Does Your Bedroom Decor Reflect Your Personality And Lifestyle?

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms so it makes perfect sense to invest time and money in designing the areas where we rest and sleep. The bedroom is an integral part of the house and being a place of rest and relaxation, it needs to incorporate an element of comfort in its décor.

When designing your bedroom, your personality and lifestyle are the determining factors on how you want this room to feel and look.

Notice that every bedroom tells a story by the way it looks. From the wall paint to the lights, beddings, and furniture, all these elements say a lot about who you are! And this is why you should put an effort into creating the bedroom of your dreams.


What Can You Tell About A Person By Their Bedroom Décor?

Some experts argue that you can tell someone’s personality, intentions, and recent activities by looking at them and using deductions along with basic psychology. However, this isn’t that easy. Plus, some factors can lead us to make the wrong conclusion.

However, a bedroom can often tell us more about a person. If you look around someone’s bedroom, you can judge what they like and who they are.



Here are a few things you can tell about a person from their bedroom décor:


Brightly Colored Furniture Pieces And Beddings

Brightly colored furnishings scream differently. Most people who buy these pieces are bold and don’t shy away from trying new things.

And different colors say different things about a person. For instance, if the dominant color is:

  • Yellow – it may mean that the person loves originality
  • Purple – the person wants to create unique and sentimental spaces
  • Navy – for people who like peace and quiet, and thoughtful rooms
  • Red – red is hard to ignore, and it could mean that the person enjoys attention or is dynamic
  • Pink – preferred by those who love romance and tenderness


Personal Artifacts On Display

One of the first things that people see about your living space is how much of yourself you’ve incorporated into your décor. A person who has displayed many personal artifacts may have a strong sense of self.


Common Décor Or Latest Décor Trends

If a room is styled like one on Instagram or Pinterest, or it has the same wall prints and hangings that most people have, it could mean that a person isn’t interested in original and different ideas.

But those who have incorporated the latest trends are mostly extroverted and ready to try new things. It could also suggest that someone doesn’t want to be left behind on trends and fads, so they are more inclined to what others are seeing about them and not what they truly feel.


Arty Creatives

Rooms filled with many works of art could mean that the person is very interested in arts and culture. For example, you can find there a bedside lamp made of a vodka bottle or many original art pieces. This décor could also fit an open-minded and liberal person who has mixed tastes.



Bedroom Décor – Styles That Reflect Personality Traits

Whether you’re planning to decorate your new bedroom or revamp your old one, there are various styles that you can opt for.
However, with the many different decorating styles out there, it can also be tricky to choose one that suits your preferences and personal needs.

Let’s go over some of the décor styles that are suitable for different personality traits:



This style has been used for many years, and it’s showing no signs of fading anytime soon. It combines a design theme and philosophy to create a simple, organized, and elegant interior.

Note that your bedroom doesn’t need to have many things to look classy. The minimalist style advocates for peace and simplicity. That means decluttering your room, limiting the color scheme, and opting for a bed without a headboard.


Urban Modern

This style incorporates several opposing and complementary styles. It combines various designs like minimalist modern, glamorous chic, etc.

You’ll use trailblazing, modern furniture designs. For example, your decorative pillows should express art and creativity. This means you can opt for vintage or geometric designs with some traditional aspects.



This is often a misunderstood design, however, there are some elements that make a design eclectic. Eclectic style is a collection of carefully chosen pieces combined to create a rich interior culture.

This results in most people thinking that anything can go with this design. But there is a difference between busy and distracting and a well-layered and collected design.

An ideal eclectic design should have a well-balanced color and texture. Therefore, you can blend old and new pieces, but try to keep the color neutral.



This style is continuing to get popularity. Boho (or Bohemian) style is for those who are free-spirited. It allows individuals to combine various cultures and artistic expressions.

Although the emphasis should be on nature with this style, you can incorporate different bright colors and bold patterns on your furniture and accents.

There’s also a modern boho style that’s trending where individuals add metallic accents, animal hides, rich wood, etc.




It includes sumptuous finishing, classic details, and many accessories. You’ll often find dark, finished wood, and various textures as well as curved lines.

Fabrics may have various patterns and textures, while furnishings have well-elaborated details. Most traditional styles incorporate layering, depth, and dimensionality. The traditional bedroom says that a person is a driven leader.



Although this is a laidback style, it is very elegant. A Scandinavian bedroom is functional, simple, uncluttered, and adds warmth with texture.

It includes natural materials and a muted color palette. Especially, simple blue and white paintings are inspired by Scandinavian culture and design.

The décor doesn’t have many curved lines or adornments, but that doesn’t mean that it is cold or sterile. This design lets you create a cozy, welcoming bedroom with some bits of romance.


How Does Your Bedroom Décor Reflect Your Lifestyle?

Well, your bedroom and the entire house should be designed according to your personality and lifestyle.

Obviously, there are different ways to design it to suit your lifestyle. For instance, if you have friends staying over a lot, you don’t want to clutter the room. Instead, design it in a way that allows your guests to walk freely.

Again, choose furniture that matches your outlook. For instance, if you have a traditional outlook, a minimal or traditional bedroom style will work best for you. Yet, those who prefer a modern and original look are better off with boho or eclectic styles.

In addition, if you are a religious person, you should consider this aspect when designing your bedroom, especially if you’re going to do prayers in it. You need to plan for a secluded corner that will allow you to pray if your religion mandates that. So make sure that you choose a suitable place.



As far as interior design is concerned, you can also often distinguish different lifestyle groups by how their rooms are decorated.

It’s important to point out that lifestyles influence the types of interiors people want. Their interior design choices can give some interesting insights into their motivations, attitudes, and in general, what appeals to these individuals.

Here are a few lifestyle groups as defined by home décor:



This person loves to travel and their excitement about the places they’ve visited is reflected in their daily life and home décor.

Travelers’ decorating style is eclectic where, for example, an African mask, Indian candlesticks, a Moroccan rug, and a Russian icon might accessorize their bedroom. They want their interiors to showcase their travel treasures.

Their approach to home décor is not about fashion but it’s about preserving the memories of their travels. They often use a bright and spicy color palette.



This lifestyle group wants to be noticed. Their decorating style will be lavish and extravagant, for example, featuring gold fixtures.

They buy initialed branded furniture, and usually know what’s hot and what’s not. Entertaining is also important to flamboyants.



Sophisticated spartans often use the “Keep It Simple” mantra as they love simplicity. For this lifestyle group, minimal means more.

A bedroom in an urban loft or a sleek suburban contemporary home may have great appeal. Large rooms with white and black colors, lots of glass, and open floor plans will appeal to this type of people.

Great design and effective use of space are key. They don’t like anything that’s too elaborate or cute.



The romantics are at the opposite end of the spectrum from the spartans. Their bedrooms are decorated in soft colors, with lots of feminine, romantic accents.

These individuals are warm and family-oriented, and they want their interiors to be nurturing but luxurious places.

They will opt for a bedroom with character, such as in the charming English Tudor, the white-columned Colonial, or the beach home style.


Outdoor Lovers

This lifestyle group loves nature and brings it indoors. Their bedrooms will incorporate natural materials like stone, logs, slate, and exposed wood.

A bedroom with a view will matter to this group. Panoramic views of the water or mountains, settings in the forest, and other outdoor landscapes will appeal to them.



Even though this is a small lifestyle group, they can be easily recognized. These are collectors and their rooms are the museum or showcase for their collection.

They may collect antiques, paintings, sculptures, or other works of art. However, whatever it is, they have a lot of it, and it takes the center stage in their bedroom.

Thus, they will need spacious rooms with lots of wall space, high ceilings, large-scale antique furniture, etc.


Keep in mind that these lifestyle groups can also use a little mixing and matching in their bedroom décor.

For instance, a spartan may add a few accessories of a traveler to expand the room appeal, or a flamboyant can simplify his room just a bit so that it also appeals to a romantic.

However, a flamboyant’s bedroom would definitely not appeal to a spartan.


How To Decorate A Bedroom To Reflect Your Personality?

Decorating a bedroom to reflect your personality is not an easy task. Since your bedroom is a safe haven where you’ll be able to relax for a long time, you should turn it into something that suits you.

But if you’re wondering where to start, here are some guidelines to help you out:


Make Some DIY Decorations

Although you can easily buy artifacts or ornaments, they won’t be that personalized as when you make the pieces yourself.

The DIY decorations will reflect your personality as you’ll have put affection and care when creating them. Plus, they can be a great way of expressing yourself.


Add Posters And Photos

Posters spice and add uniqueness to a room. They display your personality and what you are into.

By looking at them, you can know the music a person listens to, their favorites bands, movies, or TV shows.

You can also include photos of your loved ones in the room to show who you are. The people that have a place in your heart should also have a place in your room. Consider polaroid photos as you can easily pin or stick them to your room’s wall.


Add Color

Switching up colors is an excellent way of adding personality to your bedroom. If you’re legally allowed to change the colors of the walls, don’t be scared to change things up.

You can paint bright cute colors like yellow, purple, pink, etc. Just remember that the colors you paint will truly express your personality.


Inspiration Boards

If you want people to know your goals for the future every time they walk into your room, consider having an inspiration board. It also serves as motivation for you, in addition to telling people what you’re up to.


Final Thought

Your bedroom should be the one place that you can get a good night’s rest. No matter your personality, you can create a room that’s unique to you and one that you’ll love spending time in.