How To Decorate A Beach House With Coastal Bird Wall Art?

Do you love the look of artwork adorning the walls of a beach house? Then why not spruce up your interiors by adding wall art that features coastal birds?

Coastal bird wall art is perfect for those who love being surrounded by nature and animals. Such a wall décor resonates with their personality and also helps bring nature indoors.

While there are many ways of decorating a home to make it look beachy, for example by adding bright seaside colors, you will achieve an equally remarkable theme if you display coastal bird art on your walls. Photos, paintings, or drawings of birds on a beautiful seashore will look alive and add some interest to your interiors.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to settle for a single, gray, and boring-looking bird for your wall display. In fact, there are lots of shorebird species to choose from. You will also be able to pick and choose from a variety of wall art types as well as color schemes, materials, shapes, and sizes. The sky is the limit here!

So keep on reading as I have some exciting ideas to share with you that hopefully, will convince you that coastal bird wall art is the perfect option to decorate walls in your beach house.


How Do You Choose The Right Coastal Bird Wall Art For Your Beach House?

Bringing coastal beauty to your home is an excellent idea, but choosing the right wall art does not always come naturally and might prove to be quite challenging.

If you’re overwhelmed or stuck trying to decide what bird artwork can create a compelling focal point in your rooms, or if you already know what you want but are trying to find the right item, this part will help you identify a coastal bird wall art that perfectly fits your style and space.

There are some things to keep in mind throughout the selection process:


Where To Place The Artwork

Before buying a work of art, you need to think about the type of room and the spot where you’re going to place it. A strategically positioned piece will create a superior focal point and complete the entire wall décor.


Consider Your Available Space

When choosing any type of wall art, the first step is usually determining the amount of space you have available on your walls. Coastal bird wall art comes in varying sizes to fit virtually all spaces, thus, whether you have a large or small wall to fill, you will always find a perfect size piece for your needs.


Consider The Existing Décor

By adding bird wall art you want to create welcoming, beach-inspired rooms that are all about what you love most about this theme.

No matter what artworks you opt for, or what furniture or wall coverings you already have, you need to pair complementary colors, patterns, and styles so that your beachy décor doesn’t look odd.


The Ambiance You Want To Create

The fact that you have decorated your home in a coastal style clearly shows that you enjoy the beach life.

Because you’re after creating a lively but cozy space, it makes perfect sense to choose a coastal bird wall art that enhances the feeling and mood you are looking to introduce into your home. Art pieces carrying warm colors are more suitable for creating a summer glow indoors.


Choose Art That Makes You Happy

The wall art with coastal bird motifs that you choose not only displays what you love about the beach and coastal environment but also showcases your personality and love for the animals.

For this reason, you need to select an artwork that tickles your fancy. Let your personality shine through your art choices by picking a piece that you are truly attracted to.


How Should You Arrange Art Pieces On The Wall?

Artwork is an excellent way to make any space beautiful and welcoming. The right coastal bird wall art sets the tone for your beach-themed décor by keeping the space inviting while highlighting your personality.

But when decorating a beach house with coastal-inspired wall art, one of the tricky things is knowing where and how to hang your charming decorations. You may opt to create one impressively curated gallery wall or display your chosen art on two or three walls.

Once you’ve figured out what exactly to display on your walls, there is much more to consider when hanging it up the wall. You need to position your artworks in a way as to achieve a captivating arrangement and ensure your walls feel cohesive.


Although the process seems daunting, especially if you’re not a savvy interior designer, here are some tips you can adopt to make the process a little bit easier and more fun:


Hang Artwork At Eye Level

When arranging art pieces in a room, one of the things you should focus on is making the focal point ergonomic. By setting up your coastal wall art more or less at eye level, you (and your guests) will find it comfortably placed and pleasant to look at it while seated.


Wall Art Groupings

If you’re hanging a grouping, trace each piece on kraft paper, label the tracing, and cut each out. Try arranging the papers until you get the layout you like. This way you will get a perfect arrangement without damaging the wall.


Mix Up Sizes And Orientations

If you are creating a gallery wall or hanging a grouping above your couch, it’ll look best when you put together pieces of different sizes. Create a mix of vertical, horizontal, circular, and oval pieces to create a stunning focal point.


Get Creative With Your Artwork

Reorganizing your artwork can add an original look to it. For example, you can place two heron paintings side by side so that the two birds are facing each other.


Allow For Negative Space

It’s a good idea to leave some walls undecorated so as not to overwhelm your mind. This means you don’t have to display artwork on every wall in the room. Having a negative space makes your art of choice stand out, making it an attractive focal point.


Arranging pieces of art doesn’t need to be very hard. You will always find an approach that makes your space cozy and creates a beachy feel. With the right coastal bird wall art, you can even achieve a modern, minimalist vibe.


Ideas For Decorating a Beach House With Coastal Bird Wall Art

If you are a bird lover, hanging eye-catching artwork that portrays coastal birds is a fantastic idea. Such pieces can help enhance the beachy vibe throughout your home.

So, let’s go over some of the best coastal bird wall art ideas:


Art Prints On Canvas

Coastal wall art on canvas is one of the best ways to show off your favorite shore birds while making your home look lively.

Go for art printed on a canvas as it will have more weight and higher quality than art prints on thin paper, especially if you want something in a large size.

There are various sizes and coastal designs to select from that will cater to your needs. Canvas prints are also a more versatile solution for decorating your interior walls. Whether you want your canvas art to be elegant or minimalist, extravagant or simple, the options are infinite. Just decide what you want or what will fit perfectly with your coastal décor.

If your interiors are plain and simple, and with enough amount of daylight, a canvas print with bright colors and flattering details will be great to complement your single-toned walls. Much like this panorama canvas art print, showcasing a group of flamingos along the seashore. The canvas is made of strong, unbleached cloth that’s stretched on a wooden frame.



Alternatively, if you have walls in different colors and textures, a plain canvas print with monochromatic shades will be an effective way to balance out the entire look.


Oversized Posters

If your wall is wide enough, then nothing is stopping you from showing off an art piece of this size. But very large pieces will look excessive on walls in living rooms and guest rooms.

An oversized poster of coastal birds is another excellent way to decorate your beach house. If you have a large wall to fill, you can buy an oversized poster exhibiting different species of coastal birds, such as a Heron, Egret, Cormorant, Sandpiper, Ibis, Piping Plover, or Terns.

Think of an oversized poster of a Pelican on a soothing, water background at the center of your wall.



You can also find a variety of posters that feature images of pelicans while swimming, gliding, resting, or feeding.

Oversized posters are a good idea particularly for those who want to display an image of their favorite bird species.


Gallery Wall With Small Acrylic Prints

You can also decorate your beach house by grouping together several pieces of small acrylic prints to make a gallery wall. A beautifully curated gallery wall is a perfect way to bring coastal life into your home and create a unique look that will allow you to enjoy the everlasting summer feel.

If this is your preferred option for decorating walls, you may choose to display all your favorite wading birds, but don’t forget to mix it up. Depending on your preferences, you can mix styles and bird types, or stick to those that feel right to you. After all, there is no one size fits all formula for grouping artworks. Without a doubt, a collection of acrylic prints will look fabulous on a gallery wall in any home.

This beautiful, Snowy Plover Sandpipers acrylic print brings to mind memories of soothing, summer days.




Wall Panel Prints

If you’re looking for large-scale art that spans across a wall, you might opt for wall panels where you can get beautiful photos of your favorite shorebirds printed on a set of canvas panels. Wall panel prints offer a great deal of high-quality, vibrant colors, which allows you to create a truly unique home décor.

A panel set usually consists of 3 or 5 canvas photo prints and adds a real gallery feel to your room. Everyone will feel like they’ve just walked into an art museum!

As wall panels are very large, they can really command a space and make a statement. However, don’t surround them with other small art pieces because the panels will look out of place.


Vertical Metal Wall Art

Vertically orientated metal prints look artistic and classy at the same time. If you want to hang a few smaller metal art pieces on each wall, this can work but remember that very small items tend to look clunky and not as neat as larger pieces.

In addition to offering different designs, vertical metal prints with a stunning image of a coastal bird are oozing with elegance, charm, and modernity. The sleek finish of metal art prints goes perfectly with contemporary interior styles that promote a minimalistic type of aesthetics.

This painting of Semipalmated Plovers parading the beach looks so realistic. The image is printed directly onto a thin, glossy aluminum sheet, boosting the painting’s rich colors to produce magnificent results.



Hanging Tapestry Wall Art

If you’re a fan of textile arts, you can hang a large piece of tapestry wall art carrying the images of your beloved coastal birds. The hanging tapestry showcases a beautiful painting, photograph, or digital art that will look trendy and can create a superior focal point.

Tapestries do not come in a frame but they’re images printed on fabrics that are allowed to hang loosely from a rod running along the top. Tapestries are typically very large, so an open wall is needed to display them. This way they look their best.

The lightweight, microfiber tapestry features a photograph of a majestic Double-crested Cormorant. Both the capture and the texture are so impressive. Love the way the sunlight is shining through its wings.



Square Framed Prints

Framed prints are probably the most popular type of wall art to decorate your interiors with, and it’s so easy to purchase artwork that has already been framed.

If you prefer customized coastal birds wall art or just want to create a gallery wall in your beach house, then smaller, square, framed prints are the way to go. The framing protects your art print from harsh conditions, and you can always swap art prints to satisfy your décor needs.

This cool-toned, coastal-themed painting portrays a Great Egret and is in a black and silver frame. If you’ve got a wall to fill, this color scheme is perfect to match your beachy décor!



Watercolor Art Prints on Wood

Watercolor art prints are incredibly soft, delicate, and beautiful. They will look great in virtually any interior due to the flowing lines and sublime use of color. However, when selecting this type of art, you need to pay special attention and pick a piece that is large enough so that the details are easy to see.

If you want to enjoy a bit of warmth of wood in your beach house, look no further than watercolor art prints on wood. You can display images of your most cherished shore bird species on wood. That way, you will make your home feel even more special.

This gorgeous Great Blue Heron wood print is a pleasure to look at. The watercolor image is printed on a sheet of thick maple wood, which creates a beautiful contrast. It’s such an elegant, inspiring artwork with minimalist colors.



On a Final Note,

Whether you live anywhere near the coast or not, you can decorate your home with your favorite coastal bird wall art to create a captivating, beach-themed look. With the tips in this post, you will bring the coastal life right into your home.