Add A Coastal Dining Room Set For A Relaxed Beach House Look

A coastal dining room set is an essential piece of furniture in a beach house whenever you want to create an ambiance that embraces relaxation and a laid-back lifestyle. Thus, the furniture set should reflect the relaxed and airy vibe of the coastal lifestyle, while also being practical and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of sandy feet and salty air.

In this post, I will cover various aspects of choosing the perfect coastal dining room set, including popular styles, materials, patterns, designs, and shapes.

So c’mon join me to discover how to transform the dining area in your beach house into a coastal haven!


What Are The Popular Styles Of Coastal Dining Room Furniture Sets?


When it comes to coastal dining room sets, there is a wide range of styles to choose from, each reflecting the essence of coastal living.

Let’s mention some of the popular styles:


Coastal Cottage

This style focuses on natural materials like wood and wicker.

The dining room sets offer a charming and cozy atmosphere with distressed wood finishes, pastel colors, and beach-inspired motifs. The Coastal Cottage style brings a feeling of the sea to the dining table.

A farmhouse-style table with slip-covered chairs will evoke a cozy and inviting ambiance in your dining room.



These sets capture the spirit of the sea with elements such as rope accents, sailboats, anchors, weathered finishes, and navy blue or white hues.

To create a fun and playful atmosphere, this style can feature a dining table with a distressed wood finish and nautical-themed chairs.


Tropical Paradise

These sets evoke a sense of exoticism and lush greenery with bamboo or rattan accents, vibrant colors, and floral patterns.


Modern Coastal

For a contemporary twist, modern coastal sets feature sleek lines, minimalistic designs, and a natural color scheme that includes a lot of white, sandy, or ivory neutrals. This will allow the coastal elements to shine.


Rustic Coastal

Natural materials such as wood and stone are the main element in this style, and there is an emphasis on warmth and texture. Pairing a farmhouse-style dining table with mismatched chairs will create a cozy and inviting look.


Vintage Coastal

You can find vintage or retro pieces in this style, for example, a reclaimed wood dining table or antique dining chairs. The overall look is also casual and relaxed, with a good mix of textures and materials.



How To Choose A Style Of Coastal Dining Room Sets That Fits The Overall Aesthetic Of A Beach House?


The style of your dining room set should be in line with the overall aesthetic of your beach house. Make sure there is harmony between your dining room set and the overall aesthetic of the house.

You need to consider the following factors:


Architectural Style:

Assess the architectural style of your beach house. Is it a classic coastal cottage, a modern beachfront villa, or a tropical retreat?

Then select a dining set that complements the existing design elements.

For example, if you have a modern beach house, a sleek and minimalist dining room set would be a good fit. For a more traditional beach house, a rustic or farmhouse style dining set would be perfect.


Color Scheme:

Decide on the dominant colors in your beach house’s interior. Coastal dining room sets typically feature sand and ocean hues like whites, blues, greens, and sandy neutrals.

Then choose a set that blends seamlessly with your current color scheme. Use earthy colors to create a calming effect.


Personal Taste:

Consider your personal preferences and the atmosphere you want to create in your dining area. Do you prefer a casual and rustic look, or a more refined and contemporary feel?

Then go for a style that resonates with your vision!


What Are The Materials Used In Coastal Dining Room Sets?


Coastal dining room sets utilize a variety of materials that reflect the coastal aesthetic while offering durability and functionality.

Some common materials include:



Wood is a staple material in coastal design. Opt for reclaimed or distressed wood finishes for a weathered, rustic charm. Lighter wood tones, such as whitewashed oak or teak, evoke a sense of airiness and a relaxed coastal vibe. Wooden furniture often shows signs of wear.


Rattan and Wicker

These natural materials infuse a touch of tropical elegance into coastal dining room sets. Rattan chairs or wicker details add texture and visual interest while embracing the coastal lifestyle.

Chairs made of raw, unsanded wood or wicker will also give your dining room an earthy aesthetic.


Metal Accents

Coastal dining room sets may incorporate metal accents, such as brushed stainless steel, wrought iron, or brass.

These accents can provide a sleek and modern edge or a vintage coastal charm.

Metal can be used for the base of the table, where it will add a modern and industrial feel to the room.


When it comes to furniture in a beach house, it’s important to choose materials that are sturdy and easy to clean.

Wood and metal are good options, as they can handle the moisture and humidity of beach living. Avoid upholstery fabrics that are difficult to clean, such as suede or velvet, and instead opt for easy-to-clean materials like microfiber or leather.



What Are Some Examples Of Wooden Materials Used In Coastal Dining Room Sets?


Wood plays a vital role in coastal design, offering warmth, versatility, and a connection to nature.

Here are some examples of wooden materials that are commonly used in coastal dining room sets:


Reclaimed Barnwood

Rustic and weathered, reclaimed barnwood oozes a sense of history and authenticity. Its natural imperfections and aged patina bring character and charm to coastal dining interiors.


Whitewashed Oak

This light-toned wood, often seen in beach cottages, gives a fresh and airy feel. Whitewashed oak brings a touch of elegance while maintaining a casual coastal appeal.



This wood is known for its durability and resistance to moisture, and it is an excellent choice for coastal style interiors. And its warm golden hue and natural oils make teak a popular option for both indoor and outdoor dining sets.


Real or Fake Logs

Chairs that are made from real, raw, unsanded wooden logs, or even fake logs can give your dining room an earthy look.


What Are The Common Patterns Or Designs Used In Coastal Dining Room Sets?


Patterns and designs in coastal dining room sets can range from subtle coastal motifs to bold nautical themes.

Here are a few of them:



Stripes are classic and timeless, they capture the essence of coastal style. Blue and white striped upholstery used for your dining room chairs can evoke a breezy seaside atmosphere.


Seashells and Sea Life

Delicate seashell patterns or sea life motifs, such as starfish or seahorses, add a whimsical touch to dining room chair upholstery or decorative accents.


Coral and Reef Patterns

Inspired by vibrant underwater ecosystems, coral and reef patterns bring a splash of color and visual interest to dining room textiles and accessories.


Nautical Rope Details

Try to incorporate rope accents, such as wrapped handles or woven backs on dining chairs, as they will add a nautical touch and enhance the coastal theme.


What Are Some Unique Shapes Of Coastal Dining Room Tables And Chairs?


When aiming for a coastal theme, you can consider incorporating unique shapes for your dining room tables and chairs.

Take a look at these examples:


Driftwood-inspired Table:

Choose a dining table crafted from reclaimed or distressed wood that mimics the look of weathered driftwood.

Select a table with organic, irregular edges and a natural, uneven texture. This shape evokes the feeling of coastal elements washed up on the shore.


Boat-shaped Table:

Opt for a dining table that resembles the shape of a boat or a ship’s hull. This unique design adds a nautical touch to your coastal-themed dining room.

Look for tables with curved edges and a tapered shape to create the illusion of a boat.


Round Pedestal Table:

Consider a round pedestal table for your coastal dining room. Choose a table with a whitewashed or light-colored finish.

The round shape evokes a sense of unity and the pedestal base provides a touch of elegance while maintaining a beachy vibe.


Shell Back Chairs:

Look for dining chairs with a shell-inspired backrest design. These chairs often feature curved lines and intricate details resembling seashells.

Choose chairs with light-colored upholstery or cushions to elevate the coastal look.


Wicker or Rattan Chairs:

Incorporate wicker or rattan chairs into your coastal dining room. Find chairs with unique shapes, such as those with high, curved backs or chairs that feature intricate woven patterns.

These natural materials add texture and a relaxed coastal feel to your dining space.


Bench with Wave-like Curves:

Instead of traditional dining chairs, consider using a bench with wave-like curves as seating.

Look for benches that feature curved edges reminiscent of ocean waves. Opt for a whitewashed or light-colored finish to maintain the coastal aesthetic.


Shell or Coral-shaped Table Base:

Choose a dining table with a base designed to look like shells or coral formations.

These unique shapes create a focal point and bring a coastal element to your dining room. Pair the table with a glass top for a modern touch.


Such unique shapes can add visual interest and capture the essence of the coast in your dining room. So get inspired and select a table and chairs that go beyond traditional designs, as they will allow you to create a truly coastal and distinctive dining space.



How Can You Convert Your Old Dining Room Set Into A Set That Looks Coastal?


If you don’t want to buy a new dining room set, you can still convert your old set into a coastal or beachy theme.

Just follow these steps:


Choose a Color Palette

The color palette of your coastal dining room set should reflect the soothing and calming colors of the beach. Think of a color palette that includes shades of sandy beige, crisp white, light blue, turquoise, and soft pastels.

Such light and airy tones will create a serene and relaxing ambiance that is perfect for enjoying meals with family and friends.


Prep and Paint

If your dining room set is made of wood, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. Use a light-colored paint that matches your chosen color palette.

For a distressed or weathered look, you can sand certain areas after painting to expose the wood underneath.


Replace Upholstery

If your dining chairs have upholstered seats or cushions, consider replacing the fabric with materials that evoke a coastal vibe.

Look for fabrics with nautical patterns, stripes, or soft textures like linen or cotton in beachy colors. Choose colors that complement your paint color and overall theme.


Add Natural Elements

Incorporate natural materials like rattan, jute, or woven seagrass to bring a beachy feel to your dining set.

Consider adding chair backs or seat covers made of woven materials, or use rattan placemats or charger plates on the table.


Blend in Decorative Accents

Enhance the coastal theme with decorative accents. Add seashells, driftwood, or coral as table centerpieces. Alternatively, place a bowl of sand with votive candles or a glass jar filled with sea glass on the table.


Combine with Textiles

Use table linens that reflect the coastal theme, such as tablecloths or runners with beachy patterns or coastal motifs. Add cushions or throw pillows on chairs or benches using fabrics that coordinate with your color palette and beachy theme.


The key to achieving a coastal look in your dining room is to keep it light, airy, and relaxed. If you use elements that remind you of the beach, you can transform your old dining room set into a coastal oasis.



Wrapping Up,

Choosing a coastal dining room set for your beach house is an opportunity to infuse your dining area with the refreshing spirit of coastal living.

However, it requires careful consideration of materials, color palette, style, shape, size, and functionality.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can create a dining space that is both beautiful and practical, and that reflects the relaxed and airy vibe of the coastal lifestyle.