Are Hanging Flower Baskets A Classic Touch Or Old-Fashioned Décor?

People have been decorating their homes and outdoor spaces with hanging flower baskets for centuries. They were particularly popular from the European Renaissance to the Victorian era but in recent years, however, the hanging baskets have started to seem a bit out of style in some places.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that they are a thing of the past and they aren’t still a great way to add some charm and beauty to your home designed in a modern style!

The method of decorating the house with hanging flower baskets is more traditional though, and not everyone likes the way they look. Anyhow, I doubt that using hanging flower baskets is going to be considered old-fashioned any time soon or ever fade into oblivion.

In this article, I will go through in more detail whether hanging flower baskets are old-fashioned, or maybe they convey timeless beauty and classic touch. So don’t skip the rest of my post if you want to learn more!


Are Hanging Flower Baskets Old-Fashioned?


Hanging flower baskets have been around as long as people built houses and wanted to decorate them with something beautiful like flowers.

However, exterior house decorating has its limitations. There are only so many places to put garlands, wreaths, and other decorative items on doors and windows to provide your home with some attractive curb appeal.

Outdoor hanging baskets are one of the best ways to decorate your house and hide any bad spots you may not want your neighbors and visitors to see.

There is no chance that this method of home decorating will ever become obsolete. Instead, what will go out of style will be the appearance of those baskets and the flowers or plants you put in them.

So don’t give up on this method of making your house look nice and appealing. It is a tried and true method that will always enhance the value of your home and make it feel cozy.

Plus, it is an ideal way to enjoy the beauty of flowers when your yard is not big enough for a big garden, or you live in an apartment. Then if you place them in your home, they are a great way to decorate your windows, balcony, porch, patio, or make the rooms look more cheerful and colorful.



What Are The Advantages Of Having A Hanging Basket In Your Home?


Most people, however, would not use hanging baskets inside their homes. This is because the watering of the plants can ruin the floor, carpet, curtains, and the window sill. But if you like the look of flowers, artificial hanging baskets would be the best to use indoors.

You would not have to worry about bugs and other garden pests, nor would you waste time watering the flowers. You just get to enjoy the look of those fake plants at any time.


In general, here are some other advantages of using hanging baskets over having plants in a garden:

#1. No pests

The garden is easy access for various pests that like to munch on flowers or their leaves. Instead, if you have your basket hanging on the wall or sitting on a tall stand, this will keep those flowers and plants safe from these pests.


#2. You have better soil to use

Instead of using the soil that is naturally found in your yard, hanging baskets allow you to put the best soil in them, which helps provide the flowers with better nutrients.


#3. Ease of access

As you get older, kneeling down can be very difficult. Your physical condition could make it harder to do your weeding and other garden activities. Hanging baskets allow your joints to get a rest from gardening, which makes it easier to care for the plants inside the baskets.



Which Basket Looks Good And Which Looks Tacky?


Everyone will have different tastes and they will not always agree on which hanging baskets look great and which look tacky. This is what makes the world so special.

We do not have to suffer through looking at one type of hanging baskets, but can appreciate those that look a little less stellar than other types.

One hanging basket that looks tacky will be the macrame type. The hippy years disappeared almost 50 years ago and they should not come back. Macrame has its place, but not as a hanging basket.

One that looks good is a nice cedar-designed basket with a hanger that fits the look. This is perfect for cottages and those homes with wrap-around porches. In the right setting, wicker baskets can look perfect in a home situation. However, in the wrong setting, they simply look tacky. They are not the best material to use for an outdoor basket as wicker is susceptible to the elements.

Metal or wire hanging baskets are the same as wicker ones. They can look good and they can look very out of place.

Plastic would be another tacky hanging basket to use. Plastic rarely looks good at any time.

Fortunately, with the right selection of live flowers, you can use any hanging basket as the flowers will grow so big that they may cover the tacky appearance of the basket.



What Plants Are Best For A Hanging Basket?


There are many different flowers or plants that look great in a hanging basket. What should your deciding factor be, is the weather they can endure. You need to have sun-loving plants in the areas that get the most sun, and you need plants for those shady spots that do not get a lot of sun.

Here is a list of plants that will work for both situations:


Plants for the sun





Ivy geranium








Creeping Charlie

Licorice plant

Lotus vine

Sweet potato vine

Trailing lobelia

Trailing petunia




Plants for the shade








Polka-dot plant

Creeping Jenny



Other weather factors to consider when buying plants for your outdoor hanging flower baskets will be whether they can withstand a drying wind, excessive rain, or heat.

Then make sure the plants have great soil and never dry out. The latter will be a problem when you go on vacation.



How Do You Make A Hanging Flower Basket?


There are many different ways to make a hanging flower basket as there are materials you can use.

Here is just one method that will work just fine in case you are not handy with wood and woodworking tools:


Step one – Find a wire hanger that is in the shape you want to use.

Step two – Place a towel in a regular flower pot and then place the wire hanger inside the towel. This will help make lining the pot easier and keep it stable while you work.

Step three – Line the inside with moss. Use a sheet or sphagnum moss with the green side out. Make sure there are no gaps or holes.

Step four – To make the liner, use coconut coir that fits perfectly inside the moss and the wire hanger. Trim the top edge so that the liner cannot be seen.

Step five – Add the soil until the pot is about two-thirds full. You want to leave room for the flowers.

Step six – Once everything is done, you are now ready to plant the flowers. After that, you simply hang the plant and the hanging flower basket in the spot you chose before you started this project.


On A Final Note,

Hanging flower baskets are actually quite popular in many parts of the world, from the balconies of European cities to the terrace gardens of Asian countries.

They are a welcome and decorative addition to any house or yard. Not only do they provide a burst of vibrant color, but they also add a touch of charm and character to the area.

So never worry if hanging flower baskets are old-fashioned or not. When done correctly, they will look great no matter the era you are living in. Beautiful flowers never go out of style whether they are hung up or planted in the ground.

They come in a variety of sizes and styles, so that you can find the perfect fit for your home. But the key is to make sure the baskets and the flowers match the look of your home and do not contrast with it. For curb appeal, everything around your house has to work together.