Does Faux Brick Wallpaper Look Good In The Bedroom?


When it comes to our bedrooms, they are not just places to sleep. These are our personal spaces where we seek comfort and relaxation. That’s why bedroom design is vital and we should create an ambiance that suits our style.

One design trend that has caught the attention of many homeowners is faux brick wallpaper. This type of wallpaper has a unique charm that’s hard to ignore. It offers the aesthetic beauty of real brick without the hassles of construction.

The idea is to bring a rustic, industrial, or even a modern twist to a bedroom, but does it really look good?

Before you embark on your bedroom makeover, you should read this post because I’ll discuss everything you need to know about faux brick wallpaper. By the time you finish reading, you’ll have a clear understanding of why this wallpaper could be the perfect addition to your bedroom décor.


Creating An Ambiance With Faux Brick Wallpaper In Various Bedroom Styles


Faux brick wallpaper isn’t limited to just one style – it’s very versatile when it comes to bedroom design. It has the ability to personalize your bedroom’s look and feel, and you have the freedom to achieve a truly unique and customized décor.

With a wide range of brick patterns, colors, and textures to choose from, it can seamlessly integrate into various design styles, including:


• Industrial

Create an urban loft atmosphere with exposed brick-style wallpaper, metal accents, and minimalist furnishings. If you’re particularly into the industrial design style, read my other article that talks about it in depth.


• Rustic

If you want to create a cozy and rustic atmosphere in your bedroom, you should consider faux brick wallpaper!

The earthy tones and textured surface of brick patterns add depth and character to your walls, making it a perfect choice for those who desire a snug, warm, and inviting ambiance.

If you’re aiming for a rustic look, you can pair the wallpaper with vintage décor, wooden furniture, soft textiles, and warm lighting for a warm and inviting rustic bedroom.


• Modern

Achieve a sleek and contemporary look by pairing brick wallpaper with clean lines, monochromatic color schemes, and minimalistic furniture.


• Eclectic

Let your creativity flow by mixing and matching brick wallpaper with eclectic furnishings and art pieces for a truly unique interior.



How To Select The Right Color And Texture Of Faux Brick Wallpaper To Match Different Bedroom Styles?


When selecting the right color and texture of brick wallpaper to match different bedroom styles, think about the overall design aesthetic and color scheme of the bedroom.

The color and texture of the wallpaper also play a significant role in setting the mood. Lighter colors can make your bedroom feel brighter and more open, while darker hues can add an element of coziness and intimacy.


Let’s check some brick color options:


Red – Red brick is a classic option for faux brick wallpaper and works well in rustic, industrial, and traditional bedroom styles. It can add warmth and texture to a room and pairs well with neutral colors like beige, gray, and white.


White – White is a versatile color, so this option works well in various design styles, including modern, farmhouse, and coastal. White brick can create a clean and bright look in a room and complements pastel colors and natural materials like wood and rattan.


Distressed – Its worn and weathered look can add character and a touch of vintage charm to your interior. Distressed brick works well in vintage, shabby chic, and eclectic bedroom styles and matches bold colors like navy, emerald, and mustard.


Gray – Modern and sophisticated for contemporary and minimalist styles. Gray brick can create a cool and calming atmosphere in a room and pairs well with metallic accents and geometric patterns.


When selecting the texture of faux brick wallpaper, consider the overall look and feel of the bedroom. Keep in mind that embossed wallpaper will add depth and dimension to a room, while smooth wallpaper can create a clean and modern look. By exploring different color and texture options, you can find wallpaper that matches your desired bedroom style.


Faux Brick Wallpaper vs. Real Brick


Are you wondering how the faux brick wallpaper compares to the real brick? Both options have their merits, but the wallpaper has some distinct advantages, particularly when it comes to bedroom design.



Real brick can be costly, not only for the materials but also for labor and construction. Faux brick wallpaper offers a budget-friendly alternative without compromising the visual appeal.


Ease Of Installation

Installing real brick requires professional masonry work, which is time-consuming. Faux brick wallpaper, on the other hand, can be a peel-and-stick solution that’s easy for DIY enthusiasts.



Real brick can accumulate dust and grime, and it might even require periodic sealing and more intensive cleaning to keep it in good condition. Brick wallpaper is low maintenance and can be cleaned with a simple wipe-down.



Real brick adds substantial weight to your walls, which may not be suitable for all structures. Brick wallpaper is lightweight and suitable for various wall types.



Types Of Faux Brick Wallpaper


Faux brick wallpaper is available in different types, and each type has its own pros and cons. When choosing a type of brick wallpaper, consider factors such as durability, ease of installation and removal, and the desired texture and appearance.

Here are some of the most common types:


Vinyl: Vinyl wallpaper is durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. Yet, it can be difficult to remove and may not be as breathable as other types of wallpaper.


Non-woven: It’s breathable as it’s made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. It’s easy to install and remove, however, non-woven wallpaper may not be as durable as other types of wallpaper.


Embossed: It adds depth and dimension to a room with a raised texture that mimics the look and feel of real brick. However, embossed wallpaper can be hard to clean and less durable than other options.


Tips For Using Faux Brick Wallpaper In Bedrooms


Now, let’s delve into the specifics and some practical advice for using faux brick wallpaper in bedrooms:


• Specific Room Considerations


Before applying faux brick wallpaper in your bedroom, select the right wall to ensure the wallpaper adheres properly, looks great, and lasts a long time. Note that some walls may require additional preparation or repairs before applying the wallpaper.

Here are some tips to help you prepare the wall:


Check the condition of the wall: Make sure the wall is in good condition and free of any damage or defects. Repair any damage like holes or dents with spackle and sand down any bumps to create a smooth and even surface.

Remove any hooks, nails, or light switch plates: These items can leave holes and raised areas on the wall, which can affect the way the wallpaper looks. Remove them and fill in any holes with putty.

Clean the wall: Make sure the wall is clean and free of any dirt, dust, or grease. If there is any paint on the wall, clean it with a solution of hot water and vinegar. The day before installing the wallpaper, wipe the wall with a damp cloth.



• Easy Installation


Not everyone is a DIY expert, and the thought of renovating a bedroom with real brick can be daunting. In turn, faux brick wallpaper is a beginner-friendly choice and a fantastic option for those who want to achieve a professional-looking result without the need for a professional installer.

Installing brick wallpaper is a straightforward process, usually as simple as peel and stick. Additionally, many manufacturers even provide detailed instructions to guide you through the process.

However, for your convenience, here’s how to install faux brick wallpaper and achieve a beautiful and realistic brick look on your wall:


Measure the wall: Measure the height and width of the wall. You can use a wallpaper calculator to determine how many rolls of wallpaper you will need.

Cut the wallpaper: Cut it to the appropriate length and leave a few extra inches at the top and bottom to allow for trimming. Make sure you match the brick pattern of the wallpaper as you cut it.

Apply the adhesive: Choose the right adhesive for the type of wallpaper you are using. Some wallpapers require a specific type of adhesive, so check the manufacturer’s instructions beforehand. Apply the adhesive using a paint roller, and make sure you apply it evenly and cover the entire surface of the wallpaper.

Hang the wallpaper: Starting from the top of the wall, carefully hang the wallpaper, making sure to match the pattern as you go. Smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles using a wallpaper smoother.

Trim the wallpaper: Once the wallpaper is hung, use a sharp utility knife to trim the excess wallpaper from the top and bottom of the wall. Make sure you cut along the edge of the wallpaper and avoid cutting into the wall.

Repeat the process: Continue hanging the wallpaper in strips until you’ve covered the entire wall. Again, make sure you match the pattern of the wallpaper and smooth out any bubbles.


• Low Maintenance


To keep your faux brick wallpaper looking fresh over time, you need to clean and maintain it properly. But maintenance is another area where faux brick wallpaper shines. It requires minimal maintenance as cleaning is a breeze – a damp cloth or sponge is usually all you need to keep your bedroom walls looking pristine.

Consider these tips:


Remember to dust regularly with a duster or microfiber-wrapped broom to prevent dirt buildup.

Spot cleaning for smudges can be done as often as needed. You may use an artist’s gum eraser or a dry sponge.

Use a well-wrung natural sponge with soapy water if your wallpaper is washable. Then wipe with a dry cloth to absorb excess moisture.

To avoid damage, make sure to never use abrasive cleaners, even on washable wallpaper.


All in all, this hassle-free installation and low maintenance make faux brick wallpaper an attractive option for a bedroom makeover.



How To Use Lighting To Enhance The Appearance Of Faux Brick Wallpaper?


Lighting can have a significant impact on the appearance of faux brick wallpaper and can be used to enhance the bedroom’s ambiance.

Here are some lighting techniques to take advantage of:


Natural light: Sunlight can bring out the texture and color of faux brick wallpaper, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in the bedroom. Place the bed near the window or use sheer curtains to diffuse the light and create a soft and cozy look.


Accent lighting: It can be used to highlight the texture and depth of faux brick wallpaper. Install wall sconces or pendant lights above the bed to create a focal point and add visual interest to the room.


Dimmer switches: Adjust the brightness with dimmer switches on overhead lights or table lamps to create a soft, cozy, and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.


Keep in mind that different lighting conditions can affect how your wallpaper looks. For example, a white brick wallpaper may look brighter and more vibrant under natural light, while a gray brick wallpaper may appear cooler and more subdued under artificial light. So, plan your bedroom for both beauty and functionality.


Potential Downsides Of Using Faux Brick Wallpaper


Despite its many benefits, faux brick wallpaper has some potential downsides. This kind of wallpaper can be less forgiving if not applied correctly, leading to visible imperfections.

Matching the wallpaper pattern when multiple rolls are used can be a challenge, especially with 3D textures like faux brick.

But I’ve got some tips to help you match the pattern:

  • Buy enough wallpaper to cover the entire wall for proper pattern matching.
  • Check the pattern repeat before you start hanging it. This will help you determine how much wallpaper you need for each strip and how to match the pattern correctly.
  • Measure and cut the wallpaper precisely with a straight edge and sharp utility knife.
  • Match patterns carefully during installation, using a wallpaper smoother for flat, smooth seams.


Common Concerns About Using Faux Brick Wallpaper In The Bedroom


As with any design choice, there are common worries and misconceptions about the suitability of brick wallpaper for bedrooms.

Let’s address some of them and provide solutions or explanations to put your mind at ease:


» Does it look fake? Not everyone finds the texture of faux brick wallpaper appealing as it might not offer the same tactile experience as real brick. In fact, even though it’s designed to look like real brick, it may not have the same texture.

TIP: To create a more realistic texture, you can use a sponge or a rag to dab some paint onto the wallpaper after it has been hung. This will create a more textured and realistic look.


» Is it too rough? Faux brick wallpaper can mimic the texture of real brick, but it doesn’t have to be rough to the touch. Some options offer a smoother texture, which you may find to be more comfortable in a bedroom setting.


» What should I do about air bubbles? This can happen when the wallpaper is not applied smoothly or when the adhesive is not evenly distributed.

To fix air bubbles, use a wallpaper smoother to gently press the bubble out toward the edge of the wallpaper. If the bubble is too large, carefully lift the wallpaper and reapply it, smoothing out any bubbles as you go.


» Will the seams be visible? Seams can be visible if the wallpaper is not hung properly or if the brick pattern is not matched correctly.

To avoid visible seams, make sure you measure and cut the wallpaper accurately and match the pattern carefully as you hang each strip. Use a wallpaper smoother to ensure that the seams are flat and smooth.


» Is it too dark for small spaces? While dark brick wallpaper can add a cozy feel, it’s not limited to small rooms. With the right lighting and décor choices, you can use dark brick wallpaper in larger spaces without making them feel cramped.


» Is it a good fit for a contemporary bedroom? Absolutely! Faux brick wallpaper comes in a variety of styles and colors, making it suitable for contemporary bedrooms. It can add an interesting contrast to sleek, modern furnishings.



Alternative Options To Using Faux Brick Wallpaper In The Bedroom


After all, if you’re not convinced that faux brick wallpaper is a good option for you, here are some alternatives that can help you create a unique bedroom atmosphere:


› Real brick veneers: They’re thin, lightweight, and provide the authenticity of real brick. They can be installed directly onto the wall using adhesive and screws, and can be painted or stained to match any décor.


› Wall panels: They can mimic the appearance of brick for a similar effect without the need for wallpaper. They come in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and PVC, and they can be easily installed using adhesive or screws. Some wall panels are even removable and reusable, making them a great choice for renters.


› Wood paneling: It can create a warm and cozy atmosphere in a bedroom. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, and can be painted or stained to match your décor. There are many different types of wood paneling available, including shiplap, beadboard, and tongue and groove.


› Textured paint techniques: Some popular techniques include sponge painting, rag rolling, and stenciling. These techniques can be used to create various textures, including brick, stone, and wood, to create a unique and interesting look on your walls.


To End Things Off…

Faux brick wallpaper can indeed look incredible in the bedroom. It is a unique, cozy, and versatile design option that’s budget-friendly, easy to install, and low-maintenance.

If you’re ready to transform your bedroom with a touch of industrial or rustic charm, or embrace a modern style, consider giving faux brick wallpaper a try!

What’s more, it’s worth noting that this wallpaper aligns with trends that currently emerge in interior design. These emerging trends involve using natural materials, bold colors, and unique textures.

Here are some examples of how faux brick wallpaper can fit into these trends:


Natural materials: It can mimic the look and feel of real brick, introducing a natural element to any room. For example, a textured faux brick design with subtle beige tones can bring rustic charm to any room.


Bold colors: Brick wallpaper comes in a range of colors, offering options from weathered and aged to fresh and pristine, and allowing for experimentation with different styles. For example, a black brick wallpaper can add a sleek and modern touch to a space.


Unique textures: It is available in various finishes and textures, such as stonewall and distressed styles. The more texturing the wallpaper has, the more realistic it’s likely to appear.


So, are you feeling inspired to start your bedroom makeover? Take the next step by browsing online collections of faux brick wallpapers that suit your vision and design style. Your dream bedroom design may be just a few clicks away.