Can a Beach Umbrella Be Used as a Patio Umbrella?


Depending on their design and manufacturer, different types of umbrellas might serve different purposes. Obviously, the basic and traditional purpose of using an umbrella has always been for your protection.

Whether you can use a beach umbrella as a patio umbrella, or not, is left to your discretion. By default, a beach umbrella has a thick pole designed for securing it into the sand, but you can easily convert this umbrella by yourself so it fits well into the patio table.

You can use a beach umbrella on your patio, if you decide to do so. Whats more, many types of beach umbrellas might work perfectly for patios as they are sturdy, have durable construction, offer protection from UV rays and the elements, and can brighten up your backyard with beautiful colors.

So now you know the answer to your question, but if you would like to know more, keep on reading as I will expand things further by looking at various aspects of these two different yet similar-looking umbrellas, and how you can actually convert the beach umbrella to a patio umbrella.


Beach Umbrella vs Patio Umbrella

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the beach and patio umbrellas look a lot alike, but there are a couple of fundamental differences you need to know about:

Beach umbrellas require a pointed base that helps to spike the beach sand anytime it is to be used.

The pole used for the patio umbrella is much thicker to prevent it from snapping and hurting anyone.

The patio umbrella requires a base while the beach umbrella does not.

Patio umbrellas are far heavier than beach umbrellas since they are usually not being picked up, carried around, and positioned like the beach umbrellas.

The pole of the patio umbrella is usually made in a way so it can fit comfortably into the hole of the patio table.

Patio umbrellas have a flat bottom pole, which makes it difficult to use when it comes to spiking and digging.



How to Convert a Beach Umbrella into a Patio Umbrella

Doing an umbrella conversion would definitely improve your DIY skills because you would have accomplished a project that’s not only exciting but also very useful.

The fact is that the beach umbrella is pretty lightweight. Thus, making use of it as a patio umbrella means that you would need to make some creative changes, ones that would give it a solid base.

In this section, I’m going to take a look at some of the best ways to do a beach to patio umbrella conversion. This converted umbrella can be either inserted into the center of your patio table, or used without a table.

Materials needed:

  • Beach umbrella
  • PVC pipe
  • Planter – preferably concrete
  • Rocks or soil
  • Dry concrete
  • Water

The first thing you need to do is gather your materials and keep them close to you so you wouldn’t have to keep moving them over to the patio whenever you need them.

As soon as you have all your materials organized, you need to prepare your PVC pipe. Position the pipe in the middle of your planter, paying attention that it is straight. You can get someone to help you hold the pipe just to make sure that it is leveled.

Once you have your PVC pipe inserted correctly in the planter, pour in your dry concrete and fill it halfway. Spread the concrete very well, add some water, and make sure that you just let it seep in. Even when you see the water seeping through with bubbles, know that it is working just fine. Avoid leaving the pipe alone as you will need to hold it in place for a while.

After you confirm that the PVC pipe is stable, let it dry. This could take about four hours, but for those of you who live in humid areas, you should leave it overnight so it dries completely.

Verify that the pipe is dry, you can then gently fit in the beach umbrella, whether through a table or not. You can adjust the pipe to the level that you prefer or is most suitable for the table.

Finally, you can add either the collected rocks or soil to the planter to give it a more natural and unique look.

This is one of the best methods that allows you to convert your beach umbrella to a patio umbrella, and you can still make use of it as a beach umbrella whenever you want to. This is a simple and effective DIY umbrella conversion which anyone can do with ease.



Benefits Of Converting a Beach Umbrella into a Patio Umbrella

Now that know how to convert your beach umbrella to a patio umbrella, the best way to convince you to try it, is by providing some benefits of the patio umbrella in your yard.

So, here are some of the great benefits that await your patio if you decide to do this easy conversion:

Modern beach umbrellas are so versatile that they can be installed in different ways. One of the options is where the pole is fixed into the center of a patio table, but there are freestanding models as well.

With the patio umbrella, you can keep your outdoor furniture and everything on your patio table safe from rain or excessive sunlight. Whatever it is, you literally have an ideal cover, which can damage your food and other things such as phones, that you have on your table.

The summer sun can sometimes be harsh on the skin, but with your patio umbrella, you are well covered and can at least prevent sunburns, especially those of you who are sensitive to the sun.

When you choose the right quality fabric, it will help block harmful UV sun rays, and you’ll have peace of mind that you’re protected.

Also, you can spend time in your yard with family and friends, and enjoy cool shade underneath the umbrella on a hot summer day.

The colorful umbrella will bring out the beauty of your patio. You’re able to choose any style, size, or patterns you want! This is a simple and classy furniture addition to your backyard, and you can position it in different places, depending on how creative you want to be. Your umbrella will be a great outdoor furniture element that adds height.


Best Beach Umbrellas for Your Patio DIY Conversion

Now that you understand the benefits as well as the easy DIY conversion of these umbrellas, we will take a look at some of the best beach umbrellas you can buy and convert for use on the patio.

These are some of the best choices you can use, particularly because these beach umbrellas would not fall apart when you keep using them and they are not as heavy as the regular patio umbrellas.


The Tommy Bahama Deluxe 7-Foot Beach Umbrella

The high quality and stylish Tommy Bahama Deluxe 7-foot beach umbrella is a great option to use in your backyard. It includes a built-in anchor, or a sand auger, that is very stable, easy to set up, and can fit well into your PVC pipe.

It’s equipped with sturdy aluminum ribs, and canopy’s air vents at the top that allow the wind to blow right through them, which prevents unnecessary pressure from trying to blow the umbrella away.

It has an aluminum undercoating that helps block most of the UV rays. Contrary to the majority of other umbrellas, the Tommy Bahama Deluxe model has the ability to tilt in both directions, which is important as the sun changes position throughout the day.


Source: Tommy Bahama/Pinterest


The EasyGo 8-Foot Heavy Duty High Wind Beach Umbrella

It is a giant umbrella that is far stronger than other beach umbrellas as it includes a sturdy pole, air vents, thicker fiberglass ribs and extra-thick walls for high wind resistance.

Despite that, it is lightweight. It features a rust-free anodized aluminum pole with height adjustment options along with an easy tilt mechanism to track the sun and adjust your shade.

Like other beach umbrellas, its canopy has UV coated fabric for superior protection against sun rays.

The EasyGo is provided with a fabric carrying bag for portable use and a heavy-duty sand auger to effortlessly anchor the umbrella into the sand or ground.


The Wakeman Outdoor Umbrella

It is a 7-foot tent-style umbrella that allows for full coverage protection from the sun both from the top and the side as it features side flaps.

Even though this umbrella is lightweight, it does the patio job effectively, With easy set-up and a carrying case, it is convenient to store and carry around for use at the beach as well.

The Wakeman Outdoor umbrella also includes a side window that offers extra airflow, interior pockets for convenient storing of valuables, as well as a telescoping pole to adjust the height.

It’s made from water repellent material which makes it ideal to keep you dry and comfortable during your outdoor activities on the patio.


The Super-Brella Sun and Rain Canopy Umbrella

This option is definitely great if you want to use it close to the wall. This beach umbrella is usually placed at an angle that covers not just the top but also the back of individuals using it. You can simply focus on making your installation close to any exterior wall of the house.

The Super-Brella is weather-resistant and water repellent, thus, it can withstand exposure to kinds of weather conditions, from sunlight and rain, to wind. This UPF 50+ sun and rain canopy umbrella protects well from UVA and UVB rays.

It includes side flaps for complete shelter protection, zippered windows for efficient airflow, and internal pockets for storage of your belongings.


The PIEDLE Portable Beach Umbrella

Even though the PIEDLE Portable umbrella is a beach umbrella, it would fit perfectly into any patio décor as it offers a multitude of vibrant colors and stripe patterns.

The fabric contains silver-coated underlining, which is not only stylish but also offers a strong protection from 98% of intensive ultraviolet sun rays.

Just like the Wakeman Outdoor umbrella, the PIEDLE portable model is designed with air vented and flap canopy at the top to enable adequate airflow and to protect from cover inversion.

Also, it is convenient to handle and store in its fabric, zipped carrying bag.

You can easily take off the integrated sand auger with a simple twist so that it fits perfectly into your PVC pipe. The tilting feature allows you to easily adapt it to the moving sun.


The AMMSUN Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella

It is a beautiful beach umbrella and its design will easily catch people’s attention.

This sturdy and portable model has air vents as well as a tilting mechanism for getting the best shade. It’s just perfect to relax on the patio under the 50+ UPF umbrella with a cool breeze. However, keep in mind that it’s not compatible with winds that are too strong.

The AMMSUN will not become a hassle to carry around as well since it includes a carry-on case.


The Rio Beach 6-Foot UPF 50+ Beach Umbrella

You will not be disappointed with buying an umbrella from the Rio brand. The Rio Beach 6-Foot UPF 50+ beach umbrella is very affordable but it contains all the features that every beach umbrella should have.

And they include: 50+ UPF protection from the harmful UV rays; canopy’s telescopic and tilting mechanism for adjusting it according to the sun’s position; pole and ribs made of high-quality steel for extra durability; air vent providing stability of the umbrella in tough weather conditions; carry-on bag, extremely durable rugged 300D polyester fabric.


The Xbrellas High Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella

I’ve decided to save the best for the last because it is an excellent choice for your patio. Unlike other beach umbrellas, the Xbrellas has a unique and creative design that makes it windproof and able to resist extremely high wind conditions. It won’t fall over even in winds up to 40 MPH.

Even though it is a large, strong, and firm umbrella, its construction is lightweight and designed for easy set-up. It comes with heavy-duty, sturdy fiberglass ribs and marine-grade canvas fabric.

Being 7.5ft in diameter, it’s perfect for having consistent shade so that you can enjoy your day on the patio with family and friends, without the fear and worry of your umbrella falling over.


The Bottom Line,

The one thing I tried to accomplish here is to convince you that a beach umbrella can definitely be used as a patio umbrella and more so with a lot of finesse.

So, let your creativity guide you, and if you have a beach umbrella lying around somewhere in your house, there is nothing stopping you from transforming your patio with the help of this gorgeous and colorful beach umbrella.

Large beach umbrellas are usually made with waterproof and wind-resistant fabrics, therefore, they will increase the possibility of activities on your patio.

They are suitable for all sorts of outdoor events like patio chillouts, dining, or picnics in the backyard. Also, don’t forget to install one of these fun umbrellas for your next party!