is what welcomes them, so spruce it up with your DIY décor project this fall.


Fall decorations for the front door became a permanent element of the season’s landscape. Wreaths, pumpkins, lanterns, or baskets with dried flowers are just some of the decorations that play a big part in the fall décor of American homes.


Even though the fall has already arrived, you don’t need to worry because these days can also be really beautiful and colorful. It makes it even more special when you welcome the fall at the doorstep of your house, by preparing different front door decorations.

Indeed, the front door fall décor can help you make this season mild, warm, and sunny. However, even if cloudy and rainy days happen, such decorations will improve your mood anyway.

The early fall scenery appears like a rainbow of warm colors. Gold and burnt orange, saturated red and purple, and warm brown intertwined with green colors. As these colors dominate in nature at this time of year, it is worth incorporating them into various types of decorations for your home.

You can create decorations using natural elements such as discolored leaves, pine cones, chestnuts, or acorns. Twigs of wild roses and hawthorn are also extremely decorative. It is easy to create fall door decorations from tree branches, long grasses, berries, and flowers.

Besides, taking a stroll during the fall is the perfect time to obtain “decorating materials” and a great idea to spend time as well.




Fall Wreaths and Garlands for Front Door

For a high-impact update of the front door décor that can be completed in less than a day, consider reviving your door with a floral fall wreath or garland.

Making wreaths or garlands for the doors is really easy. All you need to do is to gather desired materials, e.g. twigs, leaves, or grasses, and then plait their stalks with a thin wire or a strong thread. You can also use colorful ribbons to connect the elements. Then, the ribbons will become an additional ornament of the wreath. In a similar way, you can also weave a long garland, which you hang around the door or above it.

The fall wreath on the door is, above all, an explosion of colors. When creating it yourself, you can go crazy with the options of accessories, colors, sizes, and shapes of the elements.



What Do You Need to Make a Wreath?

How you will make and arrange the fall wreath is a matter of your imagination and creativity. For example, you might need items such as:

– wicker wreath structure (you can buy it at the store or make wicker twigs by yourself)

– natural elements such as fallen leaves, flowers, chestnuts, acorns, hawthorn, twigs, nuts, rowanberries, blackthorn, herbs, dried peppers, all kinds of barberry, cane, grass cones, etc.

– silicone glue gun and silicone stick

– wires of various lengths and thickness

– thread

– yarn

– scissors

– possibly artificial flowers

– possibly styrofoam apples, red or gold little balls



Other Useful Items for Creating a DIY Wreath

Instead of a wicker wreath, you can also use objects with a wheel shape, e.g. an old tire from a bicycle or a stroller.

Remember that to keep the structure of flowers and other plant elements intact, a hair spray is helpful. They will shine nicely and last longer.

The leaves will stay fresh for longer if you gently paint their surface with wood varnish.

When making all kinds of fall decorations (including wreaths), hot glue is also indispensable. It works great, especially when attaching chestnuts and cones.

To finish off your hand-made decoration, an abundant quantity of bow (of course in a natural fall color) is preferred. However, if you don’t like cliché finishes, you might also use decorative strings, pieces of jute fabric, or simply leave the wreath without further emphasizing its already unique, natural beauty.

Now just stick a small hook or nail into the door, hang your work, and it’s all done!


A door wreath made of wine corks might also be an original solution.

As you can imagine, the most impressive wreaths are those made of natural elements such as dried plants, vegetables, and fruits. They will create a unique bouquet.

But wreaths made from red apples are particularly decorative. They can take on different forms and sparkle with unusual colors. They will be a showcase of your home and a lovely fall decoration. In addition, they will wrap the house with a pleasant, fruity aroma. Small red apples are so effective that they don’t require any other elements to create a perfect wreath.

You may also create a fragrant composition from slices of dried apples. By cutting the apple in half, you will get slices with red edges. Dry them in a dehydrator (or air dry them), and sprinkle with lemon juice so that they don’t get dark. Finally, decorate everything with anise stars and acorns.


The more elements you use to make wreaths, the better effect you will get. If you do it the first time, it’s recommended that you attach the items together in a symmetrical manner because asymmetry is very difficult to achieve!

If you don’t want to create a wreath or garland by yourself, you can also use ready-made ornaments that are available e.g. in garden stores and florists. Then, you will only need to attach the selected decorations to your door (for this you can use glue, wire, or thread) and a beautiful fall wreath can decorate the entrance to your home in no time.



What Can You Hang on the Front Door Besides a Wreath?



A hanging decoration for the front door made with pine cones is a great, simple, and effective alternative to a wreath. All you need to do is stick large, colorful, decorative ribbons onto large cones and hang it on the door.



Pumpkin is the best idea for fall decorations of the entrance of the house. There is a whole range of ornamental varieties of this fall vegetable, which astonishes with colors, shapes, and texture. Placed at the entrance to your home, pumpkins will look really decorative. Also, you don’t have to worry about their durability as pumpkins are not afraid of the fall weather fluctuations, rain, and wind.

In case you don’t like natural-looking pumpkins, you can make them look a little bit different and beautiful using paint. A pumpkin that’s painted in gold, black, or white, and decorated with fancy stickers and ribbons, or decoupaged, will be a stylish decoration for your front door steps.




Having lanterns at the entrance of your home is a very simple and quick method for the fall décor.

To make a DIY lantern, you will need:

– a couple of simple metal or wooden lanterns and jars

– a few candles in the fall colors (e.g. burnt orange, olive green, rich red, pale yellow, or vibrant purple). You may use simple cylindrical inlays as well

– decorative elements such as cones, dry leaves, nuts, small decorative pumpkins, gourds, apples, moss

– white paint and brush are optional


Preparation method for your fall lanterns:

Place new or cleaned lanterns in your desired spot outdoors. Put the dry moss and two or three candles in the two largest lanterns. Add fall vegetables and fruits, mixing their colors, textures, and sizes. Diversity is most important here!

Fill the remaining, smaller lanterns or jars with smaller items. You may use tiny decorative pumpkins, chestnuts, hazelnuts, whatever you want really. Place the lanterns beside your front door in a designated place and enjoy the simple fall DIY decoration!

If you are someone who likes original solutions, you may want to paint a few of the smallest pumpkins with white paint and put them either inside the lanterns or in front of them. Such a simple tweak will add a minimalistic character to your fall decorations for front door.



Seasonal, multi-colored flower bouquets with colorful heathers, conifers, and ornamental grasses are also a great idea for the fall decoration of the entrance to your home. The bouquets can be placed in vases but you may also use flower pots, clay pots, metal buckets, watering cans, jars, wicker baskets, and many other items that you can find at home. A stylish flower pot will be an excellent basic container for any plant composition.

Such a bouquet can be made from previously dried flowers, fall plants, grasses, evergreen ivy, and leaves.

It is worth mentioning chrysanthemums, which are the latest blooming flowers in the fall. A well-composed bouquet of chrysanthemums, embedded e.g. in a pumpkin, can be a very original decoration.

Surprisingly, ornamental cabbage also looks beautiful and stylish!

If you place the pots in front of the door, they will make the fall season look colorful and joyful, regardless of the weather.



If you love art, don’t hide your artwork indoors. By bringing it outdoors, you will extend the artistic atmosphere beyond the front door of your house and it will make a great statement.

Outdoor artwork made with waterproof canvas and aluminum is able to withstand rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. Canvas is a material that is durable, heavy-duty, and water-resistant, making it great for outdoor use for your DIY projects.



Regardless of the season, a door knocker is an interesting decoration for the front door. Choose door knockers made of solid materials, such as brass or cast iron. These door decorations are durable, made with care, and offer a vast range of models. Depending on the age and style of your house, you may choose a Baroque or Art Nouveau knocker, or with a simple modern look.

A knocker is a cheap and stylish solution for the entry door décor and you can easily replace the knocker depending on the season to make that extra impression.


Lastly, When Can You Start Decorating for Fall?

You don’t need to wait until the fall officially starts on September 22 or 23. You can display the fall decorations as early as late August. Once the colder days arrive and the weather begins to change, feel free to put up your outdoor fall décor.


Final Words,

It is not really that complicated to create a great looking front door decoration to give your home a fresh, updated look, and inviting feel for the upcoming fall season. With the few simple tips you learned here, you are now able to implement them to your own DIY projects so that everyone entering your door or just passing by is totally amazed.