Are Wall Decals Tacky And Out Of Style? Avoid These Mistakes!

Everyone would agree that wall decals can be easily installed and are inexpensive. But does that make them tacky? Are they already out of style?

Wall decals are still in style these days, and decorating your home with them is easier than you think!

They are a fun and simple way to customize your interiors as much as your imagination allows, and everyone who sees them is sure to be impressed.

Motivational phrases, concise sayings, song lyrics, oversize prints, fun motifs, striking graphics, and even murals for the entire wall, it’s possible to buy wall decals in every size, shape, color, and form.

Companies offer many designs for decals, from witty to whimsical. You can even order custom designs and have your own idea interpreted on vinyl. And whenever you get bored with a particular decal, just peel it off, throw it away, and get a new piece.

Keep reading as I have some great tips to share on the best way to spice up your walls with decals so that they look tasteful and modern.


Are Wall Decals Tacky?

If wall decals make you think of kitschy, life-size cartoon characters or cars, you might be surprised to see today’s generation of adhesive wall art.

You will find sophisticated wall decals to achieve the sophisticated aesthetics you’re after. Such wall art can range from small, delicate quotes to bold, wall-covering graphics.

Displaying some famous quotes and sayings, for example, “Home is where the heart is” or “Always kiss me goodnight”, might look somewhat old-fashioned and tacky.

However, other decals that use a dose of humor, irony, or sarcasm, can work well with most interior design styles.

Wall decals will most definitely look tacky and cheap in homes with traditional décor. But interiors decorated, for example, in modern, minimalist, boho, shabby chic, coastal, industrial, or Scandi interior design styles, can proudly display appropriate decal pieces on the walls.



Tips For Decorating With Wall Decals

You can get creative with graphics and colors, and here the options are endless. And with little expense, you can move your decals around your home as often as you wish.

You don’t need to use a lot of decals in one room. Remember to plan in advance what exactly you want to put on your wall. When a room, or even an entire house, is overwhelmed by an overkill of wall decals, it can definitely look tacky.

All you need is just one large decal or self-adhesive inscription, or a couple of smaller stickers within a space. Use your special decals to create and define a concept corner, for example a reading nook.

If you combine them in an interesting and tasteful way, you will definitely get an impressive composition. Put together different styles, colors, and types to give the space a unique character.

Here, the golden rule is “less is more”. Follow this rule and don’t apply all the decals that catch your eye to the wall as it will look pretty tacky.

In addition, it’s important to choose decal colors that either complement or contrast with other decorative elements you already have in the room. By understanding how color combinations work, you will not make the mistake and create an effect that feels extreme, overwhelming, unattractive, and possibly tacky!

You may use wall decals that are original and bold to make that dramatic statement within an interior.

However, if your goal is not to create a feature wall but only to complement other highlights in your space, such as a unique painting or designer furniture, then it makes sense to choose smaller decals that will serve as an interesting backdrop without overpowering the “star” of the room.


Why not turn your dream bedroom into a reality with 3D wall decals?

3D wall decals and 3D stickers (which are smaller by nature) will give an extra dimension to the walls, thus making your home look more modern. Their 3D quality will instantly make the textured designs pop off the wall and completely transform the interior.

Wall decals are indeed a fast decorating fix for bare walls but you can also opt for decals if you want to disguise small flaws in your wall surface while adding character to your space at the same time.

The size of the decal really depends on the size and the objective of your space. If you have a small room or a wall space that’s hard to decorate, you need to think creatively, and this is where a single, graphic image decal can work best.

Graphic shapes or patterns can add some fun and excitement to otherwise just painted, boring walls. For example, a simple black silhouette of a lamp, chandelier, or tree can add some interest to a blank, one-tone wall.

A headboard decal or decals depicting furniture pieces like chairs will not only not take up any space but also introduce a playful decorative element into a small bedroom.

Also, wall decals are a specific form of art that will be appropriate for the right person, most likely a young adult or a child, to make their rooms decorative and whimsical. The decals will also look great in a very casual space, bathroom, kitchen, or pantry.




Wall decals are just perfect for a kid’s and teen’s room. Here, you can apply favorite and popular characters from children’s cartoons or movies.

But the decals are not just limited to kids’ motifs. Other designs will also add some style and sophistication.

These might be oversized images of the outdoor scenes, sports heroes, or words of affirmation. Animal prints, graphic stripes and dots, even message boards and dry-erase maps are among the many options.

In nurseries, wall decals can be a smart choice. A couple of stylized trees overlooking the crib, with their bright pops of color are just the thing to attract your baby’s attention.


Are Wall Decals Permanent Or Removable?

If you’re looking for a cool, temporary wall decoration idea that’s somewhere between wallpaper and a plain painted surface, decals will fit the bill.

The largest selection of decals is available online, but no matter where you buy them, these peel and stick wall decals are made of vinyl and are easy to put up.

All you have to do is measure everything, mark the orientation, peel off the backing so that the adhesive side is exposed. Lastly, carefully stick the decal to your wall and smooth it out.

Within minutes you have a brand-new wall decoration that can be easily removed and reused in the future when you decide to change the look of your room or move it to a new location.

The decals can be positioned and repositioned as often as you like, they will not ruin your walls and will not leave a trace.

But keep in mind that even though wall decals are designed to be removable, after staying on the wall for a long time, they might do some damage to the wall paint so be prepared for minor repairs when peeling them off.


Final Thoughts,

I hope that you are now convinced that wall decals are still not out of style and they are an amazing tool to add a sense of fun to your home or office décor. They are an easy and affordable way of bringing color and interest to a room.

However, it’s also important to pay close attention to the quality of the decals you buy. Are you worried that your wall decal will look a bit childish because you have had a bad experience with cheap, low-quality products?

When you select a high-quality product with detailed print on thick foil, you can rest assured that it will not look tacky or childish. Your decorated walls will look beautiful, original, and impressive, and the decal will match your personality or interior design style.